Kitchenette Band & Cafe – Exciting Job Opportunities Await You!

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Kitchenette Band & Cafe

Kitchenette Band & Cafe – Exciting Job Opportunities Await You!

Are you passionate about delivering exceptional service? Do you thrive in a dynamic environment that blends the joy of music with culinary delights? Kitchenette Band & Cafe is the place for you! We are thrilled to announce multiple job openings across various roles in our vibrant establishment.


Embrace a career filled with melody and flavor at Kitchenette Band & Cafe. Explore opportunities as a waiter, waitress, receptionist, bouncer, steward, or kitchen assistant. Join us in creating memorable experiences! Apply now.

Job Descriptions for Open Positions:

1. Waiter/Waitress – Elevate the Dining Experience

At Kitchenette, we seek passionate individuals to join our serving team. If you have a flair for customer service and a love for music-infused dining, apply now! Your role will involve ensuring a seamless dining experience, taking orders, and providing top-notch service.

2. Receptionist – Be the Welcoming Melody

As our receptionist, you are the first note our guests encounter. Be the welcoming melody that sets the tone for their visit. Your responsibilities include managing reservations, greeting guests, and maintaining a harmonious flow in our vibrant cafe.

3. Bouncer – Safeguard the Rhythm

Are you a vigilant guardian with a strong presence? Join us as a bouncer and safeguard the rhythm of Kitchenette. Maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for our guests, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

4. Steward – Behind-the-Scenes Maestro

Become a behind-the-scenes maestro as a steward at Kitchenette. Your role involves maintaining cleanliness, assisting the kitchen team, and orchestrating a seamless operation. Join us and be part of the culinary symphony!

5. Kitchen Assistant – Culinary Collaborator

Collaborate in our kitchen as a vital member of the culinary team. Assist chefs in creating delightful dishes, ensuring the kitchen runs smoothly. If you have a passion for culinary arts, apply now to be a part of Kitchenette’s gastronomic ensemble.

Apply Now and Be a Part of Our Harmonious Team!

Email your resume to or contact us at +254 755 595361, +254 755 595 362. Visit us at Kanjata Street, off James Gichuru Road, Lavington.

10 Expert Tips To Be A Successful Applicant:

1. Craft a Standout Resume:

Your resume is your introduction. Highlight your relevant skills, experience, and enthusiasm for the hospitality industry.

2. Tailor Your Cover Letter:

Personalize your cover letter for each role. Showcase how your unique skills align with the specific job requirements.

3. Showcase Your Personality:

In the service industry, personality matters. Demonstrate your interpersonal skills and positive attitude.

4. Emphasize Team Collaboration:

Highlight instances where you successfully collaborated with a team to achieve outstanding results.

5. Demonstrate Adaptability:

In a dynamic environment like Kitchenette, showcase your ability to adapt to various tasks and responsibilities.

6. Display Customer Focus:

Share examples of how you’ve gone above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

7. Stay Informed About Kitchenette:

Show your genuine interest by researching our cafe. Mention specific aspects that resonate with you.

8. Showcase Relevant Certifications:

If you have certifications in hospitality or related fields, ensure they are prominently featured.

9. Provide References:

Include professional references who can vouch for your work ethic and skills.

10. Follow Up After Applying:

Demonstrate your eagerness by sending a follow-up email or making a brief phone call after submitting your application.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the dress code at Kitchenette?

At Kitchenette, our dress code is smart casual. We encourage our team to reflect the vibrant and welcoming atmosphere of our cafe.

2. Are there opportunities for career growth?

Absolutely! We value talent and provide continuous training and development opportunities for our team members to grow within the organization.

3. How often are team-building activities organized?

We believe in fostering a strong team spirit. Team-building activities are organized quarterly to promote camaraderie and collaboration.

4. What sets Kitchenette apart from other cafes?

Kitchenette is not just a cafe; it’s an experience. Our unique blend of live music, delicious cuisine, and a welcoming atmosphere sets us apart.

5. Can I apply for multiple positions?

Certainly! Feel free to apply for multiple positions if you believe your skills align with the respective job requirements.

6. What is the interview process like?

Our interview process typically involves an initial screening, followed by a formal interview. Successful candidates may be required to showcase their skills in a practical setting.

7. Are part-time positions available?

Yes, we offer part-time positions with flexible schedules to accommodate various availability.

8. How can I stay updated on Kitchenette events?

Follow us on social media and visit our website for the latest updates on events, live performances, and job openings.

9. Is prior experience necessary for the steward position?

While prior experience is beneficial, we welcome applicants with a passion for culinary arts and a willingness to learn.

10. What qualities are essential for success at Kitchenette?

Success at Kitchenette is driven by excellent communication skills, a positive attitude, adaptability, and a genuine passion for delivering outstanding customer service.

Craft Your Path to Success – Submit Your Application Today!

At Kitchenette Band & Cafe, we’re not just offering jobs; we’re inviting you to be part of a harmonious journey. Apply now and embark on a career filled with music, flavor, and endless possibilities!

Sample Cover Letter:

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my enthusiasm for the [Position] role at Kitchenette Band & Cafe, as advertised. With a strong background in [relevant experience] and a passion for delivering exceptional service, I am confident in my ability to contribute to the vibrant atmosphere at Kitchenette.

In my previous role at [Previous Company], I honed my skills in [relevant skills], ensuring seamless operations and exceeding customer expectations. I am impressed by Kitchenette’s unique blend of live music and culinary delights, and I am eager to contribute my talents to enhance the overall experience.

My interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and commitment to providing top-notch service align with Kitchenette’s values. I am excited about the opportunity to be part of a dynamic team and contribute to the success of Kitchenette Band & Cafe.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of discussing how my skills and experiences align with your team’s needs.


[Your Full Name]

[Your Contact Information]

To apply for this job email your details to

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