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JOB TITLE: Relationship Manager – Trade Finance


SALARY: Competitive, based on experience

JOB CATEGORY: Finance/Trade Finance

META DESCRIPTION: Join Sidian Bank as a Relationship Manager in Trade Finance. Drive business growth, manage relationships, ensure compliance, and provide strategic customer experiences. Apply now!



The role of Relationship Manager – Trade Finance is pivotal in driving revenue growth and maintaining strong customer relationships. The incumbent will be responsible for marketing trade finance products to existing and new customers directly and through Relationship Managers. The primary focus will be on portfolio growth, performance monitoring, and ensuring the achievement of set targets.


Sales & Business Development

  • Originate deals directly from existing and prospective clients to maximize customer profitability.
  • Collaborate with Relationship Managers to maximize profitability by providing innovative financing solutions.
  • Innovate and develop new trade finance products to enhance the bank’s revenue streams.
  • Develop sales pipelines and strategies to meet targets aligned with the overall bank strategy.
  • Identify market trends and translate them into profitable business opportunities.

Relationship Management

  • Foster relationships with local and international financial institutions to drive trade finance business.
  • Enhance relationship marketing to generate lending, trade finance, and deposit business.
  • Monitor competitor activities and strategize to maintain a competitive edge.
  • Provide continuous trade product knowledge to Relationship Managers and customers.

Strategic Customer Experience

  • Liaise with Trade Finance operations for smooth deal implementation and service quality.
  • Drive overall client satisfaction and loyalty by enhancing positive customer experiences.
  • Design differentiated customer experiences tailored to target customer needs.
  • Ensure consistent and superior client-oriented service delivery.

Risk & Compliance

  • Stay updated on and comply with all bank policies and Anti Money Laundering/Countering Financing of Terrorism/Countering Proliferation Financing regulations.
  • Participate in compliance programs and report any suspicious activities.
  • Cooperate fully with regulators and law enforcement agencies.


  • Process requests within delegated authority.
  • Identify transactional risks and develop innovative trade finance instruments.
  • Review and propose terms and conditions for trade finance products.
  • Provide advice on legal contractual agreements and pricing.


  • University degree or above in a relevant business discipline, with a master’s degree as an added advantage.


  • At least 5 years of proven sales experience in Trade Finance in the banking industry.
  • Exposure in International Trade Finance and Structured Trade and Commodity Finance is advantageous.


  • In-depth technical knowledge of international trade finance products.
  • Strong negotiation, presentation, and communication skills.
  • Proficiency in analyzing financial statements and assessing credit risk.
  • Excellent customer service and relationship management skills.


  • Professional qualifications such as CDCS, CITF, ACIB/AKIB are advantageous.





  1. Demonstrate your understanding of trade finance products and processes during the interview. Provide specific examples of deals you’ve originated or structured.
  2. Highlight your ability to foster strong relationships with clients and financial institutions. Showcase instances where your relationship management skills led to business growth.
  3. Stay updated on industry trends and regulations related to trade finance. Show your commitment to compliance and risk management.
  4. Emphasize your track record of driving customer satisfaction and loyalty through superior service delivery. Provide examples of how you’ve enhanced customer experiences in previous roles.
  5. Prepare thoroughly for the interview by researching the company and its competitive position in the market. Tailor your responses to demonstrate how you can contribute to the company’s growth strategy.
  6. Highlight your analytical skills and ability to assess credit risk. Be prepared to discuss how you’ve evaluated the financial soundness of clients in the past.
  7. Demonstrate your strategic thinking by proposing innovative trade finance solutions during the interview. Show how you can add value to the organization by identifying and capitalizing on business opportunities.
  8. Communicate effectively during the interview, showcasing your interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders.
  9. Be proactive in seeking feedback and learning opportunities. Demonstrate your willingness to continuously improve and adapt to changes in the industry.
  10. Express your passion for trade finance and your commitment to driving business growth. Show enthusiasm for the role and the opportunity to contribute to the success of the organization.


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[Hiring Manager’s Name]

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Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

I am writing to express my interest in the Relationship Manager – Trade Finance position at [Company Name], as advertised. With a solid background in sales and trade finance, along with a commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences, I am confident in my ability to contribute to the success of your team.

In my previous role at [Previous Company], I successfully originated and structured trade finance deals, driving revenue growth and exceeding sales targets. My strong relationship management skills allowed me to foster productive partnerships with clients and financial institutions, resulting in increased business opportunities.

I am particularly drawn to the opportunity at [Company Name] because of its reputation for innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction. I am eager to leverage my skills and experience to contribute to the continued success of the organization.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how my background, skills, and enthusiasm align with the needs of your team.


[Your Name]


1. What is the role of a Relationship Manager in Trade Finance? A Relationship Manager in Trade Finance is responsible for identifying and delivering trade finance business, fostering relationships with clients and financial institutions, ensuring compliance with regulations, and providing strategic customer experiences.

