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Are you a dynamic and results-oriented individual with a passion for sales? We’re seeking skilled Sales Representatives to join our team in Mombasa and Upcountry regions. At Clique, we value dedication, drive, and a commitment to achieving sales targets. If you’re ready to take on a challenging yet rewarding role, apply today!

Job Summary

As a Sales Representative, you will play a crucial role in serving our customers by selling Clique’s products. Your responsibilities include identifying leads, educating prospects on our products through calls and presentations, and providing exceptional support to existing customers. Successful candidates will have a proven ability to meet and exceed sales targets, along with the skills to navigate market challenges and build lasting client relationships.

Key Roles

  1. Achieving Sales Targets: Consistently meet and exceed sales goals, overcoming obstacles and market challenges.
  2. Prospecting and Client Visits: Evaluate client needs, promote company products, and build strong client relationships.
  3. Market Development: Identify and explore new market frontiers, engaging stakeholders to increase market share.
  4. Order Confirmation and Processing: Confirm customer orders and coordinate with the Customer Service team for efficient processing.
  5. Sales Reporting: Generate and submit accurate sales forecasts, budgets, pending orders reports, and overdue reports.
  6. Route to Market Management: Open new markets for company products through effective route-to-market strategies.
  7. Cash Collection: Ensure timely and accurate cash collection in accordance with company policies.

Job Requirements

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, or a related field.
  • Experience: 2-3 years’ sales experience, with a proven track record of meeting and exceeding targets.
  • Preferred Experience: Working knowledge of HORECA and CRM systems.

How to Apply

Send your CV to with ‘Sales Representative’ as the subject. Applications close on 16th January 2024.


North Airport Road | Nairobi | Kenya |

Expert Tips To Be A Successful Applicant for Sales Representative

  1. Demonstrate Sales Success: Provide specific examples of your past sales achievements, emphasizing your ability to consistently meet and exceed targets.
  2. Client Relationship Building: Highlight instances where you successfully built and maintained strong client relationships, showcasing your interpersonal skills.
  3. Market Understanding: Showcase your knowledge of market trends and challenges, illustrating how you navigate obstacles to achieve sales goals.
  4. Effective Communication: Emphasize your communication skills, particularly in educating prospects and providing exceptional support to existing customers.
  5. Adaptability: Demonstrate your ability to adapt to new market frontiers and engage stakeholders effectively to expand the customer portfolio.
  6. Data Management: If applicable, discuss your experience with CRM systems and how it contributed to your sales success.
  7. Route-to-Market Strategies: Provide examples of how you’ve successfully implemented route-to-market strategies to open new markets for products.
  8. Cash Collection Experience: Showcase your experience in ensuring accurate and timely cash collection, aligning with company policies.
  9. Team Collaboration: Illustrate instances where you collaborated with the Customer Service team for efficient order processing.
  10. Continuous Learning: Express your commitment to continuous learning and staying updated on industry trends to contribute effectively to the team.

Sample Cover Letter – Sales Representative

Dear Hiring Manager,

As a highly motivated and results-driven sales professional with a proven track record of exceeding sales targets, I am excited to apply for the Sales Representative position at Clique. My educational background in Business, coupled with 3 years of hands-on experience, has equipped me with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in this role.

I have a demonstrated ability to build and maintain strong client relationships, as showcased in my previous role where I increased the customer portfolio by 20% within a year. My adaptability and market understanding have enabled me to successfully navigate challenging market conditions, ensuring consistent achievement of sales goals.

Moreover, my proficiency in CRM systems has streamlined data management, contributing to accurate sales forecasting and reporting. I am confident that my strategic approach to route-to-market management aligns with Clique’s goals of market expansion.

I am excited about the opportunity to bring my passion for sales and commitment to excellence to Clique. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of contributing to the success of your team.


[Your Full Name]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does the Sales Representative role at Clique entail?

The Sales Representative at Clique is responsible for achieving sales targets, prospecting and visiting clients, building client relationships, developing new market frontiers, and managing route-to-market strategies.

2. What qualifications are required for the Sales Representative position?

Applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree in Business or Marketing, 2-3 years of sales experience, and a proven ability to meet and exceed sales targets. Working knowledge of HORECA and CRM systems is preferred.

