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Are you ready to embark on a rewarding career in security? Look no further! Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) is excited to announce 87 openings for Security Warden Trainees. If you’re passionate about ensuring safety and security through meticulous attention to detail and rigorous training, this role is tailor-made for you.

Job Purpose: Enhancing Security Standards

As a Security Warden Trainee at KAA, your primary responsibility will be to implement top-tier security measures aligned with industry best practices. You’ll play a pivotal role in safeguarding airport facilities, passengers, and personnel against any potential threats.

Key Duties and Responsibilities: Your Impactful Role

In this role, your duties will encompass a range of critical tasks, including:

i. Rigorous Screening Protocols

  • Employ cutting-edge screening techniques, including X-Ray, walk-through, and handheld metal detector checks, to prevent unauthorized items and individuals from entering secure areas.

ii. Access Control Master

  • Skillfully manage access to restricted and controlled zones, verifying authorizations through security passes and travel documents.

iii. Seamless Passenger Facilitation

  • Facilitate smooth passenger and airport staff movement through security checkpoints, ensuring compliance with stringent security protocols.

iv. Gatekeeper Extraordinaire

  • Conduct comprehensive screening and access control at gates and doors leading to airside areas.

v. Fortress of Protection

  • Act as a sentinel, ensuring airport facilities remain impervious to unlawful interference.

vi. Vigilant Patrols

  • Carry out both foot and vehicular patrols around the clock, maintaining an unwavering watchfulness.

vii. Document Scrutiny

  • Thoroughly examine passenger travel documents and airport passes, validating their authenticity.

viii. Preventive Measures

  • Inspect persons and vehicles entering and leaving restricted areas, preventing the transportation of unauthorized goods or materials.

ix. Equipment Custodian

  • Manage security items, equipment, and facilities within operational areas, meticulously documenting their status.

x. Law Enforcement

  • Enforce Civil Aviation regulations, effecting arrests for violations and other crimes within the airport precinct.

xi. Surveillance Expertise

  • Monitor and analyze security surveillance equipment and CCTV recordings, promptly reporting any suspicious activities to supervisors.

Key Qualifications and Experience: Your Profile

To thrive in this role, you’ll need:

i. Educational Attainment

  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) C- (minus), or KCSE Grade D+ (plus) for candidates with disabilities or from minority/marginalized communities.

ii. Tech Savviness

  • Proficiency in computer literacy.

iii. Physical Fitness

  • Possession of a medical certificate issued within the last three (3) months, confirming your readiness for rigorous physical training.

iv. Paramilitary Edge

  • Completion of six (6) months of paramilitary training from the National Youth Service and possession of a Certificate of Discharge (added advantage).

v. Age Criteria

  • Aged not more than 26 years (Born from January 1997).

Expert Tips To Be A Successful Applicant: Your Winning Strategy

Here are some pointers to enhance your application and increase your chances of success:

  • Showcase Your Attention to Detail: Highlight instances where your keen eye and thoroughness contributed to effective security measures.
  • Demonstrate Team Spirit: Emphasize your ability to collaborate seamlessly with team members, a crucial trait for maintaining security protocols.
  • Physical Fitness Matters: Illustrate your commitment to physical fitness and readiness for demanding training routines.
  • Highlight Relevant Training: If you’ve completed paramilitary training or possess certifications relevant to security, make sure to spotlight them.
  • Express Your Tech Proficiency: In a tech-driven environment, your computer literacy can set you apart.
  • Craft a Tailored Application: Tailor your application to this specific role, showcasing how your skills align with the responsibilities outlined.

How to Apply: Your Gateway to Success

To apply for this exciting opportunity, follow these steps:

  1. Email Application: Send your application via email to or submit a hard copy to the address below.
  2. Essential Attachments: Include your detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV), contact information, and copies of academic and professional certificates.
  3. Single Application: Apply for the position that best suits your skills. Multiple applications for different positions will not be considered.
  4. Submission Deadline: Ensure your application reaches us by Monday, 21st August 2023, at 5.00 pm East African Time.

Equal Opportunity Employer: Embracing Diversity

KAA is committed to diversity and inclusivity. We strongly encourage women, persons with disabilities, and members of minority and marginalized groups to apply.

Important Note: Your Path Forward

Remember, canvassing in any form or failing to attach the required documents can lead to automatic disqualification. Stay informed, follow the guidelines, and put your best foot forward.

Join Us in Elevating Security Standards!

Ready to make a real impact on airport security? Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to join KAA’s dedicated team. Visit our website at under the Careers Section for the complete job details and application instructions. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

To apply for this job please visit

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