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Lemaiyan Suites

Job Title: Cost Controller – Naivasha

Location: Naivasha, Kenya

Introduction to Lemaiyan Suites

Welcome to Lemaiyan Suites, a bustling highway hospitality facility nestled in the vibrant town of Naivasha. Our establishment is a sanctuary of comfort and luxury, boasting a variety of amenities including a restaurant, accommodation, conference rooms, a coffee shop, a bar, a swimming pool, a gym, a sauna, and a spa. We are committed to providing unparalleled service to our guests and are actively seeking a meticulous and dedicated Cost Controller to join our dynamic team.

Why Join Lemaiyan Suites?

At Lemaiyan Suites, we value our employees as much as our guests. We believe in creating a supportive and enriching work environment that fosters growth and satisfaction. Here are some compelling reasons to join our team:

  • Competitive Salary: We offer a competitive salary package that reflects your skills and experience.
  • Comprehensive Benefits: Enjoy a range of benefits including health insurance, retirement plans, and wellness programs.
  • Career Growth Opportunities: We are committed to your professional development with opportunities for advancement and training.
  • Work-Life Balance: We understand the importance of balance and offer flexible work schedules to ensure you have time for yourself and your family.
  • Positive Work Culture: Be a part of a supportive, inclusive, and diverse team that values collaboration and innovation.

Position Overview: Cost Controller

As the Cost Controller at Lemaiyan Suites, you will play a crucial role in managing and optimizing our cost structures, ensuring that our financial operations are efficient and effective. Your expertise will help us maintain our high standards of hospitality while maximizing profitability.

Key Responsibilities

  • Plan and Manage Hotel Costs: Oversee all cost-related concerns within the hotel, ensuring expenses are controlled and optimized.
  • Organize Asset-Control Systems: Develop and maintain systems to manage and track assets effectively.
  • Manage F&B Cost Functions: Handle food and beverage cost functions, keeping detailed records of all cost issues.
  • Coordinate Inventory: Work with all departments to manage inventory, ensuring accurate tracking and reporting.
  • Develop Cost Reports: Create comprehensive cost reports for management to inform decision-making.
  • Support Departments with Cost Information: Provide relevant cost data to various departments as needed.
  • Verify Revenue: Check revenue for food and beverage against F&B checks to ensure accuracy.
  • Control Stock Sheets: Maintain accurate stock sheets for food and beverages in all outlets.
  • Daily Sales Analysis: Prepare daily sales analysis reports for all outlets.
  • Monitor Discrepancies: Identify and address any discrepancies in stores, F&B outlets, and kitchens.
  • Physical Inventory Checks: Conduct regular physical inventory checks of all F&B outlets and stores.
  • Manage Stock Registers: Ensure excess stocks are recorded and shortages are addressed appropriately.
  • Monthly Inventory and Reporting: Conduct month-end physical inventories and prepare monthly cost reports for food and beverage.
  • Purchase and Consumption Analysis: Analyze purchase and consumption data to identify trends and opportunities for cost savings.
  • Complimentary and Management Meals Report: Analyze monthly reports on guest complimentary and management meals.
  • Entertainment Summary Analysis: Review and analyze the monthly guest and management entertainment summary.
  • Recipe Costing and Menu Pricing: Update recipe costing and menu pricing in the system.
  • New Menu Items: Input new food and beverage menu items into the system.
  • Sales and Revenue Analysis: Provide detailed sales and revenue analysis to relevant departments.
  • Support Departments: Offer support to the stores and finance departments as needed.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Educational Background: Bachelor’s degree or diploma in accounting, finance, business administration, or a related field.
  • Experience: At least 3 years of experience in the hospitality industry with a thorough understanding of food and beverage cost management.
  • Skills: Strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and proficiency in relevant software and systems.

Application Process

If you are a detail-oriented professional with a passion for hospitality and cost management, we invite you to apply for the Cost Controller position at Lemaiyan Suites. Please send your updated CV/Resume to hr@lemaiyansuites.com by May 20, 2024.






