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Research and Data Analyst Job Description

Job Title: Research and Data Analyst

Job Level: Intermediate


We are actively seeking a highly skilled Research and Data Analyst to join our dynamic team in Nairobi, Kenya. As a Research and Data Analyst, you will play a pivotal role in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting complex data sets, contributing significantly to our business decision-making and strategy development. This role involves hands-on work in creating tools, managing data collection processes, coding and cleaning data, performing analysis, and crafting comprehensive reports.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Data Collection and Compilation:
    • Gather and compile data from various sources with a focus on accuracy and completeness.
  2. Data Processing:
    • Clean, preprocess, and transform raw data into usable formats for analysis.
  3. Desk Reviews and Literature Synthesis:
    • Conduct thorough desk reviews for relevant background information.
    • Synthesize and summarize existing literature for a comprehensive research landscape understanding.
  4. Research Methodologies:
    • Develop research methodologies and frameworks tailored to research objectives.
  5. Data Collection Instrument Design:
    • Design reliable and valid data collection instruments aligned with research methodologies.
  6. Qualitative Research Design:
    • Design qualitative interview guides for focus group discussions (FGDs) and key informant interviews (KIIs).
  7. Data Collection Oversight:
    • Oversee and manage data collection activities, ensuring adherence to research protocols.
  8. Study Tool Development:
    • Develop study tools, including surveys, interview guides, and data collection instruments.
  9. Electronic Data Collection Systems:
    • Create user-friendly electronic data collection systems using mobile apps or web-based forms.
  10. Data Analysis and Reporting:
    • Utilize statistical analysis tools and qualitative techniques for data analysis.
    • Interpret data trends, patterns, and derive meaningful insights.
    • Prepare comprehensive reports summarizing research findings for various stakeholders.
  11. Dissemination and Training:
    • Develop strategies for disseminating research results effectively.
    • Present findings in a clear manner to both technical and non-technical audiences.
    • Conduct training sessions for data collectors on proper techniques and tool usage.
  12. Budget Management:
    • Develop and manage study budgets, ensuring efficient resource allocation.
    • Monitor expenses and financial transactions related to research activities.
  13. Quality Assurance:
    • Implement data quality assurance measures for accurate and reliable data collection.
    • Conduct regular checks and audits to maintain high data quality standards.
  14. Industry Monitoring and Forecasting:
    • Monitor industry trends, providing timely updates to inform business strategies.
    • Develop forecasting models to predict future trends and potential areas of opportunity or risk.
  15. Continuous Improvement:
    • Stay current with advancements in data analysis tools and techniques.
    • Identify opportunities for process improvement and implement best practices.
  16. Additional Responsibilities:
    • Perform any other additional duties and tasks assigned.

Requirements & Qualifications:

  • Diploma in monitoring and evaluation.
  • Degree in Business Analytics, Computer Science, Statistics, Economics, or related fields.
  • Proficiency in statistical analysis tools (SPSS, Stata) and data visualization tools.
  • Strong project management skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills with a high level of accuracy and attention to detail.

Interested candidates are invited to strictly email their cover letter and CV to before end of day 30th January 2024. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Expert Tips To Be A Successful Applicant for Research and Data Analyst:

  1. Highlight Analytical Skills:
    • Provide specific examples of how your analytical skills have contributed to successful research outcomes.
  2. Demonstrate Project Management Abilities:
    • Share instances where your project management skills ensured the smooth execution of data collection activities.
  3. Showcase Effective Communication:
    • Emphasize your ability to communicate complex findings to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  4. Illustrate Data Quality Assurance Expertise:
    • Discuss experiences implementing data quality assurance measures for accurate and reliable data.
  5. Display Industry Awareness:
    • Demonstrate your ability to monitor industry trends and provide valuable insights for business strategies.
  6. Highlight Continuous Learning:
    • Showcase your commitment to staying updated with advancements in data analysis tools and techniques.
  7. Exhibit Adaptability and Flexibility:
    • Provide examples of adapting methodologies to meet specific research objectives.
  8. Illustrate Training and Development Experience:
    • Share instances where you conducted effective training sessions for data collectors.
  9. Emphasize Budget Management Skills:
    • Discuss experiences in developing and managing study budgets efficiently.
  10. Express Commitment to Excellence:
    • Convey your commitment to maintaining high data quality standards and implementing best practices.

