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Kenya BioVax Institute

Welcome to Kenya BioVax Institute Recruitment

The Kenya BioVax Institute is a State Corporation tasked with the manufacturing, packaging and commercialization of specialized Health Products and Technologies (HPTs) that include vaccines, therapeutics and other biomedical products.

Before applying for a job, please ensure to populate your educational qualification, professional qualification, work history and experience as well as your membership to professional bodies.


Current open vacancies(Click on the job )

Job Title Position Code No Sought Ref # Close Date
General Manager, Research and Technology Transfer, KBI 2 KBI 2 1 KBI/35/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
General Manager, Production KBI 2 1 KBI/36/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Manager, Strategy and Planning KBI 3 1 KBI/40/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Manager, Human Resource and Administration KBI 3 1 KBI/41/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Manager, Marketing and Business Development KBI 3 1 KBI/42/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Manager, Finance and Accounts KBI 3 1 KBI/43/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Principal Accountant KBI 5 1 KBI/47/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Principal Supply Chain Management Officer KBI 5 1 KBI/48/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Principal, Product Quality Officer – Quality Control KBI 5 1 KBI/49/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Senior Human Resource Management Officer KBI 6 1 KBI/51/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Senior Product Quality Officer – Quality Assurance KBI 6 1 KBI/52/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Senior Engineer KBI 6 1 KBI/53/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Safety, Health and Environment Management Officer KBI 7 1 KBI/54/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Administration Officer KBI 7 1 KBI /55/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Information Communication & Technology Officer KBI 7 1 KBI/56/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Finance Officer KBI 7 1 KBI/57/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Accountant KBI 7 1 KBI /58/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Supply Chain Management Officer KBI 7 1 KBI/59/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Internal Auditor KBI 7 1 KBI /60/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Human Resource Officer KBI 7 1 KBI/61/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Driver II KBI 11 1 KBI/62/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Office Assistant 1 KBI 11 2 KBI/63/02/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Manager, Production (Vaccines and Biologicals) KBI 3 1 KBI/36/01/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Manager, Engineering Services KBI 3 1 KBI/37/01/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Manager, Safety, Health and Environment Management KBI 3 1 KBI/38/01/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Assistant Manager, Vaccines & Biologicals – Fill & Finish KBI 4 1 KBI/41/01/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Principal Production Scientist, Vaccine and Biologicals- Fill and Finish KBI 5 2 KBI/42/01/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Principal Engineer- Plant Engineering KBI 5 2 KBI/43/01/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details
Principal Engineering Technician- Maintenance Engineering KBI 6 1 KBI/43/01/2024 05/03/2024 Apply Details

How to Apply:

To apply for any of the listed positions, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Kenya BioVax Institute Recruitment Portal .
  2. Select the desired job title from the list of open vacancies.
  3. Click on the “Apply Details” button corresponding to the chosen position.
  4. Complete the online application form, ensuring all required fields are accurately filled.
  5. Upload your updated resume/CV and any other relevant documents (e.g., cover letter, certificates).
  6. Review your application for completeness and accuracy before submitting.

Applications should include the following:

  1. Letter of Application (Indicate Vacancy Number)
  2. Current Resume or Curriculum Vitae with telephone number and e-mail address
  3. Three letters of professional reference with contact telephone numbers and e-mail addresses
  4. Copies of Academic Certificates and Transcripts

Expert Tips To Be A Successful Applicant at Kenya BioVax Institute:

  1. Tailor Your Application to the Position:
    • Carefully review the job description and requirements for the position you’re applying for, and tailor your application to highlight how your skills, experience, and qualifications align with the role. Customize your resume/CV and cover letter to showcase your suitability for the specific job.
  2. Highlight Relevant Experience:
    • Emphasize relevant experience and achievements that demonstrate your capability to excel in the role. Provide specific examples of projects or initiatives you’ve led or contributed to that are directly related to the responsibilities of the position.
  3. Quantify Your Achievements:
    • Whenever possible, quantify your accomplishments to provide concrete evidence of your capabilities. Use numbers, percentages, or other metrics to showcase the impact of your contributions in previous roles, such as increasing productivity, reducing costs, or improving efficiency.
  4. Showcase Leadership Skills:
    • If the position involves leadership or management responsibilities, highlight your leadership skills and experiences. Provide examples of how you’ve effectively managed teams, delegated tasks, resolved conflicts, and motivated colleagues to achieve common goals.
  5. Demonstrate Adaptability and Flexibility:
    • Showcase your ability to adapt to change and thrive in dynamic environments. Provide examples of situations where you’ve successfully navigated challenges, embraced new technologies or methodologies, and quickly adjusted to evolving priorities or circumstances.
  6. Highlight Collaboration and Communication Skills:
    • Stress the importance of collaboration and effective communication in the workplace. Describe your experience working collaboratively with cross-functional teams, stakeholders, and external partners, emphasizing your ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and persuasively.
  7. Research the Company:
    • Take the time to research Kenya BioVax Institute, its mission, values, culture, and recent developments. Demonstrate your genuine interest in the organization by incorporating relevant information into your application and expressing why you’re excited about the opportunity to join the team.
  8. Prepare Thoughtful Questions:
    • Prepare insightful questions to ask during the interview process that demonstrate your genuine interest in the role and the organization. Ask about specific projects, initiatives, or challenges related to the position, and show your eagerness to contribute meaningfully to the team.
  9. Seek Feedback and Iterate:
    • Solicit feedback from trusted colleagues, mentors, or industry professionals on your application materials and interview performance. Use constructive criticism to refine and improve your approach, ensuring that your application effectively showcases your strengths and qualifications.
  10. Follow Up After the Interview:
    • After the interview, send a thank-you email expressing your appreciation for the opportunity to interview and reiterating your interest in the position. Use this opportunity to briefly recap your qualifications and reiterate your enthusiasm for the role and the organization.

