The essential job search tips that shall guide you on your journey towards fulfilling employment.

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Dear readers of ‘The Kenyan Job Finder,’

In the labyrinth of careers, we have all found ourselves entangled at least once, haven’t we? The endless pursuit of job opportunities, tailoring resumes for each application, attending numerous interviews, only to end up back at square one. Alas, the cycle repeats, and we wonder if we shall ever break free from this unyielding loop.

But fear not, for if you find yourself in this predicament, there may be a missing piece in your job-search puzzle. Perhaps your resume lacks ATS-friendliness, dooming it never to grace the hands of a recruiter. Or maybe you’re perusing job ads in the wrong places altogether.

Worry not, for we are here to assist you in fixing this conundrum with our collection of essential job search tips!

To make your reading journey more delightful, we have divided these tips into three distinct categories for your convenience:

Job-Search Tips – All you need to know about the job-search process itself. Resume Tips – A resume can make or break your job search. In this section, we’ll impart all the essential tips to craft a convincing resume. Interview Tips – Interviews can be intimidating at first, but fear not! With our expert advice, you’ll exude confidence like never before.

Without further ado, let us commence!

Job-Search Tips (To Help You Find The Perfect Job) Step one: embark on a quest for opportunities.

Before you plunge into the sea of applications, take a moment to seek out the ideal places where your skills and aspirations align harmoniously.

Here’s what you should bear in mind during your job search:

#1. Identify Your Career Goals

Prior to commencing your job search, particularly if you are a recent graduate or transitioning careers, clarify your career goals and narrow down your search.

Merely searching for any random job will leave you adrift without a guiding star. Instead, ponder upon these questions: Which industry captivates you? What specific position beckons you? Do you have a dream job? If so, what steps shall lead you to its doorstep?

By asking yourself these questions, you shall illuminate the path ahead.

#2. Dedicate Time to the Search

Behold, job-seeking is no leisurely pastime or weekend dalliance. Nay, you must be vigilant and relentless in your pursuit.

Carve out specific hours each day or designate certain days per week to dedicate to your job search. Spare no effort until you secure a handful of interviews.

Alternatively, set the ambitious goal of applying for 10 to 20 jobs daily.

Should time be scarce, fret not, for tools like LoopCV exist to automate your job application process. LoopCV collects countless job postings, matches them with your profile, and applies on your behalf—all in four simple steps:

Upload your CV and define your job preferences. Create one or more job searches (Loops). Let LoopCV search for matches and alert you promptly. Let LoopCV apply on your behalf.

#3. Don’t Limit Your Search to Online Resources

Verily, social media has brought about a revolution. A staggering 73% of young adults claim they found jobs through social media websites. Astounding!

However, let us not close the door to other avenues of opportunity. Attend job fairs, reach out to hiring managers, or enlist the aid of career counseling services.

Expanding your horizons and exploring all job search options can only bring good fortune.

#4. Make Networking Part of Your Everyday Life

Ah, my dear readers, some positions are filled internally or through the magical threads of networking, without ever gracing the pages of job advertisements.

In truth, experts reveal that between 70-85% of individuals found their jobs through the art of networking—and it makes perfect sense. A recommendation from a trusted source carries more weight than a random name plucked from the vast internet.

Embrace networking as one of the most efficient means of securing employment. Engage in face-to-face conversations, weave connections, and fortify existing ones. Let the world know of your current professional standing and your aspirations, and learn of the same from others.

Networking, my friends, should be not just a task but a way of life.

#5. Keep Yourself Busy

As you traverse the realms of job hunting, invest some of your time in self-improvement. Enroll in online courses, volunteer, or partake in internships relevant to your desired position or industry.

Such endeavors shall expand your network of contacts while adorning your resume with newfound skills—a delightful bonus indeed.

#6. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Beyond a mere platform for networking and professional connections, LinkedIn proves a key tool in the quest for a job.

Would you believe that every 7 seconds, someone secures a job through LinkedIn? Truly astonishing!

Thus, view your LinkedIn profile not merely as a social media page, but as a living, breathing resume.

In the most favorable scenario, recruiters shall flock to you, extending invitations for jobs. What a delightful reversal of roles!

Hence, optimize your LinkedIn profile by:

Selecting a professional profile photo. Crafting a captivating headline and summary. Ensuring your education, work experiences, and skills stay up-to-date.

#7. Use Several Job-Search Websites

Indeed, a plethora of job-search websites await your perusal, leaving you spoilt for choice. Allow us to present some of our favorites.

Job-search websites for everyone: – Seek jobs based on keywords, location, and more. Enjoy career advice tailored to your application.

Indeed – A treasure trove of company career pages. Create your own profile for added charm.

LinkedIn – Seek job listings based on location, seniority level, and more, while networking with other professionals.

Glassdoor – Discover jobs based on type, salary, range, and distance. Also, delve into data on average salaries. – Upload your resume, and the website’s AI and automation shall guide you to fitting

#8. Do Your Research

woman looking for open positions in newspaper
Looking for open positions in newspapers

Dear seekers of employment, securing the perfect job involves a mutual alignment. Not only must you fit the company’s needs, but the company must also prove a match for your aspirations.

As you seek positions to apply for, cast not your net at random. Rather, delve into research, exploring the company’s values, salary structures, and more.

For if the company does not align with your vision, you shall spare both parties precious time.

The Kenyan Job Finder shall serve as your oracle, granting insights through company reviews, salary ranges, and beyond.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! The essential job search tips that shall guide you on your journey towards fulfilling employment.

May fortune favor your endeavors, and may you find the career path that leads you to boundless prosperity!

Yours sincerely,

The Kenyan Job Finder.

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