SAMPLE COVER LETTER Research and Data Analyst:

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the Research and Data Analyst position at your esteemed organization, as advertised. With a strong educational background in Business Analytics and a proven track record in statistical analysis and data visualization, I am confident in my ability to contribute significantly to your team.

Throughout my career, I have successfully designed and implemented data collection instruments, overseen data processing activities, and delivered comprehensive reports that have informed strategic decision-making. My proficiency in SPSS, Stata, and NVivo, coupled with my project management skills, has allowed me to excel in executing research projects efficiently.

One notable achievement was my role in developing forecasting models that accurately predicted industry trends, providing valuable insights for future opportunities and risks. I am eager to bring this level of expertise to your organization and contribute to its continued success.

Attached is my resume for your review. I am excited about the opportunity to discuss how my skills and experiences align with the needs of your team. Thank you for considering my application.


[Your Full Name]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What are the key qualifications for the Research and Data Analyst position?

  • The key qualifications include a diploma in monitoring and evaluation, a degree in relevant fields, proficiency in statistical analysis tools, and strong project management skills.

2. How can I ensure data quality in my research projects?

  • Implement data quality assurance measures, conduct regular checks, and utilize coding systems for qualitative data.

3. What is the preferred language for application submissions?

  • Please submit your application in English.

4. What tools are commonly used for electronic data collection?

  • Mobile data collection apps and web-based forms are commonly used for electronic data collection.

5. How can I stand out in the application process?

  • Highlight your analytical skills, effective communication, and experiences in managing study budgets.

6. Is there flexibility in research methodologies for specific projects?

  • Yes, adaptability in research methodologies to meet specific project objectives is valued.

7. What is the deadline for submitting applications?

  • The deadline for submitting applications is the end of the day on January 30th, 2024.

8. How will shortlisted candidates be notified?

  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email.

9. Are international applications accepted?

  • Yes, we welcome applications from candidates both locally and internationally.

10. How can I stay informed about industry trends relevant to the position?

  • Stay informed by regularly monitoring industry trends and changes.

Possible Research and Data Analyst Interview Questions With Answers:

  1. Can you provide an example of a challenging data analysis project you’ve worked on?
    • Answer: “In my previous role, I led a project where we analyzed customer behavior data to optimize marketing strategies. I implemented advanced statistical models, resulting in a 15% increase in campaign effectiveness.”
  2. How do you ensure the accuracy and reliability of collected data?
    • Answer: “I implement rigorous data quality assurance measures, including regular checks and audits. This ensures the data collected is accurate and reliable.”
  3. Can you describe a situation where you had to adapt your research methodology to meet specific project objectives?
    • Answer: “In a recent project, we needed to pivot our research approach to accommodate unexpected challenges. I successfully adapted the methodology, maintaining the project’s integrity.”
  4. How do you approach presenting complex research findings to non-technical stakeholders?
    • Answer: “I use clear and accessible language, visual aids, and real-world examples to convey complex findings in a way that resonates with non-technical audiences.”
  5. Tell us about a time when you had to manage a tight budget for a research project.
    • Answer: “I successfully managed a tight budget by prioritizing essential resources, negotiating cost-effective solutions, and ensuring efficient allocation of funds.”
  6. How do you stay updated with advancements in data analysis tools and techniques?
    • Answer: “I regularly attend industry conferences, participate in online courses, and engage with professional communities to stay abreast of the latest developments.”
  7. Can you share an experience where you provided training to data collectors on proper techniques and tool usage?
    • Answer: “I conducted comprehensive training sessions, ensuring data collectors were proficient in techniques and tools, contributing to the success of the project.”
  8. What steps do you take to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive data during research projects?
    • Answer: “I implement strict protocols for data handling and storage, ensuring confidentiality. Access controls and encryption are key components of my approach.”
  9. How do you balance the need for speed in data collection with the requirement for accuracy?
    • Answer: “I prioritize a balance by using efficient data collection tools and processes without compromising on the necessary checks and validations for accuracy.”
  10. What role do you see data analysis playing in informing business strategy?
    • Answer: “Data analysis is crucial in providing actionable insights that inform strategic decisions. It identifies trends, opportunities, and areas of improvement, contributing to overall business success.”

Thank you for considering our job opportunity. We wish you the best in your application process. Our website is committed to attracting and retaining the best employees from all races and backgrounds in our continued effort to become a better development partner.

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