Verde Edge Consulting Ltd: Restaurant Accountant Position

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Verde Edge Consulting Ltd

Verde Edge Consulting Ltd: Restaurant Accountant Position

Job Overview

Are you a meticulous and detail-oriented accountant looking to make a significant impact in the restaurant industry? Join our client, a renowned restaurant based in Gigiri, Nairobi. As a Restaurant Accountant, you will play a pivotal role in managing all financial operations efficiently. Here’s an opportunity to excel in your career and contribute to the financial success of this thriving establishment.

Responsibilities of the Restaurant Accountant

1. Accurate Financial Management

  • Ensure all financial transactions are meticulously recorded and maintained.
  • Manage banking activities, including cheque and cash withdrawals and deposits.
  • Guarantee monthly and annual statutory returns compliance.

2. Supplier Management

  • Process supplier payments in adherence to contractual agreements and procedures.
  • Prepare cheques, payment vouchers, and receipt vouchers with precision.

3. Petty Cash Management

  • Oversee petty cash handling, prepare vouchers, and issue petty cash for approved purchase requests.
  • Ensure prompt payments from petty cash based on signed receipts.

4. Accounting Records and Documentation

  • Keep all accounting records up to date, well-organized, and easily retrievable.
  • Record all transactions accurately and maintain valid supporting documents and signatures.

5. Supplier Payment Documentation

  • Manage and organize suppliers’ payment documentation efficiently.

6. Timely Utility Payments

  • Ensure timely payments for utilities.

7. Financial Resource Management

  • Manage the company’s financial resources, including accounting and procurement.
  • Provide valuable insights on financial and legal compliance to the directors.

8. Budget Preparation

  • Assist in the preparation of budgets and operational plans from other departments.
  • Ensure adequate resources are allocated for budgeted activities.

9. Financial Reports

  • Prepare annual reports, management accounts, and internal reports for the Director.
  • Participate in audit processes and address audit findings and recommendations appropriately.

10. Fixed Asset Management

  • Maintain an up-to-date Fixed Asset register and document asset movement.
  • Ensure all assets are correctly coded and accounted for.


We are looking for candidates with the following qualifications and qualities:

  • Excellent organization, planning, and time management skills.
  • Keen attention to detail with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Exceptional multitasking abilities.
  • High integrity and strong analytical skills.
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team.
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills.
  • Strong customer service skills and exceptional interpersonal skills.

Additional Information

  • Salary Range: KES 40,000 – KES 50,000 Gross
  • Visit our website for more information.
  • CVs will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Expert Tips To Be A Successful Applicant

To increase your chances of securing this position, here are ten expert tips to consider:

  1. Tailor Your Resume: Customize your CV to highlight relevant accounting and financial management experience.
  2. Showcase Your Attention to Detail: Use examples of how your meticulous approach improved financial accuracy in previous roles.
  3. Demonstrate Multitasking Skills: Describe instances where you successfully handled multiple financial tasks simultaneously.
  4. Highlight Your Integrity: Provide examples of how your ethical approach contributed to financial compliance.
  5. Teamwork Matters: Emphasize your ability to collaborate with others to achieve financial goals.
  6. Analytical Skills: Share stories of how your analytical prowess helped in decision-making and financial planning.
  7. Customer Service Excellence: Narrate experiences where your exceptional customer service skills benefited the organization.
  8. Effective Communication: Highlight scenarios where your clear communication improved financial outcomes.
  9. Adaptability: Explain how you managed financial challenges by adapting to changing circumstances.
  10. Prepare for Audits: Detail how you ensured a seamless audit process and addressed findings effectively.

Join us in shaping the financial future of this restaurant. Apply now to make a difference in the culinary world!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can I apply for the Restaurant Accountant position? A1: Visit our website here to submit your application.

Q2: What is the salary range for this role? A2: The salary range is KES 40,000 – KES 50,000 Gross.

Q3: When will interviews be conducted? A3: Interviews will be held on Wednesday, 8th November, starting at 12:00 noon.

Q4: Where is the restaurant located? A4: The restaurant is situated along Thika Road at the Shell Petrol Station Weigh Bridge.

Q5: What documents should I include with my application? A5: Ensure to include your CV and any relevant supporting documents.

Q6: Is this a full-time position? A6: Yes, this is a full-time position.

Q7: Can I apply if I have limited accounting experience? A7: We welcome applicants with various experience levels, but relevant experience is an advantage.

Q8: How can I contact the hiring team for further inquiries? A8: For additional inquiries, please send an email to [email address].

Q9: Will I receive a confirmation after submitting my application? A9: Yes, you will receive a confirmation email upon successful submission of your application.

Q10: How long will the recruitment process take? A10: The recruitment process duration may vary, but we will keep you informed of your application status.

To apply for this job please visit

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