Safari Park Hotel & Casino Nairobi – Seeking Professional Chefs

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Safari Park Hotel

Safari Park Hotel & Casino Nairobi – Seeking Professional Chefs

Position: Pastry Chef and Japanese Chef

Are you a passionate culinary artist looking to showcase your skills in a renowned establishment? Safari Park Hotel & Casino Nairobi is seeking highly skilled and motivated chefs to join our team.

Key Information

  • Job Level: Entry to Mid-Level
  • Location: Nairobi, Kenya
  • Application Deadline: November 17, 2023

Job Description

Pastry Chef Responsibilities:

  • Create delectable pastries, desserts, and baked goods.
  • Craft and design unique pastry items.
  • Maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the pastry kitchen.
  • Collaborate with the culinary team for menu development.

Japanese Chef Responsibilities:

  • Prepare authentic Japanese cuisine.
  • Craft sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese dishes.
  • Maintain the quality and freshness of ingredients.
  • Ensure compliance with safety and hygiene standards.

Qualifications and Skills


  • Culinary education or relevant experience.
  • Passion for the culinary arts.
  • Creativity and attention to detail.
  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills.

How to Apply: Interested candidates who meet the qualifications are invited to apply. Please submit the following:

  • A detailed CV
  • Copies of relevant certificates and testimonials
  • An application letter indicating the desired position

Send your application to: Human Resource & Admin Manager PO BOX 45038-00100, Nairobi, Kenya Email:

Application Deadline: November 17, 2023

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Expert Tips To Be A Successful Applicant

  1. Craft a Standout Resume: Ensure your CV highlights your culinary expertise, experience, and achievements. Use specific examples of your creations and achievements.
  2. Customize Your Cover Letter: Tailor your application letter to the position, showcasing your enthusiasm for the role and the establishment.
  3. Showcase Creativity: Share examples of unique dishes or pastries you’ve created to demonstrate your creativity.
  4. Detail-Oriented Application: Double-check your application for any errors or omissions. Attention to detail is crucial in the culinary world.
  5. Professional References: Include references from previous employers or mentors who can vouch for your skills and work ethic.
  6. Stay Updated: Keep up with the latest culinary trends and techniques. Mention any additional certifications or training you’ve completed.
  7. Demonstrate Teamwork: Highlight instances where you’ve worked effectively in a kitchen team. Collaboration is vital in a culinary setting.
  8. Passion for Cuisine: Share your love for cooking and any personal anecdotes that reflect your dedication to the culinary arts.
  9. Adaptability: Showcase your ability to adapt to different cuisines and cooking styles, including Japanese cuisine for the Japanese Chef role.
  10. Hygiene and Safety: Emphasize your commitment to maintaining a clean and safe kitchen environment, which is crucial in the culinary industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I apply for the positions? To apply, send your CV, copies of relevant certificates, and an application letter to the provided email address or physical address. Make sure to meet the application deadline.

2. What qualifications are required for these positions? We seek candidates with culinary education or relevant experience, a passion for the culinary arts, creativity, and excellent teamwork and communication skills.

3. Can I apply for both positions (Pastry Chef and Japanese Chef)? Yes, you can apply for both positions if you meet the qualifications and are interested in both roles. Make sure to specify your preferences in your application.

4. How will I know if I’m short-listed? Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. You will receive an email or a phone call if you are selected for an interview.

5. What is the work environment like at Safari Park Hotel & Casino Nairobi? Our establishment is known for its excellent working conditions, commitment to hygiene, and teamwork. You’ll be part of a dynamic culinary team.

6. Are there opportunities for professional growth? Yes, Safari Park Hotel & Casino Nairobi offers opportunities for learning and development in the culinary field. We encourage skill enhancement and growth.

7. Can I send my application after the deadline? We strongly advise submitting your application before the specified deadline. Late applications may not be considered.

8. What should I include in my CV? Your CV should include your educational background, work experience, certifications, achievements, and any special culinary skills or awards.

9. Is experience in Japanese cuisine required for the Japanese Chef position? While experience in Japanese cuisine is preferred, a strong passion for and willingness to learn Japanese culinary techniques is essential.

10. What type of dishes should I be prepared to create as a Pastry Chef? As a Pastry Chef, you’ll be responsible for a wide range of pastries, desserts, and baked goods. Creativity and innovation are highly encouraged.

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