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Sales Intern – Unlock Your Potential with MARAMOJA

Are you ready to embark on a dynamic career journey? MARAMOJA is seeking a highly motivated and professional Sales Intern to join our growing team. As a Sales Intern at MARAMOJA, you’ll have the opportunity to hone your sales skills, work in a vibrant environment, and contribute to the success of a leading development partner. If you are a go-getter with excellent communication skills and a passion for achieving sales targets, we want to hear from you!

Job Category: Sales and Business Development

Job Level: Intern

About MARAMOJA: MARAMOJA is a leading development partner committed to fostering growth and innovation. We believe in diversity and inclusivity, aiming to attract and retain the best talents from all races and backgrounds. Join us in our mission to become a better development partner and make a positive impact on the world.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Prospecting and Lead Generation: Identify and engage potential clients through various channels to build a robust sales pipeline.
  • Sales Presentations: Effectively communicate our products/services, showcasing their value proposition to potential clients.
  • Target Achievement: Consistently meet and exceed assigned sales targets to contribute to the overall success of the sales team.
  • Relationship Building: Establish and nurture strong relationships with clients, ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Market Research: Stay updated on industry trends and competitors, providing valuable insights to enhance our sales strategies.


  • Presentable and Professional: As the face of MARAMOJA, a professional appearance is essential.
  • Strong Communication Skills: Clear and effective communication is key to success in this role.
  • Self-Driven and Motivated: Proven ability to work independently and stay motivated to achieve sales goals.
  • Sales Aptitude: Demonstrated ability to consistently meet and exceed sales targets.


  • Commission-Based Earnings: Enjoy the benefits of a performance-based commission structure.
  • Additional Fixed-Rate Payment: Receive a competitive fixed-rate payment in addition to your commission.

How to Apply:

Ready to take the next step in your career? Drop your CV and a tailored cover letter to by the deadline 10/01/2024.

Expert Tips To Be A Successful Applicant for Sales Intern:

  1. Tailor Your Application: Customize your CV and cover letter to highlight how your skills align with the sales intern role at MARAMOJA.
  2. Showcase Your Achievements: Use quantifiable achievements in your previous roles to demonstrate your ability to meet and exceed sales targets.
  3. Research MARAMOJA: Familiarize yourself with MARAMOJA’s products/services and values, integrating this knowledge into your application.
  4. Highlight Your Communication Skills: Emphasize instances where your communication skills played a crucial role in securing deals or resolving issues.
  5. Express Your Motivation: Clearly articulate why you are passionate about joining MARAMOJA and how you align with the company’s mission.
  6. Demonstrate Independence: Provide examples of projects or tasks where you worked independently, showcasing your self-driven nature.
  7. Be Professional in Appearance: Present yourself professionally, even in your application materials. A polished image reflects positively on your candidacy.
  8. Prepare for Behavioral Questions: Anticipate questions about your past experiences and have compelling stories ready to showcase your abilities.
  9. Understand the Sales Process: Display your knowledge of the sales process, from prospecting to closing deals.
  10. Follow Up: After submitting your application, send a polite follow-up email expressing your continued interest in the position.


Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my enthusiasm for the Sales Intern position at MARAMOJA, as advertised. With a proven track record of exceeding sales targets, strong communication skills, and a self-driven mindset, I am confident in my ability to contribute to your dynamic team.

In my previous role at XYZ Company, I consistently achieved a 20% increase in sales revenue through effective lead generation and nurturing client relationships. I am impressed by MARAMOJA’s commitment to growth and innovation and am eager to contribute to your success.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how my skills align with the goals of MARAMOJA.


[Your Full Name]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What qualities are you looking for in a Sales Intern at MARAMOJA?

At MARAMOJA, we seek a Sales Intern who is presentable, professional, and possesses strong communication skills. Additionally, we value self-driven individuals with a proven ability to consistently meet and exceed sales targets.

2. Can I apply if I don’t have previous sales experience?

While previous sales experience is beneficial, we welcome candidates with a strong aptitude for sales and a passion for learning. If you believe you have the qualities we are looking for, we encourage you to apply.

3. How is the commission structure determined?

Our commission structure is performance-based and will be discussed during the interview process. Rest assured, it is designed to reward your efforts and contributions to the sales team.

