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Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority

Job Vacancy No.: NaMATA/HR/19/2023 

NaMATA JOB GRADE 6 – Two (2) Positions

Are you a driven legal professional looking to make a significant impact in the field of law? NaMATA, the Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority, is thrilled to announce job opportunities for Legal Officers. This role presents an incredible chance for degree holders to join our esteemed legal cadre. As an entry and training grade, you will receive comprehensive guidance while working under the supervision of a Senior Officer.

Duties and Responsibilities: As a Legal Officer, you will have the exciting responsibility of:

1. Professional Legal Advisories: Crafting well-informed legal advisories for the Assistant Director Legal Officer, guiding the initiation of legal actions and safeguarding the Authority’s interests.

2. Legal Brief Preparation: Skillfully preparing legal briefs to initiate legal actions, ensuring accuracy and effectiveness.

3. Legal Opinions and Guidance: Interpreting legal opinions, offering guidance on legal requirements, and facilitating a clear understanding of complex legal matters.

4. Team Supervision: Supervising the training of Legal Clerks, interns, and other staff as necessary, contributing to the growth and development of the legal team.

5. Record Management: Ensuring the meticulous management of legal department records, providing up-to-date information, and producing quarterly reports.

6. Representation at Fora: Advocating for the Authority’s key issues in policy fora during international, regional, and national conferences, meetings, and workshops.

7. Collaborative Engagements: Establishing collaborations with organizations and networks on local, regional, and international levels, amplifying the Authority’s influence.

8. Legal Representation: Effectively prosecuting and representing the Authority in law courts and quasi-judicial tribunals, ensuring the Authority’s interests are upheld.

9. Document Drafting: Drafting and reviewing legal instruments, policy documents, contracts, and Memorandums of Understanding on behalf of the Authority.

10. Negotiation Participation: Providing legal advice during negotiations and participating in commercial transactions to ensure the Authority’s interests are met.

11. Stakeholder Engagement: Engaging and liaising with stakeholders on behalf of the Authority, fostering strong relationships and strategic partnerships.

12. Legal Research: Conducting in-depth legal research studies and assignments, contributing to the Authority’s informed decision-making.

13. Legislative Initiatives: Initiating and progressing the enactment of proposed legislation through collaboration with the Attorney General’s Chambers and the Ministry of Transport.

Requirements for Appointment: To qualify for this esteemed role, candidates must possess:

  • A Bachelor of Law degree from a recognized institution.
  • A Postgraduate Diploma in Law from the Kenya School of Law.
  • Admission as an Advocate of the High Court.
  • A valid practicing certificate.
  • Membership in the Law Society of Kenya.
  • Proficiency in computer skills.
  • Fulfillment of Chapter Six (6) of the Constitution’s requirements.

Behavioral Competencies / Attributes:

  • Exceptional communication skills.
  • Strategic and innovative thinking ability.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Proficient negotiation skills.

Ready to Join NaMATA? Here’s How:

If you’re enthusiastic about joining our team of dedicated legal professionals, here’s how you can apply:

  1. Craft a Cover Letter: Prepare a compelling cover letter clearly indicating the Job Vacancy No.

  2. Build a Detailed CV: Create a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae showcasing your skills and experience.

  3. Gather Required Documents: Attach copies of your National Identity Card, Academic and Professional Certificates.

  4. Submit Your Application: Send your application to the address below by Tuesday, 12th September, 2023, 12:00 noon.

The Director General,

Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (NaMATA),

P. O. Box 30117 – 00100,


Alternatively, you can email your application to or hand-deliver it to the 6th Floor Recruitment Box.

Success Awaits: Your Path to Excellence At NaMATA, we value excellence, diversity, and gender equality. We encourage applications from persons living with disabilities (PWDs), women, and individuals from marginalized areas. It’s important to note that applications without the required qualifications and documentation will not be considered. And remember, any form of canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification.

Expert Tips To Be A Successful Applicant:

As you embark on this exciting journey, here are a few tips to enhance your application’s impact:

  • Tailor your cover letter and CV to highlight relevant experiences and skills.
  • Showcase your exceptional communication, negotiation, and strategic thinking abilities.
  • Emphasize your proficiency in computer skills and commitment to professional growth.
  • Provide clear and accurate contact information for efficient communication.
  • Be sure to adhere to the application deadline to ensure your consideration.

We look forward to welcoming passionate and dedicated Legal Officers to our NaMATA family. Join us in shaping the legal landscape and making a lasting impact in the transport sector!

To apply for this job email your details to

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