Tutors in Landscaping, Interior Design, Curtain Making, Soft Furnishing, Property Management, and Basic Accounting


Jacqui Design and Innovation Training Institute

Open Position: Tutors in Landscaping, Interior Design, Curtain Making, Soft Furnishing, Property Management, and Basic Accounting

About Us:

Welcome to Jacqui Design and Innovation Training Institute, where creativity meets expertise! We are a leading institution passionate about imparting knowledge and skills in various design and management disciplines. Our commitment to excellence has led us to expand our team, and we are currently seeking dynamic and knowledgeable tutors to join our esteemed faculty.

Job Overview:

As a Tutor at Jacqui Design and Innovation Training Institute, you will play a crucial role in shaping the next generation of design and management professionals. We are looking for individuals proficient in the following areas:

  • Landscaping
  • Interior design
  • Curtain making and soft furnishing
  • Property Management
  • Basic Accounting

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conducting engaging and informative lectures, workshops, and practical sessions
  • Developing and updating curriculum materials to reflect industry trends
  • Providing constructive feedback and guidance to students
  • Collaborating with colleagues to enhance the learning experience
  • Staying abreast of advancements in the respective fields


  • A degree in the specified fields is mandatory
  • Trained teachers with experience are preferred
  • Passion for education and mentorship
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


Karen Village, Karen, Ngong Road

How to Apply:

If you are a qualified and passionate professional seeking a rewarding opportunity, please send your CV to schoolofdesigninnovation@gmail.com. Please write your application in English.

Meta Description:

Join Jacqui Design and Innovation Training Institute as a Tutor in Landscaping, Interior Design, Curtain Making, Soft Furnishing, Property Management, or Basic Accounting. Shape the future of design and management education. Apply now!

Expert Tips to Be a Successful Applicant:

  1. Tailor Your CV: Highlight your relevant experience and skills in design and management.
  2. Showcase Teaching Experience: Emphasize any previous teaching roles or mentoring experiences.
  3. Demonstrate Industry Knowledge: Illustrate your understanding of current trends in the specified fields.
  4. Create a Portfolio: Compile a portfolio showcasing your work and projects.
  5. Highlight Educational Background: Clearly outline your degree and any additional certifications.
  6. Customize Your Cover Letter: Craft a personalized cover letter expressing your passion for education.
  7. Prepare a Demo Lesson: Be ready to showcase your teaching style and approach.
  8. Network in the Industry: Connect with professionals and educators in design and management.
  9. Stay Updated: Demonstrate your commitment to continuous learning and professional growth.
  10. Express Enthusiasm: Show genuine enthusiasm for contributing to the growth of students and the institute.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What qualifications are required for the tutoring position?
    • A degree in the specified fields is mandatory, and trained teachers with experience are preferred.
  2. Is teaching experience necessary?
    • While not mandatory, teaching or mentoring experience is highly valued.
  3. How can I apply for the position?
  4. Where is the institute located?
    • Jacqui Design and Innovation Training Institute is located in Karen Village, Karen, Ngong Road.
  5. Are remote positions available?
    • Currently, we are only considering candidates for on-site positions.
  6. What sets Jacqui Design and Innovation Training Institute apart?
    • Our institute is renowned for combining creativity and expertise to deliver top-notch education in design and management.
  7. Is additional training provided?
    • We provide ongoing training to our faculty to keep them updated on industry trends.
  8. How do I demonstrate industry knowledge in my application?
    • Highlight any relevant projects, industry connections, or publications in your CV and cover letter.
  9. What is the interview process like?
    • Shortlisted candidates will undergo an interview and may be required to conduct a demo lesson.
  10. How can I stand out as an applicant?
    • Tailor your application to showcase your passion for education and your unique contributions to design and management.

Cover Letter Sample:

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the Tutor position at Jacqui Design and Innovation Training Institute, as advertised. With a degree in [Your Specific Field] and [X years/months] of experience in [Related Experience], I am confident in my ability to contribute to the institute’s commitment to excellence in education.

In my previous role at [Previous Institute], I successfully [Highlight an Achievement]. This experience, coupled with my passion for [Specific Area of Passion], makes me an ideal candidate for this position. I am excited about the opportunity to inspire and mentor students, fostering their growth in the dynamic fields of design and management.

I am impressed by Jacqui Design and Innovation Training Institute’s dedication to innovation and creativity in education. My adaptable teaching style and commitment to staying updated with industry trends align with the institute’s values.

Thank you for considering my application. I am eager to contribute my expertise to your esteemed institution and look forward to the opportunity for an interview.


[Your Full Name]






To apply for this job email your details to schoolofdesigninnovation@gmail.com

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