4. What training and support will be provided to Sales Interns?

MARAMOJA is committed to the professional development of its team members. Sales Interns will receive comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure their success in the role.

5. How does MARAMOJA foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

MARAMOJA is dedicated to creating an inclusive workplace that welcomes talents from all races and backgrounds. We believe in diversity as a strength and actively promote an environment that values and respects each individual.

6. Can I expect career growth opportunities as a Sales Intern at MARAMOJA?

Yes, we believe in recognizing and promoting talent within our organization. Performance and dedication to your role will be key factors in your potential for career advancement.

7. What types of sales targets will I be expected to meet?

Sales Interns at MARAMOJA will be assigned specific targets related to lead generation, client acquisition, and revenue generation. These targets will be discussed and agreed upon during the onboarding process.

8. How do you handle client relationships at MARAMOJA?

We prioritize building and nurturing strong client relationships. Sales Interns will be expected to maintain regular communication with clients, ensuring their satisfaction and addressing any concerns promptly.

9. Is the additional fixed-rate payment guaranteed, or does it depend on performance?

The additional fixed-rate payment is guaranteed and is designed to provide stability while you work towards achieving your commission-based earnings.

10. How can I prepare for the interview process at MARAMOJA?

To prepare for the interview process, familiarize yourself with MARAMOJA’s products/services, values, and recent achievements. Be ready to discuss your past experiences, emphasizing how they have equipped you for success in the Sales Intern role.

Possible Sales Intern Interview Questions With Answers:

  1. Can you share an example of a challenging sales situation you faced and how you successfully navigated it? Certainly. In my previous role at XYZ Company, I encountered a challenging client negotiation where the client was hesitant due to budget constraints. I successfully addressed their concerns by presenting a tailored package that demonstrated the long-term value of our services, ultimately securing the deal.
  2. How do you prioritize and manage your time to meet sales targets consistently? I am highly organized and prioritize tasks based on their impact on achieving sales targets. I utilize time management tools and techniques to ensure I focus on high-priority activities that contribute directly to meeting and exceeding targets.
  3. What strategies do you use for effective lead generation? I employ a multi-channel approach for lead generation, including targeted outreach, networking events, and leveraging social media platforms. By diversifying my lead generation strategies, I ensure a robust pipeline and increased opportunities for conversion.
  4. How do you handle rejection in sales, and how do you bounce back from it? Rejection is a natural part of sales. I view it as an opportunity to learn and improve. After a rejection, I reflect on the feedback, adjust my approach if necessary, and use it as motivation to secure the next successful deal.
  5. Can you provide an example of a time when you exceeded a challenging sales target? In my previous role, I was tasked with achieving a 30% increase in sales within a quarter. Through strategic planning, targeted outreach, and effective client engagement, I surpassed the target, achieving a remarkable 40% increase.
  6. How do you stay informed about industry trends and competitors? I actively engage in continuous learning by attending industry conferences, webinars, and subscribing to relevant publications. Additionally, I regularly analyze competitor strategies and market trends to stay ahead and inform my sales approach.
  7. Describe a situation where you had to collaborate with other departments to close a deal successfully. In a previous role, closing a complex deal required collaboration with the marketing and product development teams. By aligning our efforts and presenting a cohesive strategy, we demonstrated to the client the comprehensive value of our offerings, leading to a successful partnership.
  8. How do you handle communication with clients during the negotiation process? Effective communication is crucial during negotiations. I ensure clarity, actively listen to client concerns, and address them thoughtfully. Maintaining transparency and open communication builds trust and facilitates successful negotiations.
  9. Can you share an example of a time when you identified a new market opportunity and successfully capitalized on it? Recognizing a gap in our target market, I conducted thorough research and identified an untapped segment. Through tailored marketing strategies and targeted outreach, I successfully penetrated the new market, resulting in a significant increase in client acquisition.
  10. How do you adapt your sales approach to different types of clients or industries? I understand the importance of tailoring my approach to the unique needs of each client or industry. By conducting thorough research and adapting my communication style, I ensure that my sales pitch resonates with the specific challenges and goals of the client or industry in question.

Best of luck with your application! MARAMOJA is excited to welcome passionate individuals to our team as we collectively strive for excellence. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is central to our values, and we look forward to the contributions of talents from all races and backgrounds. Thank you for considering MARAMOJA as your next career destination. Wishing you success in your career journey!

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