2. What qualifications are required for the position? Candidates should have a university degree or above in a relevant business discipline, with at least 5 years of proven sales experience in Trade Finance. Professional certifications such as CDCS, CITF, ACIB/AKIB are advantageous.

3. How can I demonstrate my suitability for the role during the interview? You can demonstrate your suitability for the role by showcasing your understanding of trade finance products and processes, highlighting your track record of driving business growth, emphasizing your relationship management skills, and discussing your commitment to compliance and risk management.

4. What is the decision-making authority of a Relationship Manager in Trade Finance? Relationship Managers have the authority to process requests within delegated authority, identify transactional risks, propose terms and conditions for trade finance products, and provide advice on legal contractual agreements and pricing.

5. How important is customer service in the role of a Relationship Manager in Trade Finance? Customer service is crucial in the role of a Relationship Manager in Trade Finance as it contributes to client satisfaction, loyalty, and business growth. Relationship Managers should strive to deliver exceptional service and ensure positive customer experiences.

6. What opportunities for career advancement are available in Trade Finance? Career advancement opportunities in Trade Finance may include progression to senior Relationship Manager roles, leadership positions within the department, or specialization in specific areas such as structured trade and commodity finance.

7. How can I stay updated on industry trends and regulations in Trade Finance? You can stay updated on industry trends and regulations in Trade Finance by attending relevant training programs, participating in industry conferences and seminars, subscribing to trade finance publications, and networking with professionals in the field.

8. What are some key challenges faced by Relationship Managers in Trade Finance? Some key challenges faced by Relationship Managers in Trade Finance include competition from other financial institutions, regulatory compliance requirements, managing transactional risks, and maintaining client satisfaction in a rapidly evolving market.

9. How can Relationship Managers mitigate transactional risks in Trade Finance? Relationship Managers can mitigate transactional risks in Trade Finance by conducting thorough due diligence on clients and transactions, implementing robust risk management processes, and staying informed about industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

10. What sets apart a successful Relationship Manager in Trade Finance? A successful Relationship Manager in Trade Finance possesses strong technical knowledge, excellent communication and negotiation skills, a proactive approach to business development, a commitment to compliance and risk management, and a passion for delivering exceptional customer service.


1. Can you explain your experience in originating and structuring trade finance deals? Answer: In my previous role, I was responsible for identifying and developing trade finance opportunities with existing and prospective clients. I collaborated with Relationship Managers to structure deals that met the needs of our clients while mitigating risks for the bank.

2. How do you foster relationships with clients and financial institutions? Answer: I prioritize building trust and understanding with clients by actively listening to their needs and providing tailored solutions. I also maintain regular communication with financial institutions to stay informed about market trends and opportunities.

3. How do you ensure compliance with regulations in trade finance transactions? Answer: I stay updated on relevant regulations and ensure that all transactions adhere to legal requirements and internal policies. I conduct thorough due diligence on clients and transactions to mitigate compliance risks.

4. Can you provide an example of a challenging trade finance deal you’ve managed? Answer: One challenging deal involved structuring trade finance solutions for a client with complex international operations. I collaborated with internal teams and external partners to navigate regulatory requirements and ensure a successful outcome for the client.

5. How do you approach risk management in trade finance? Answer: I conduct comprehensive risk assessments for each transaction, considering factors such as credit risk, market risk, and operational risk. I implement risk mitigation strategies to protect the bank’s interests while facilitating business growth.

6. How do you handle customer service issues in trade finance? Answer: I prioritize addressing customer service issues promptly and effectively, ensuring that clients receive the support they need throughout the transaction process. I maintain open communication channels and strive to exceed client expectations.

7. How do you stay informed about industry trends and developments in trade finance? Answer: I regularly attend industry conferences, seminars, and training programs to stay updated on emerging trends and best practices in trade finance. I also subscribe to trade finance publications and participate in professional networking events.

8. Can you discuss a time when you successfully negotiated terms and conditions for a trade finance product? Answer: In a recent negotiation, I worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and concerns. By demonstrating the value of our trade finance solutions and addressing their specific needs, I was able to reach mutually beneficial terms.

9. How do you prioritize competing demands in a fast-paced trade finance environment? Answer: I prioritize tasks based on their impact on business objectives and deadlines. I communicate effectively with stakeholders to manage expectations and ensure that critical tasks are completed on time.

10. How do you contribute to the overall success of your team in trade finance? Answer: I collaborate with team members to share knowledge and best practices, contributing to a culture of continuous learning and improvement. I also support junior team members by providing guidance and mentorship, helping them develop their skills and grow professionally.

We wish you the best in your application process and remind you that [Company Name] is committed to attracting and retaining the best employees from all backgrounds. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not charge any application or recruitment fees, whether refundable or not.

Apply now and be part of our team dedicated to becoming a better development partner.


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