3. How should I submit my application?

Send your CV to with ‘Sales Representative’ as the subject. Applications close on 16th January 2024.

4. What is the application deadline for the Sales Representative position?

The application deadline is 16th January 2024.

5. Can I apply if I don’t have experience in HORECA?

While experience in HORECA is preferred, it is not mandatory. We value candidates with a strong sales track record and the ability to adapt to different market segments.

6. How does Clique support employee development?

Clique is committed to the continuous learning and development of its employees. We offer training programs, mentorship opportunities, and career advancement paths.

7. Is relocation assistance provided for candidates outside Nairobi?

We evaluate relocation assistance on a case-by-case basis. Please discuss your circumstances during the interview process.

8. What is the company’s approach to diversity and inclusion?

Clique is dedicated to attracting and retaining the best talent from all races and backgrounds. Our goal is to create an inclusive work environment that fosters creativity and innovation.

9. How is success measured in the Sales Representative role?

Success is measured by achieving and exceeding sales targets, building and maintaining client relationships, and contributing to the growth of the customer portfolio and market share.

10. What should I include in my application to stand out as a candidate?

Highlight your sales achievements, emphasize your ability to build client relationships, showcase your market understanding, and discuss any relevant experience with HORECA and CRM systems.

Possible Sales Representative Interview Questions With Answers

  1. Q: Can you share a specific example of a challenging sales target you’ve achieved in the past?
    • A: Certainly. In my previous role, I faced a challenging sales target of a 30% increase in revenue within six months. Through strategic prospecting and effective client engagement, I not only met but exceeded the target by achieving a 35% increase in revenue.
  2. Q: How do you approach building and maintaining strong client relationships?
    • A: I believe in understanding the client’s needs thoroughly. I maintain regular communication, provide personalized support, and ensure that I am responsive to their queries. This approach has led to long-term partnerships and repeat business.
  3. Q: How do you handle market challenges and obstacles to meet sales goals?
    • A: I approach market challenges by conducting thorough market research and adapting my sales strategy accordingly. Staying informed about industry trends allows me to anticipate challenges and proactively address them.
  4. Q: Can you describe a situation where you successfully opened a new market frontier for a company’s products?
    • A: In a previous role, I identified an untapped market segment and developed a targeted route-to-market strategy. Through strategic partnerships and effective market positioning, I successfully opened a new market frontier, resulting in a 25% increase in market share.
  5. Q: How do you ensure accurate and timely cash collection as per company policies?
    • A: I follow a systematic approach to cash collection, including setting clear payment terms, regular follow-ups, and collaborating closely with the finance team. This ensures adherence to company policies and timely collection.
  6. Q: How do you handle rejection in sales, and what strategies do you use to overcome setbacks?
    • A: Rejection is part of the sales process. I view it as an opportunity to learn and improve. I analyze the reasons for rejection, adapt my approach, and use it as motivation to achieve future successes.
  7. Q: What role does data management play in your sales strategy, and how do you utilize CRM systems?
    • A: Data management is crucial for informed decision-making. I leverage CRM systems to track customer interactions, analyze sales trends, and streamline communication. This enhances my ability to forecast accurately and make data-driven decisions.
  8. Q: How do you collaborate with the Customer Service team to ensure efficient order processing?
    • A: Regular communication is key. I collaborate closely with the Customer Service team, providing them with accurate order information and addressing any customer concerns promptly. This ensures seamless order processing and enhances the overall customer experience.
  9. Q: Can you share an example of a time when you successfully adapted to a new market frontier or industry segment?
    • A: In a previous role, I transitioned from B2B to B2C sales, requiring a shift in approach. Through targeted market research, skill development, and building new relationships, I successfully adapted, contributing to increased sales in the new segment.
  10. Q: How do you stay updated on industry trends and continuously improve your sales skills?
    • A: I prioritize continuous learning through industry publications, attending relevant workshops, and participating in online courses. This commitment to staying informed allows me to bring fresh insights to my sales approach and contribute to the team’s success.

Best wishes on your application! We look forward to welcoming the best talent to our growing team. Remember, at Clique, diversity is valued, and we strive to be your preferred development partner.

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