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National Employment Authority

National Employment Authority Job Vacancy: Employment Officer (NEA Grade 6)

Apply Now for the Role of Employment Officer at NEA – 472/2023

Company: National Employment Authority

Position: Employment Officer (NEA Grade 6)

Course Requirements: Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology); Bachelor of Arts (Business Administration); Bachelor of Arts (Economics); Bachelor of Arts (Human Resource Management/Development/Planning); Bachelor of Arts (International Relations); Bachelor of Arts (Labour and Development Studies); Bachelor of Arts (Labour Relations); Bachelor of Arts (Management and Leadership); Bachelor of Arts (Management and Office Administration); Bachelor of Arts (Psychology); Bachelor of Arts (Public Administration); Bachelor of Arts (Sociology); Bachelor of Arts (Statistics); Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)

Qualification Required: Degree

Number of Vacancies: 33

Occupation: Sociologists, Anthropologists And Related Professionals

Work Location: Nairobi/Regional/County Offices

Report to: Director General

Employment Type: Permanent

Terms of Employment: Job

Responsibilities and Duties:

(a) Job Specifications

This is the entry level for graduates into this cadre. An officer at this level will work under the guidance of the Senior Officer. Duties and responsibilities at this level will entail assisting in:

  1. Drafting Reports: Prepare reports on the registration and placement of interns.
  2. Training Needs: Identify training needs for interns.
  3. Candidate Lists: Compile a list of successful candidates submitted by employers.
  4. Internship Records: Maintain records of students seeking internship or attachment.
  5. Successful Interns: Maintain records of students who successfully attain positions of internship or attachment.
  6. Internship Opportunities: Identify and communicate available internship opportunities through advertisement.
  7. Data Collection: Collect data on employment from employers.
  8. Registration: Register persons seeking employment.
  9. Job Seekers’ Training: Identify training needs for job seekers.
  10. Candidate Lists (Job Seekers): Compile a list of successful candidates submitted by employers.
  11. Registration Verification: Verify applications for registration and renewal of certificates of private employment agencies.
  12. International Employment: Register persons seeking employment abroad.
  13. Employment Agencies: Confirm the validity of employment agencies.
  14. Agency Register: Maintain a register of registered employment agencies.
  15. Compliance Inspections: Inspect private employment agencies to ensure compliance.
  16. Job Demand Letters: Verify job demand letters.
  17. Job Advertisements: Verify terms and conditions of jobs advertised.
  18. Pre-departure Training: Register pre-departure training providers.
  19. Data Collection: Collect and collate employment and relevant labor market information.
  20. Survey Administration: Administer data collection instruments to respondents.
  21. Employment Research: Collect and collate information related to employment research.
  22. Research Studies: Conduct research studies on employment matters.
  23. Research Data: Collect and collate data on research projects.
  24. Instrument Testing: Test research instruments.
  25. Research Reports: Prepare research reports.

(b) Requirements for Appointment to This Position

For appointment to this grade, a candidate must have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines: Labour Relations, Industrial Relations, Human Resource Management/Development/Planning, Law, Business Administration, Management and Office Administration, Management and Leadership, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Statistics, Labour and Development Studies, Public Administration, International Relations, or equivalent qualification from a recognized institution.
  • Proficiency in computer applications.

Experience Length Required: 0

Advert Date: 12-09-2023

Advert Closing Date: 03-10-2023

Remarks: Interested candidates should apply online. Application status will be indicated in the system when updated. For more details download the advert from the link provided on the home of the system or NEA Website.

EXPERT Tips To Be A Successful Applicant

Are you aspiring to become a successful applicant for the Employment Officer position at NEA? Here are some expert tips to boost your chances:

1. Tailor Your Resume: Customize your resume to highlight relevant qualifications and experiences. Emphasize your degree in one of the specified disciplines and your proficiency in computer applications.

2. Showcase Internship Experience: If you have previous internship experience, make sure to showcase it in your application. Highlight any roles where you drafted reports or assisted in data collection.

3. Demonstrate Research Skills: If you have conducted research studies or collected data for projects, provide concrete examples in your application to showcase your research skills.

4. Highlight Training Abilities: If you’ve identified training needs or provided training in your previous roles, emphasize this as it aligns with the job requirements.

5. Attention to Detail: Mention your ability to verify applications and ensure compliance, as attention to detail is crucial for this role.

6. Clear Communication: In your application, demonstrate your strong communication skills, both written and verbal, which are essential for maintaining records and communicating internship opportunities.

By following these expert tips and aligning your application with the job requirements, you can stand out as a top candidate for the Employment Officer position at NEA. Good luck!

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