Procurement Manager – Transforming Retail Distribution in Africa

Full Time


Procurement Manager – Transforming Retail Distribution in Africa

Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Type: Full-Time
Division: Finance

About Us: Revolutionizing Retail Distribution

Wasoko (“people of the market” in Swahili) is a game-changer in Africa’s retail landscape. We’re the leading digital retail distribution platform across East Africa, driven by our cutting-edge logistics network. Thousands of informal retailers in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zambia rely on Wasoko for essential goods and working capital financing.

The informal retail sector dominates African consumer spending, accounting for a staggering $600 billion yearly. This diverse, geographically spread-out market creates unique challenges for conventional retail and e-commerce. Here’s where Wasoko seizes the opportunity: as a trusted brand with unmatched scale and logistics, we’re crafting the technology-driven infrastructure needed to serve over 1 billion African consumers through local retailers.

Role: Procurement Manager – Bridging Suppliers and Success

As a Procurement Manager at Wasoko, you will be the linchpin between suppliers and our transformative mission. Your role is to ensure the smooth flow of products into the Wasoko ecosystem. You’ll identify potential suppliers, evaluate them, and negotiate favorable terms to keep our wheels turning.

Duties & Responsibilities: Crafting a Seamless Procurement Process

Sourcing Strategy Mastermind

  • Spearhead strategic sourcing initiatives at a regional level.
  • Drive the implementation and compliance of procurement processes and tools company-wide.

Supplier Symphony Conductor

  • Meticulously select suppliers aligning with Sokowatch business needs and cost efficiency.
  • Evaluate vendor proposals, document findings, and communicate recommendations.

Negotiation Ninja

  • Flex your negotiation muscles to establish and review contracts, ensuring cost savings targets are hit.

Vendor Relationship Builder

  • Cultivate strong partnerships with key vendors within your category.

Innovation Instigator

  • Propose and implement tools for expense reduction and operational enhancement.

Team Leader Extraordinaire

  • Lead, motivate, and guide your procurement team towards peak performance.
  • Ensure objectives are met and standards are upheld.

Cost Efficiency Champion

  • Identify, track, and report cost savings and value achievements in inventory buying activities.

Requirements: Your Ticket to Success

  • Experience: 5-8 years in a similar role.
  • Preferred: Proven track record as a Procurement Specialist handling CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management, Engineering, Finance, or Statistics.
  • Fast-Paced Aficionado: Thrive in a dynamic sales environment.
  • Procurement Prodigy: Deep understanding of procurement processes, with a project management focus.
  • Data Dynamo: Skilled in data analysis and supremely organized.
  • Communication Maestro: Express yourself effectively in both writing and speaking.
  • Wanderlust Ready: Open to travel across East Africa for work.
  • Team Player: Passionate about collaborating with diverse, cross-cultural teams.

Expert Tips To Be A Successful Applicant

Embrace the Wasoko vision – We’re not just a company, we’re revolutionizing how Africa shops. Convey your passion for transforming lives through your application.

Showcase Procurement Prowess – Highlight your negotiation prowess and experience in handling procurement processes. Be ready to discuss your achievements in cost optimization.

Quantify Achievements – Whenever possible, quantify your impact in previous roles. Numbers speak volumes about your contributions.

Highlight Leadership Skills – Procurement isn’t just about products; it’s about leading teams. Share instances where you’ve guided and motivated your peers.

Cultural Flexibility – Africa is a tapestry of cultures. Illustrate your ability to collaborate effectively with diverse teams from different backgrounds.






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