Sample Cover Letter for Cost Controller Position

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, State, ZIP Code]
[Email Address]
[Phone Number]

HR Department
Lemaiyan Suites
Naivasha, Kenya

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the Cost Controller position at Lemaiyan Suites as advertised. With a strong background in accounting and finance, coupled with over three years of experience in the hospitality industry, I am confident in my ability to contribute effectively to your team.

At my previous role at [Previous Company], I successfully managed the food and beverage cost functions, developed comprehensive cost reports, and conducted thorough inventory checks. My analytical skills and attention to detail ensured that discrepancies were promptly addressed, and cost-saving opportunities were identified and implemented.

I am particularly drawn to Lemaiyan Suites due to your commitment to providing exceptional service and creating a positive work environment. I am eager to bring my expertise in cost management to your esteemed establishment and contribute to its continued success.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how my skills and experiences align with the needs of Lemaiyan Suites.

[Your Name]

How to Be a Successful Applicant for the Cost Controller Position

  1. Tailor Your Resume: Highlight relevant experience and skills that align with the job description.
  2. Showcase Your Analytical Skills: Demonstrate your ability to analyze and manage costs effectively.
  3. Detail Your Hospitality Experience: Emphasize your understanding of the hospitality industry and F&B cost management.
  4. Highlight Your Qualifications: Clearly state your educational background and any certifications.
  5. Prepare for the Interview: Be ready to discuss your previous roles and how they have prepared you for this position.
  6. Demonstrate Your Attention to Detail: Provide examples of how your meticulous nature has benefited past employers.
  7. Show Your Communication Skills: Highlight your ability to work with various departments and provide clear cost information.
  8. Be Professional: Maintain a professional demeanor in all communications.
  9. Research Lemaiyan Suites: Understand the company’s values, culture, and expectations.
  10. Follow Up: Send a thank-you email after the interview to express your continued interest.

Possible Cost Controller Interview Questions with Answers

1. Can you describe your experience with F&B cost management?

Answer: In my previous role, I managed the F&B cost functions by tracking and analyzing daily expenses, preparing monthly cost reports, and ensuring accurate inventory counts. This involved close coordination with kitchen and service staff to maintain cost efficiency and minimize waste.

2. How do you handle discrepancies in inventory?

Answer: When discrepancies arise, I first verify the data accuracy and then conduct a physical inventory check. I collaborate with relevant departments to understand the root cause and implement corrective measures to prevent future occurrences.

3. Can you provide an example of a cost-saving initiative you implemented?

Answer: At my last job, I noticed high wastage in the kitchen. By implementing a stricter inventory control system and training staff on portion control, we reduced wastage by 20%, significantly lowering food costs.

4. How do you ensure the accuracy of cost reports?

Answer: I ensure accuracy by cross-checking data from multiple sources, conducting regular audits, and maintaining meticulous records. I also use reliable accounting software to track and verify all transactions.

5. What tools or software are you proficient in for cost management?

Answer: I am proficient in using various accounting and inventory management software such as QuickBooks, Sage, and Micros. These tools help me maintain accurate financial records and streamline cost management processes.

6. How do you stay updated with industry trends and cost management techniques?

Answer: I regularly attend industry workshops, webinars, and read relevant publications. Networking with other professionals in the field also provides valuable insights into new cost management strategies and best practices.

7. How do you handle pressure and tight deadlines?

Answer: I prioritize tasks effectively, stay organized, and remain calm under pressure. I communicate proactively with my team to ensure that deadlines are met without compromising the quality of work.

8. What strategies do you use to manage and control F&B costs?

Answer: I use a combination of inventory management, waste reduction, portion control, and cost analysis. Regular training sessions for staff on these strategies also help in maintaining control over costs.

9. How do you communicate cost-related information to non-financial managers?

Answer: I use clear, simple language and visual aids such as charts and graphs to make the information easily understandable. I ensure that they grasp the key points and implications of the cost data.

10. Why do you want to work at Lemaiyan Suites?

Answer: I am impressed by Lemaiyan Suites’ commitment to excellence and the range of services offered. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to a company that values quality and innovation in hospitality.

Thank you for considering a career with Lemaiyan Suites. We are committed to attracting and retaining the best employees from all races and backgrounds as we strive to become a premier development partner.


To apply for this job email your details to hr@lemaiyansuites.com

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