MANAGING DIRECTOR – New Kenya Co-operative Creameries Ltd

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New Kenya Co-operative Creameries Ltd

MANAGING DIRECTOR – New Kenya Co-operative Creameries Ltd

Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Reference Number: NKCC/SB/MD/03/05/2024

Company Overview:

New Kenya Co-operative Creameries Ltd (New KCC) stands as a pinnacle in the dairy processing industry in Kenya. As a State Corporation, we have earned our reputation as market leaders through unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Our portfolio boasts esteemed brands such as KCC Finest Butter, KCC Superfine Ghee, Gold Crown Milk, KCC Fresh Milk, Safariland Milk Powder, KCC Mala, and La Yoghurt, among others.

Position Overview:

Are you a seasoned leader with a proven track record in business management? New KCC invites applications for the position of Managing Director. We are searching for an exceptional individual who can drive results, envision the future, and cultivate a culture of innovation. As the Managing Director, you will lead our dynamic team towards greater heights of success.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide strategic leadership to the organization, setting clear objectives and goals aligned with the company’s mission and vision.
  • Foster a culture of excellence, innovation, and accountability throughout the organization.
  • Oversee the implementation of operational plans and ensure efficient utilization of resources.
  • Drive business development initiatives to expand market presence and revenue streams.
  • Cultivate strong relationships with stakeholders, including government agencies, industry partners, and customers.
  • Champion initiatives for continuous improvement in product quality, customer service, and operational efficiency.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.
  • Lead and mentor the management team, nurturing talent and fostering a collaborative work environment.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Management, or related field. MBA preferred.
  • Proven experience (at least 10 years) in senior management roles, preferably in the dairy or FMCG industry.
  • Demonstrated track record of driving business growth and delivering results.
  • Strong leadership skills with the ability to inspire and motivate teams.
  • Excellent strategic planning and decision-making abilities.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Sound knowledge of corporate governance principles.
  • Familiarity with regulatory frameworks and compliance requirements.
  • Integrity, professionalism, and commitment to ethical business practices.

Application Process:

Interested and qualified candidates who meet the above requirements are invited to submit their applications in HARD COPIES. Please include a detailed curriculum vitae indicating your current salary, copies of relevant certificates and testimonials, and contact information of at least three referees. Ensure to quote the Title and Reference Number of the position on the cover letter and envelope.

Applications should be addressed to: The Chairman
New Kenya Co-operative Creameries Ltd
P.O. Box 30131-00100
Nairobi, Kenya

Deadline for submission: 3rd June 2024, by 5 pm. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Equal Opportunity Employer: New KCC Limited is committed to diversity and inclusion. We welcome applications from all qualified individuals, including women, marginalized communities, and persons with disabilities.







[Applicant’s Name]
[Applicant’s Address]
[City, Country, Zip Code]
[Email Address]
[Phone Number]

[Recipient’s Name]
New Kenya Co-operative Creameries Ltd
P.O. Box 30131-00100
Nairobi, Kenya

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I am writing to express my interest in the Managing Director position at New Kenya Co-operative Creameries Ltd, as advertised. With over [X years] of extensive experience in strategic business leadership, combined with a strong passion for innovation and excellence, I am confident in my ability to contribute effectively to your esteemed organization.

Throughout my career, I have successfully led teams and organizations through periods of growth and transformation. My background in [mention any relevant industries or sectors] has equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics and operational challenges. I am particularly impressed by New KCC’s commitment to quality and innovation, and I am eager to leverage my expertise to drive the company towards even greater success.

I am drawn to this opportunity because of New KCC’s reputation as a market leader and its dedication to fostering a culture of excellence. I am inspired by the prospect of leading a talented team towards achieving our shared goals and objectives. As Managing Director, I am committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and ethical business practices.

Enclosed is my curriculum vitae, which provides further details about my qualifications and accomplishments. I look forward to the possibility of discussing how my skills and experience align with the needs of New Kenya Co-operative Creameries Ltd. Thank you for considering my application. I am eager to contribute to the continued success of your organization.

Warm regards,

[Applicant’s Name]


  1. Tailor your application: Customize your resume and cover letter to highlight relevant skills and experiences that align with the job requirements.
  2. Showcase leadership abilities: Emphasize your track record of effective leadership and your ability to drive results.
  3. Research the company: Familiarize yourself with New KCC’s products, market position, and corporate culture to demonstrate genuine interest and enthusiasm.
  4. Highlight achievements: Quantify your accomplishments where possible to showcase your impact and contributions in previous roles.
  5. Prepare for interviews: Anticipate questions about your leadership style, strategic vision, and approach to managing teams and projects.
  6. Demonstrate cultural fit: Showcase your alignment with New KCC’s values and mission, emphasizing your commitment to excellence and innovation.
  7. Network strategically: Leverage professional networks and connections to gain insights into the company and make meaningful connections.
  8. Seek feedback: Solicit feedback from mentors or peers to refine your application materials and interview skills.
  9. Stay professional: Maintain a professional demeanor throughout the application process, from initial contact to interview stages.
  10. Follow up: Send a thank-you note after interviews to express appreciation and reiterate your interest in the position.

Possible Managing Director Interview Questions With Answers

  1. Question: Can you describe your leadership style? Answer: My leadership style is collaborative and results-oriented. I believe in empowering teams and fostering a culture of accountability and innovation. I strive to lead by example and inspire others to achieve their full potential.
  2. Question: How do you approach strategic planning and decision-making? Answer: I approach strategic planning by conducting thorough analyses of market trends, competitive landscape, and internal capabilities. I prioritize data-driven decision-making and seek input from cross-functional teams to ensure alignment with organizational goals.
  3. Question: How do you handle challenges and setbacks in a leadership role? Answer: I view challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. In my experience, I have found that open communication, resilience, and adaptability are key to overcoming setbacks. I believe in addressing issues proactively and collaborating with teams to find solutions.
  4. Question: How do you prioritize tasks and allocate resources effectively? Answer: I prioritize tasks based on strategic objectives and potential impact on business outcomes. I believe in setting clear priorities and delegating responsibilities appropriately. I also monitor resource allocation closely to ensure optimal utilization and alignment with organizational goals.
  5. Question: How do you foster a culture of innovation within an organization? Answer: I foster a culture of innovation by encouraging creativity, experimentation, and continuous improvement. I believe in providing teams with the autonomy and resources to explore new ideas and solutions. I also promote knowledge sharing and cross-functional collaboration to drive innovation across the organization.

Best wishes on your application! We are committed to attracting and retaining the best employees from all races and backgrounds in our continued effort to become a better development partner. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not charge any application/recruitment fee, whether refundable or not.

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