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Job Overview

Are you passionate about security studies and eager to contribute to a safer world? Cherda Africa is offering an exciting internship opportunity for a Security Oversight Intern. As a Security Oversight Intern, you will be a vital part of our team, ensuring the safety and compliance of our operations. Join us in making a difference and saving lives. Apply now and become an integral part of Cherda Africa’s commitment to excellence in security.


  • Education: Currently pursuing a degree in a relevant field such as security studies or a related discipline.
  • Communication Skills: Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Attention to Detail: Being detail-oriented is crucial in security oversight to identify potential weaknesses or irregularities.
  • Regulatory Awareness: Awareness of relevant laws and regulations related to security and privacy, with the ability to ensure compliance.


  • Conduct routine security assessments and identify areas of improvement.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to implement security measures.
  • Monitor and analyze security incidents, providing timely reports.
  • Stay updated on security laws and regulations to ensure organizational compliance.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of security policies and procedures.

How To Apply

Ready to make an impact? Send your resume to Please ensure your application is in English.


  1. Demonstrate Knowledge: Showcase your understanding of security studies and related disciplines in your application. Provide specific examples of coursework or projects.
  2. Highlight Communication Skills: Emphasize your written and verbal communication skills. Discuss instances where effective communication played a crucial role.
  3. Show Attention to Detail: Share experiences where your attention to detail was essential in identifying weaknesses or irregularities.
  4. Regulatory Awareness: Illustrate your awareness of security and privacy laws. Discuss how you ensure compliance in your daily life.
  5. Be Proactive: Demonstrate your proactive nature by providing examples of initiatives you’ve taken in the past to improve security measures.
  6. Team Collaboration: Highlight your ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams. Provide examples of successful teamwork.
  7. Stay Informed: Showcase your commitment to staying updated on the latest developments in security studies. Mention any relevant certifications or additional courses.
  8. Adaptability: Discuss instances where you demonstrated adaptability in a dynamic security environment.
  9. Problem-Solving Skills: Illustrate your problem-solving skills by sharing experiences where you successfully resolved security-related challenges.
  10. Express Enthusiasm: Convey your enthusiasm for the internship and your eagerness to contribute to Cherda Africa’s commitment to security.


Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the Security Oversight Intern position at Cherda Africa, as advertised. Currently pursuing a degree in Security Studies, my academic background has equipped me with a strong foundation in understanding security dynamics. The internship at Cherda Africa aligns perfectly with my career aspirations, and I am eager to contribute to the organization’s commitment to excellence in security.*

In my previous coursework, I successfully completed projects that required a keen attention to detail and demonstrated my ability to identify potential weaknesses. My written and verbal communication skills have been honed through academic presentations and group projects, preparing me to effectively communicate security-related information.

I am aware of the importance of regulatory compliance in security operations and am committed to staying informed about relevant laws and regulations. This commitment, coupled with my proactive nature, positions me as a candidate ready to contribute to Cherda Africa’s security initiatives.

I am impressed by Cherda Africa’s dedication to making a difference in the world, and I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to your mission. Thank you for considering my application. I am looking forward to the possibility of discussing how my skills and experiences align with the internship’s requirements.


[Your Full Name]


Q1: What is the duration of the Security Oversight Internship at Cherda Africa?

The Security Oversight Internship at Cherda Africa typically lasts for [duration], providing interns with a comprehensive experience to enhance their skills and contribute to our security initiatives.

Q2: Are there opportunities for professional development during the internship?

Yes, Cherda Africa is committed to the professional development of its interns. We offer training sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities to help interns grow in their careers.

Q3: How is performance evaluated during the internship?

Interns undergo regular performance evaluations based on their contributions to security assessments, collaboration with teams, and adherence to security policies. Feedback sessions are conducted to ensure continuous improvement.

Q4: Is the internship paid?

Cherda Africa values the contributions of its interns and offers a competitive stipend as part of the internship program.

Q5: Can interns expect mentorship during their time at Cherda Africa?

Yes, each intern is assigned a mentor who provides guidance, support, and opportunities for professional growth throughout the internship.

Q6: What are the key skills Cherda Africa looks for in a Security Oversight Intern?

Cherda Africa seeks interns with strong communication skills, attention to detail, regulatory awareness, and the ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.

Q7: How does Cherda Africa contribute to the community’s security beyond its operations?

Cherda Africa actively engages in community outreach programs, workshops, and educational initiatives to contribute to the overall improvement of security awareness and practices.

Q8: Are there opportunities for interns to work on special projects?

Yes, interns have the chance to collaborate on special projects that align with their interests and career goals, providing a unique and enriching experience.

Q9: How does Cherda Africa promote diversity and inclusion in its security initiatives?

Cherda Africa is committed to attracting and retaining the best employees from all races and backgrounds. We believe in a diverse and inclusive workforce to enhance the effectiveness of our security measures.

Q10: Does Cherda Africa charge any application or recruitment fees?

No, Cherda Africa is an equal employer and does not charge any application or recruitment fees. Our commitment is to provide a fair and accessible application process for all potential candidates.


Q1: How do you stay updated on the latest developments in security studies?

A: I regularly follow reputable security journals, attend webinars, and participate in industry conferences. Additionally, I am a member of professional organizations that provide valuable resources and insights.

Q2: Can you provide an example of a time when your attention to detail played a crucial role in identifying a security weakness?

A: During a security assessment project in my academic studies, my attention to detail led to the discovery of a vulnerability in our system. I promptly reported it, and the team implemented necessary measures to address the weakness.

Q3: How do you approach communicating security information to non-technical team members?

A: I believe in simplifying complex security information for better understanding. During group projects, I have successfully conveyed security concepts to non-technical team members through clear and concise presentations.

Q4: In a dynamic security environment, how do you ensure adaptability and quick decision-making?

A: I thrive in dynamic environments by staying informed and maintaining a proactive mindset. I prioritize continuous learning to adapt quickly and make informed decisions based on emerging security trends.

Q5: Can you share an experience where you successfully collaborated with cross-functional teams to implement security measures?

A: In a group project focused on enhancing the security of a system, I collaborated with individuals from various disciplines. Our teamwork resulted in the successful implementation of comprehensive security measures.

Q6: How do you ensure compliance with security laws and regulations in your daily activities?

A: I stay updated on relevant laws and regulations, incorporating them into our security policies and procedures. Regular audits and reviews help ensure ongoing compliance with established standards.

Q7: What motivated you to pursue a career in security studies?

A: My passion for creating a safer world and contributing to the well-being of communities motivated me to pursue a career in security studies. I am driven by the belief that security is a fundamental aspect of societal progress.

Q8: How do you handle the pressure of managing security incidents in a timely manner?

A: I thrive under pressure by prioritizing tasks and maintaining a calm and focused approach. During my academic studies, I participated in simulations and practical exercises to hone my incident management skills.

Q9: What steps do you take to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information in a security role?

A: I prioritize the implementation of robust access controls, encryption methods, and regularly review security protocols. This ensures the confidentiality of sensitive information and protects against unauthorized access.

Q10: How would you contribute to Cherda Africa’s mission of saving lives through security oversight?

A: I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to Cherda Africa’s mission by leveraging my education, skills, and passion for security. I am dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals through effective security oversight initiatives.

We wish you the best in your application process! Cherda Africa is committed to attracting and retaining the best employees from all races and backgrounds in our continued effort to become a better development partner. As an equal employer, we do not charge any application or recruitment fees.

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