Job Opportunity: Farm Attendant at Kirinyaga University

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Kirinyaga University

Job Opportunity: Farm Attendant at Kirinyaga University

About Us

Kirinyaga University, a chartered government institution established under the Universities Act No. 42 of 2012, is seeking qualified and dedicated individuals to join our team. As an integral part of our Agricultural/Farming division, we invite applications for the position of Farm Attendant on a Seasonal Contract.

Position Overview

Job Level: Entry Level

Requirements for the Role

To be considered for this role, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Educational Qualifications:
    • Possession of a KCSE Certificate with a minimum grade of D plain and above.
    • Age between 18 – 35 years.
    • Medical fitness to work in the upper tea zone.
    • Minimum of 3 years of tea plucking experience.
    • Certificate in any agriculture-related course will be an added advantage.

How to Apply

Interested candidates who meet the requirements are encouraged to submit their applications and copies of academic certificates to the address below. The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, 28th November 2023.

Application Address: The Vice-Chancellor
Kirinyaga University
P.O. Box 143-10300

“Join Kirinyaga University’s Agricultural Team as a Seasonal Farm Attendant. Opportunity for individuals with tea plucking experience. Apply by 28th Nov 2023.”

Why Join Kirinyaga University’s Farming Team?

1. Harvest Success with Kirinyaga University:

Explore a fulfilling career in agriculture with Kirinyaga University. As a Farm Attendant, you’ll contribute to the success of our seasonal farming initiatives.

2. Cultivate Your Skills:

We value experience! Leverage your 3+ years of tea plucking expertise and enhance your skills further with our dedicated team.

3. Educational Advantage:

A certificate in any agriculture-related course gives you an edge. Join us to grow professionally and academically.

4. Thrive in the Upper Tea Zone:

Be part of an environment where your hard work directly impacts the flourishing tea crops in the upper tea zone.

5. Seasonal Contracts, Year-Round Impact:

Our seasonal contracts ensure a flexible work arrangement, allowing you to make a significant impact on our farming initiatives.

Expert Tips To Be A Successful Applicant

1. Highlight Your Tea Plucking Experience:

In your application, emphasize your hands-on experience in tea plucking, showcasing your expertise.

2. Showcase Certifications:

If you hold a certificate in an agriculture-related course, make it stand out. Certifications add value to your application.

3. Demonstrate Age Fit:

Clearly express your age falls within the 18 – 35 years bracket, demonstrating your suitability for the role.

4. Craft a Well-Structured Application:

Organize your application meticulously, ensuring all required documents are included for a comprehensive submission.

5. Personalize Your Application:

Tailor your application to Kirinyaga University, expressing your genuine interest in contributing to our agricultural team.

6. Professional Addressing:

Address your application to the Vice-Chancellor, showcasing professionalism in your correspondence.

7. Deadline Adherence:

Submit your application before the deadline, reflecting your commitment and punctuality.

8. Readiness for the Upper Tea Zone:

Convey your readiness to work in the upper tea zone, demonstrating your understanding of the job requirements.

9. Concise and Impactful:

Craft a concise application that conveys your qualifications and enthusiasm effectively.

10. Express Willingness to Learn:

Communicate your eagerness to learn and grow within Kirinyaga University’s dynamic farming environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is the Application Deadline?

The deadline for application submissions is Tuesday, 28th November 2023.

2. How Can I Submit My Application?

Submit your application and academic certificates to the Vice-Chancellor’s office at Kirinyaga University, P.O. Box 143-10300, KERUGOYA.

3. Are There Opportunities for Career Growth?

Kirinyaga University encourages professional development and offers opportunities for career growth within our agricultural division.

4. Is Tea Plucking Experience Mandatory?

Yes, a minimum of 3 years of tea plucking experience is a requirement for this role.

5. What Is the Expected Contract Duration?

The Farm Attendant position is on a seasonal contract basis.

6. Can I Apply If I Don’t Have a Certificate in Agriculture?

While a certificate in an agriculture-related course is an advantage, it is not mandatory. Tea plucking experience is a crucial requirement.

7. Is Age a Critical Factor in the Selection Process?

Age is considered within the specified bracket (18 – 35 years) to ensure compatibility with the job requirements.

8. Are Remote Work Options Available?

This position involves on-site work in the upper tea zone, and remote work options are not available.

9. How Will I Be Notified of the Application Outcome?

Shortlisted candidates will be notified through the contact information provided in their applications.

10. Can I Apply if I’m Outside the Specified Age Bracket?

Unfortunately, candidates outside the specified age bracket (18 – 35 years) are ineligible for this particular position.

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