By following these expert tips, you can increase your chances of success in the application process and position yourself as a standout candidate for the vacancies at Kenya BioVax Institute. Good luck!

Sample Cover Letter for the Position of Senior Engineer at Kenya BioVax Institute

[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[City, State, Zip Code]

[Your Email Address]

[Your Phone Number]


Hiring Manager Kenya BioVax Institute

[Company Address]

Nairobi, Kenya

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the Senior Engineer position at Kenya BioVax Institute, as advertised on your recruitment portal. With a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and over eight years of experience in the field of engineering, particularly in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to your team and support your organization’s mission of advancing healthcare solutions.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working on various projects that have allowed me to apply my engineering expertise to solve complex challenges. In my previous role at XYZ Pharmaceuticals, I led a team of engineers in the design and implementation of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for vaccine production. My hands-on experience with equipment selection, process optimization, and regulatory compliance has equipped me with the skills necessary to excel in the Senior Engineer role at Kenya BioVax Institute.

I am particularly drawn to Kenya BioVax Institute’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to improving global health outcomes through biotechnological advancements. I am confident that my technical knowledge, leadership abilities, and passion for driving positive change align with your organization’s values and objectives.

In addition to my technical skills, I bring strong communication and collaboration skills to the table, allowing me to effectively liaise with cross-functional teams and stakeholders to achieve project goals. I thrive in dynamic and fast-paced environments and am accustomed to working under pressure to meet deadlines without compromising on quality.

I am impressed by Kenya BioVax Institute’s reputation as a leader in vaccine and biological production, and I am eager to contribute my expertise to support your organization’s continued success. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals who share my passion for making a difference in the world.

Thank you for considering my application. I am available at your earliest convenience for an interview and can be reached at [Your Phone Number] or [Your Email Address]. I look forward to the possibility of discussing how my skills and experiences align with the needs of your team.


[Your Name]

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What qualifications are required for the listed positions at Kenya BioVax Institute? A1: Each position has specific qualifications outlined in the job description. Generally, candidates are expected to have relevant educational and professional qualifications, along with experience in their respective fields. Please refer to the individual job postings for detailed requirements.

Q2: How do I apply for a position at Kenya BioVax Institute? A2: To apply for any of the listed positions, please visit the Kenya BioVax Institute Recruitment Portal, select the desired job title, and follow the instructions provided to complete the online application form. Ensure all required documents, such as your resume/CV and cover letter, are uploaded before submitting your application.

Q3: What is the application deadline for the vacancies? A3: The application deadline for all vacancies is the same and is specified as the close date in the job postings. Please ensure your application is submitted before the stated deadline to be considered for the position.

Q4: Will I be notified of the status of my application? A4: Kenya BioVax Institute strives to provide timely updates on the status of applications. However, due to the volume of applications received, we may not be able to individually notify each applicant. If you are selected for further consideration, you will be contacted directly by our recruitment team.

Q5: Are there opportunities for career advancement within the organization? A5: Kenya BioVax Institute is committed to fostering the professional growth and development of its employees. We offer various training programs, mentorship opportunities, and avenues for career advancement within the organization.

Q6: Can I apply for multiple positions simultaneously? A6: Yes, you may apply for multiple positions if you meet the qualifications and requirements for each role. However, we recommend tailoring your application to highlight your relevant skills and experiences for each position you apply for.

Q7: Are there opportunities for international applicants to join Kenya BioVax Institute? A7: Kenya BioVax Institute welcomes applications from qualified candidates, regardless of nationality. However, applicants should ensure they meet any visa or work permit requirements for working in Kenya, as applicable.

Q8: What is the recruitment process like at Kenya BioVax Institute? A8: The recruitment process typically involves reviewing applications, conducting interviews, and assessing candidates based on their qualifications and fit for the position. Shortlisted candidates may be required to undergo additional assessments or interviews before a final decision is made.

Q9: Are there internship or training opportunities available at Kenya BioVax Institute? A9: Kenya BioVax Institute occasionally offers internship and training opportunities for students and professionals looking to gain hands-on experience in the biotechnology and healthcare sectors. Please check our website or contact our HR department for any current openings.

Q10: Does Kenya BioVax Institute charge any fees for the application or recruitment process? A10: No, Kenya BioVax Institute does not charge any application or recruitment fees. Beware of fraudulent individuals or organizations claiming to represent us and requesting payment for job opportunities.

Kenya BioVax Institute
Kenya BioVax Institute

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