TOURS & TRAVEL INTERN – Your Gateway to Exciting Journeys

Full Time


TOURS & TRAVEL INTERN – Your Gateway to Exciting Journeys

Position Overview

Employment Type: Full Time
Application Deadline: 09 September 2023
Experience: 1 – 3 Years
Level: Entry Level
Gender: Any
Age: 20 – < 30 Years
Last Updated: 09 August 2023

Job Description

Are you passionate about exploring new horizons and immersing yourself in diverse cultures? We are seeking a dynamic and enthusiastic Tours & Travel Intern to join our team. If you’re someone with a genuine love for travel and a thirst for knowledge about different destinations, cultures, and the hospitality industry, this role is tailor-made for you.



  • Degree/diploma or coursework related to tourism, hospitality, business, or a related field.


  • At least one year of experience in the same field.

Key Qualities for Success


Embrace change and eagerly learn about new technologies, processes, and industry trends to stay ahead in the ever-evolving travel landscape.

Passion for Travel

Fuel your work with an unwavering love for travel, exploration, and an insatiable curiosity to discover the beauty of different destinations and cultures.

Effective Communication Skills

Articulate thoughts clearly through both written and verbal communication, fostering smooth interactions with clients, suppliers, and team members.

Exemplary Customer Service

Elevate the client experience through exceptional service, turning their journeys into unforgettable memories.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

Leave no stone unturned when crafting travel itineraries, managing bookings, and organizing documentation, ensuring flawless adventures for our clients.

Master of Organization

Handle multiple tasks and bookings seamlessly, showcasing your ability to orchestrate complex travel arrangements while maintaining impeccable organization.

Interpersonal Savvy

Build meaningful connections with clients and suppliers, radiating professionalism and warmth in all interactions.

Resourceful Problem-Solver

Swiftly tackle unforeseen challenges with creative solutions, ensuring smooth sailing even in the face of travel complexities.

Cultural Acumen

Appreciate and respect the nuances of diverse cultures, customs, and travel preferences to curate tailored experiences for every traveler.

Global Geography Know-How

Navigate the world’s map with ease, displaying familiarity with destinations, landmarks, and travel routes worldwide.

Educational Requirements

  • Degree/diploma or coursework related to tourism, hospitality, business, or a related field.


Explore our comprehensive benefits package that rewards your dedication and contribution to creating remarkable travel experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is English proficiency required for this role? A: Yes, proficiency in English is essential as it’s the primary language of communication.

Q: What’s the application deadline? A: The application deadline is 09 September 2023.

Q: Can recent graduates apply? A: Absolutely! We encourage recent graduates with relevant education and enthusiasm for travel to apply.

Expert Tips To Be A Successful Applicant

As you prepare to embark on this exciting journey, consider these expert tips to stand out as a successful applicant:

  • Showcase Your Passion: Highlight your genuine love for travel and exploration in your application. Share stories that reflect your wanderlust and curiosity.
  • Tailor Your Application: Craft your application to align with the qualities mentioned in the job description. Use examples from your experience to demonstrate each skill.
  • Personalize Your Communication: When interacting with clients or team members, personalize your communication to create meaningful connections. This reflects your interpersonal skills and attention to detail.
  • Stay Current: Keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the travel industry. Mention any relevant workshops, webinars, or courses you’ve taken to enhance your knowledge.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Emphasize your respect for cultural diversity and your ability to adapt to different customs and practices, showcasing your cultural awareness.
  • Problem-Solving Stories: Be ready to share instances where you demonstrated quick thinking and creative problem-solving, as these experiences highlight your resourcefulness.
  • Global Geography Insights: During interviews, impress with your knowledge of worldwide destinations, landmarks, and travel routes, underscoring your familiarity with global geography.

Join us in creating unforgettable travel experiences and become a vital part of our team. Apply now and let your passion for travel soar!

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