Manuscript Editor and Graphic Designer – FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization)

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FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization)

Manuscript Editor and Graphic Designer

Company Name: FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization)

Job Posting Date: 19/Sep/2023
Closure Date: 03/Oct/2023, 4:59:00 PM
Organizational Unit: FAPHI
Job Type: Non-staff opportunities
Type of Requisition: PSA (Personal Services Agreement)
Grade Level: N/A
Primary Location: Home-Based
Duration: 30 days WAE
Post Number: N/A

Join FAO as a Manuscript Editor and Graphic Designer for a rewarding opportunity in the field of fine arts, editing, and graphic design. Apply now!

Organizational Setting:

Subheading: Serving the Philippines for Over Four Decades

For more than four decades, FAO has been working with the Government of the Philippines, civil society, community-based organizations, and the private sector to address challenges in the agriculture, fisheries, and forestry sector. Joint efforts have included increasing sustainability in agricultural production, promoting value-adding practices, improving post-harvest management, enhancing productivity, and increasing the resilience of agriculture-based livelihoods to natural disasters, climatic hazards, and armed conflict.

Reporting Lines:

Subheading: Directly Reporting to Assistant FAO Representative (Programme)

The Manuscript Editor and Graphic Designer reports directly to the Assistant FAO Representative (Programme).

Technical Focus:

Subheading: Enhancing Farm Tourism Development in the Philippines

FAO is implementing a Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP) on enhancing farm tourism development in the Philippines for inclusive rural development. This is through capacity building of public and private stakeholders to set up and implement sustainable farm tourism enterprises, which will help achieve agricultural diversification, sustainable agricultural production, and inclusive agro-business development. The project will also support the establishment of pilot sites on designing farm tourism sites and their related infrastructures, on establishing and operating social enterprises, and on developing farm tourism camp designs and activities.

Tasks and Responsibilities

Subheading: Your Key Responsibilities

Under the general supervision and guidance of the Assistant FAO Representative (Programme), the Manuscript Editor and Graphic Designer will carry out substantive editing of the draft publications for the Farm Tourism Development Plans for Pilot Sites and Farm Tourism Development Training Manual to ensure the technical accuracy of the work. In particular, the Manuscript Editor and Graphic Designer will:

  1. Liaise with the Office of Communication: Maintain communication with the Office of Communication (OCC) to ensure compliance with OCC standards, appropriate review, and clearance processes.
  2. Ensure Compliance: Ensure all communication materials follow FAO clearance processes and comply with FAO standards, including FAOSTYLE, FAO terminology, FAO Names Of Countries, Story guidelines, Story template, UN map standards, and FAO Brand and policy book.
  3. Substantive Editing: Review and revise the developed plans and manuals related to the farm tourism development project. This includes reviewing text for technical accuracy, checking for internal consistency, correcting errors, improving structure and presentation, and ensuring compliance with FAO standards.
  4. Graphic Design: Design and layout the developed plans and manuals. This includes creating clear templates, selecting layouts suitable for the audience, and optimizing images and graphics for high-quality output.
  5. Reporting: Prepare and submit progress reports and an end-of-assignment report in English according to FAO’s guidelines.
  6. Other Tasks: Perform other tasks assigned by the FAO Representative.


Subheading: Minimum Requirements

To succeed in this role, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Education: Hold a university degree (advanced degree preferred) in the field of fine arts, multi-media, media production, publishing, editing, translation, or related discipline.
  2. Experience: Possess at least five (5) years of cumulative relevant experience in academic, scientific, or technical writing, editing and publishing, and in graphic design particularly for technical reports, manuals, books, and similar publications in conformance with branding policies of international development agencies.
  3. Nationality: Be a national of the Philippines or a resident in the country with a regular work permit.
  4. Language: Have a working knowledge of English and Filipino.

FAO Core Competencies

Subheading: What We Value

At FAO, we value the following core competencies:

  • Results Focus
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Building Effective Relationships
  • Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Improvement

Technical/Functional Skills

Subheading: Your Skills Matter

To excel in this role, you should have:

  • Extensive experience in publishing and editing scientific and technical documents.
  • Familiarity with farm tourism sites in at least one region of the Philippines.
  • Proven ability to conceptualize, plan, and execute complex processes across a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Strong leadership and teamwork skills.
  • Proficiency in standard office software, such as MS Office.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Filipino.

EXPERT Tips To Be A Successful Applicant

Subheading: Tips Tailored for Success

To help you succeed in your application, here are some expert tips:

  1. Showcase Your Editing Portfolio: Provide examples of your previous editing work, highlighting your ability to improve text clarity and readability.
  2. Design Portfolio Matters: If you have a portfolio of graphic design work, share it to demonstrate your design skills.
  3. Highlight Multidisciplinary Collaboration: Emphasize your experience working in multidisciplinary teams, showing your ability to collaborate effectively.
  4. Language Proficiency: Ensure your language skills are well-documented, especially if you have certifications in English and Filipino proficiency.


Subheading: More About FAO

  • FAO does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Visit the FAO employment website for more details: FAO Employment.


Subheading: Ready to Join FAO?

To apply, visit the recruitment website at Jobs at FAO and complete your online profile. Make sure your profile is accurate, complete, and includes your employment records, academic qualifications, and language skills. Don’t forget to attach a letter of motivation to your online profile. Apply well before the deadline date for the best chance of success.

Note: Only applications received through the FAO recruitment portal will be considered.


To apply for this job please visit

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