Inventory Control Assistant

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Manpower Networks

Inventory Control Assistant Position Join Our Team at Manpower Networks!

Qualifications for Inventory Control Assistant

Are you ready to step into a dynamic role in inventory management? We’re seeking candidates who meet the following qualifications:

(a) Education:

  • Certificate, Diploma, or Degree in Purchasing and Supplies, Procurement, or Supply Chain Management from a recognized institution.

(b) Experience:

  •  One year or more of hands-on experience in inventory management, especially in a fast-paced warehouse or organization.

(c) Academic Background:

  • Minimum D+ in KCSE.

(d) Skills:

  • Proficiency in stocktaking, warehouse management, documentation, and record-keeping.

How to Apply

Qualified candidates are encouraged to send their updated resumes to on or before 28th September 2023.

Why Join Manpower Networks?

  • Competitive Salary Package
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Collaborative Team Environment
  • Cutting-Edge Inventory Management Tools

Expert Tips To Be A Successful Applicant

1. Tailor Your Resume:

  • Craft your resume to highlight your inventory management experience and relevant skills. Be sure to showcase how your background aligns with the requirements of this role.

2. Highlight Relevant Experience:

  • Provide specific examples of your experience in inventory control, emphasizing your ability to manage stock, optimize warehouse operations, and maintain meticulous documentation.

3. Showcase Your Education:

  • If you have a certificate, diploma, or degree in Purchasing and Supplies, Procurement, or Supply Chain Management, make sure it’s prominent on your resume.

4. Demonstrate Attention to Detail:

  • Mention instances where your attention to detail has led to more accurate stock records and improved inventory control.

5. Communicate Your Teamwork Skills:

  • Inventory management often involves collaboration. Share examples of how you’ve worked effectively with colleagues to achieve inventory-related goals.

6. Meet Deadlines:

  • Show that you can meet deadlines by submitting your application by the specified date, as mentioned in the job posting.

7. Be Professional:

  • Use professional language and ensure your email and resume are error-free.

Join our team and take the next step in your inventory management career with Manpower Networks. We look forward to receiving your application and discovering how you can contribute to our success.

Expert Tips To Be A Successful Applicant:

1. Tailor Your Resume:
Customize your resume to match the job requirements. Highlight your experience in inventory management, including any software or tools you’re proficient in, such as [mention specific tools if applicable].

2. Quantify Your Achievements:
Use numbers to quantify your accomplishments. For instance, “Reduced inventory discrepancies by 15% through meticulous record-keeping.”

3. Showcase Your Problem-Solving Skills:
Provide examples of how you’ve resolved inventory-related challenges, such as optimizing stock levels or implementing efficient warehouse processes.

4. Highlight Continuous Learning:
Demonstrate your commitment to staying updated with industry trends. Mention any relevant courses, certifications, or workshops you’ve completed.

5. Emphasize Leadership Skills (if applicable):
If you’ve taken on leadership roles in previous positions, explain how you’ve managed and mentored team members to achieve inventory goals.

6. Communicate Your Cost-saving Abilities:
Share instances where your inventory control strategies led to cost savings for your previous employer.

7. Prepare for an Interview:
If selected for an interview, be ready to discuss your experiences in greater detail and provide practical examples of how you can contribute to our inventory management team.

Ready to embark on this exciting journey with us? Submit your application by September 28th, 2023, and let’s explore the possibilities together!






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