Senior Deputy Chief Conservator of Forests – Strategic Leadership Role

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Kenya Forest Service (KFS)

Senior Deputy Chief Conservator of Forests – Strategic Leadership Role

Job Overview:

We are seeking a highly skilled and visionary Senior Deputy Chief Conservator of Forests to join our team . This senior leadership role involves providing strategic guidance in forest conservation, enterprise development, risk management, and compliance. The successful candidate will play a pivotal role in overseeing the implementation of our strategic plan, developing key partnerships, and ensuring optimal resource mobilization.

Meta Description:

Explore the opportunity to lead strategic initiatives in forest conservation and management. Join us as the Senior Deputy Chief Conservator of Forests at [Your Company Name] and contribute to shaping the future of forestry in alignment with national and corporate objectives.

Job Responsibilities:

Formulating and Implementing Strategies

  • Develop, initiate, and review the KFS Strategic Plan.
  • Oversee the implementation of the Strategic Plan.
  • Provide strategic leadership in performance re-engineering for improved service delivery.

Building Strategic Partnerships

  • Develop and maintain a network of key strategic partners.
  • Guide the development of departmental strategic plans aligning with national and corporate strategies.
  • Oversee the formulation of policies and programs for partnership development.

Enterprise Development and Marketing

  • Formulate policies and strategies for enterprise development and marketing.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of the enterprise development plan.

Compliance, Risk Management, and Quality Assurance

  • Formulate policies, strategies, and programs on compliance, risk management, and quality assurance.
  • Oversee the formulation and implementation of the risk management plan.

Leadership and Governance

  • Provide oversight for risk and compliance management activities.
  • Participate in the formulation/review of national forest sector-related policies and programs.

Research and Technology Leadership

  • Identify research needs in forest management and liaise with research organizations.
  • Provide leadership in technology sourcing and transfer for enhanced forest conservation.

Job Requirements:

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry or relevant qualification.
  • Masters degree in Forestry, Forest Economics, Business Administration, or related field.
  • Minimum of twelve (12) years of relevant work experience, including four (4) years in a senior management position.
  • Certificate in Strategic Leadership Development Course.

Skills and Attributes

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Analytical and strategic thinking.
  • Proficient in resource mobilization.
  • Excellent leadership and negotiation skills.
  • Sound knowledge of institutional and government donors.
  • Experience in Public-Private Partnership environment.

How to apply;


Step 1:

Interested candidates who meet the requirements are asked to apply by visiting Kenya Forest Service website: and select the JOBS TAB to proceed with the online registration. Following successful online registration, the candidates will receive a notification email.

Step 2:

In addition to the online registration, applicants MUST PRINT and attach the NOTIFICATION EMAIL as the first page of the hard copy application. The hard copy application should clearly indicate reference number for the position applied for and attaching current curriculum vitae (clearly indicating the mobile number, names and contact details of three referees), copies of relevant testimonials, academic and professional certificates and a copy of National identity card. The application should clearly be marked with reference number for the position applied for and should either be sent through the post office or hand delivered to the address provided below in a sealed envelope marked “APPLICATION FOR (WRITE POSITION & REFERENCE); so as to reach Kenya Forest Service not later than Tuesday, 28th November, 2023 by 5.00pm.

NB: The application will not be considered complete unless the two steps are successfully undertaken. Further, submission of the application through email shall not be considered.


Chief Conservator of Forests,

Kenya Forest Service, Karura, Off Kiambu Road,

P. O. Box 30513 – 00100, G.P.O.




1. Shortlisted candidates will be required to provide the requirements of chapter six of the constitution of Kenya 2010 during interviews.

2.Convassing will lead to disqualification. The Service is ISO accredited and an equal opportunity employer. Applicants living with disabilities and those from marginalized areas and minority communities are encouraged to apply. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Expert Tips to Be a Successful Applicant

1. Showcase Your Leadership Impact

Highlight instances where your strategic leadership positively impacted service delivery and organizational efficiency.

2. Emphasize Partnership Success

Provide examples of successful partnerships you’ve developed, emphasizing outcomes and benefits.

3. Demonstrate Innovation

Illustrate instances where your innovative thinking contributed to the development of forestry-related policies or programs.

4. Connect with National Goals

Clearly articulate how your work aligns with and contributes to national development goals and objectives.

5. Exhibit Technological Acumen

Share experiences where you’ve facilitated technology transfer for improved forest conservation and management.

6. Emphasize Compliance and Risk Management

Discuss your role in ensuring compliance, risk management, and quality assurance within previous positions.

7. Showcase Research Collaboration

Highlight collaborations with research organizations, demonstrating your commitment to evidence-based forest management.

8. Outline Resource Mobilization Success

Provide details on successful initiatives or projects where you effectively mobilized resources for optimal results.

9. Illustrate Communication Skills

Demonstrate instances where your communication skills positively influenced stakeholder relationships.

10. Reflect on Public-Private Partnerships

Share experiences working in a Public-Private Partnership environment, emphasizing successful collaborations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the key focus of the Senior Deputy Chief Conservator of Forests role?

A1: The role focuses on providing strategic leadership in forest conservation, enterprise development, risk management, compliance, and resource mobilization.

Q2: How can I align my experience with national development goals?

A2: Showcase specific instances where your work directly contributed to or aligned with national development objectives in the forestry sector.

Q3: What is the importance of technology in forest conservation?

A3: Technology plays a crucial role in enhancing forest conservation efforts by enabling efficient monitoring, data collection, and sustainable management practices.

Q4: Can you provide examples of successful enterprise development in forestry?

A4: Highlight initiatives where you played a key role in formulating and implementing successful enterprise development plans within the forestry sector.

Q5: What are the key qualities you are looking for in an applicant?

A5: We value strong leadership, innovative thinking, effective communication, and a proven track record in strategic planning and partnerships.

Q6: How does the Senior Deputy Chief Conservator contribute to research in forest management?

A6: The role involves identifying research needs, collaborating with research organizations, and integrating research findings into forest management practices.

Q7: What measures are in place for compliance and risk management?

A7: Policies, strategies, and programs are formulated to ensure compliance and effective risk management, with oversight provided by the Senior Deputy Chief Conservator.

Q8: Can you elaborate on the significance of Public-Private Partnerships in this role?

A8: Public-Private Partnerships are essential for leveraging resources, expertise, and fostering collaborative initiatives to achieve sustainable forest management.

Q9: How can applicants demonstrate proficiency in resource mobilization?

A9: Provide concrete examples of successful resource mobilization efforts, showcasing your ability to secure funding and support for forestry projects.

Q10: What role does strategic planning play in the Senior Deputy Chief Conservator’s responsibilities?

A10: The role involves developing, implementing, and overseeing strategic plans to guide the organization in achieving its goals and objectives.

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