Internal Auditor – International Job Vacancy in Kenya Christian Aid

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Internal Auditor – International Job Vacancy in Kenya Christian Aid

Position Title: Senior Internal Auditor – International

Job Level: Senior

Role Purpose

As a Senior Internal Auditor – International at Christian Aid, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity and accountability of our operations. Reporting directly to the Internal Audit Manager, International, your primary focus will be to execute a comprehensive schedule of internal audits within our International programs, encompassing both whole-country programs and individual donor grants. Your contribution will also extend to supporting the broader corporate internal audit program, thus facilitating the judicious allocation of resources across our entire internal audit landscape.

This role commands high visibility and demands exceptional communication, negotiation, influencing, process management, and control skills to foster an organizational understanding of risk management. Moreover, it necessitates rigorous testing of compliance with Christian Aid’s key controls. Whether working autonomously or as part of a team, you will liaise with pertinent audit stakeholders, define the scope of audit work, conduct meticulous system and process tests, and provide timely, insightful reports on audit results to management, aligning with audits allocated to you within the overarching internal audit plan. Proactiveness is key, as you’ll also be responsible for enhancing the capacity of our International teams, collaborating closely with the Internal Audit Manager, International, to instill a robust culture of compliance and excellence in our systems and processes.

Key Outcomes

  • Deliver a schedule of agreed audits punctually and with unwavering quality.
  • Ensure audit reports are accurate, well-reasoned, thoroughly documented, and effectively communicated.
  • Facilitate the formulation and implementation of management actions in a timely manner, within agreed timescales and budget.
  • Provide steadfast support to the efficient operation of the risk and internal control self-assessment tool and the audit recommendations tracker for the International department in coordination with the wider internal audit team.
  • Foster a culture of strong compliance within the International programs, coupled with effective risk management.
  • Elevate the visibility and standing of internal audit as a valuable resource within the International teams.

Role Context

This role is flexible in terms of location, offering the possibility to be based in any of the listed locations. Reporting to the Internal Audit Manager, International, you’ll work closely with fellow audit colleagues to ensure the robustness and appropriateness of internal audit and risk management processes within Christian Aid. Your role will extend globally, advising International colleagues on control effectiveness, risk management, and internal control self-assessment processes, along with post-audit requirements. You’ll play a crucial role in imparting a deep understanding of risk and control processes, offering guidance and capacity-building support as required for the implementation of relevant policies and best practices. Although the role is international, there is a need for it to be associated with a specific country program where the role holder will be situated. You’ll be flexible, ready to adapt to the changing audit needs of country offices while maintaining a strong focus on the overall delivery of the audit plan. Extensive travel may be required at short notice to various locations within the International program.

Applied Skills/Knowledge and Expertise


  • Qualified accountant with CIMA, ACCA, ACA.
  • Profound understanding of risk management and internal control procedures and their application in core business processes.
  • In-house internal auditing experience at a senior auditor level within the INGO sector, encompassing scope development, audit testing design, feedback, and reporting within the sector.
  • Proven experience in auditing donor compliance.
  • Demonstrated ability to work autonomously and consistently deliver results.


  • Familiarity with humanitarian issues and standards, including codes of conduct and accountability principles.
  • Knowledge of anti-corruption legislation.
  • Advanced Excel skills.
  • Working knowledge of French.

How to Apply

To apply for this challenging and rewarding role, please click the “APPLY BELOW.”

Expert Tips To Be A Successful Applicant

  1. Tailor Your Resume: Customize your resume to highlight your accounting qualifications and internal audit expertise, emphasizing how they align with Christian Aid’s needs.
  2. Show Your Independence: Provide examples of projects where you worked autonomously, demonstrating your ability to deliver results independently.
  3. Demonstrate Donor Compliance Experience: Showcase your experience in auditing donor compliance, emphasizing the impact of your work.
  4. Excel Proficiency: If you possess advanced Excel skills, describe how these skills have enhanced your auditing capabilities.
  5. Multilingual Skills: If you are proficient in French, highlight situations where this language proficiency has been an asset in your work.
  6. Understand Humanitarian Issues: If you have knowledge of humanitarian issues and standards, describe instances where this knowledge has been beneficial.
  7. Emphasize Teamwork: Even as a Senior Internal Auditor, the ability to collaborate within a team is vital. Share experiences that reflect your collaborative spirit.
  8. Communication Skills: Showcase your strong communication skills, as they are essential for this role.
  9. Risk Management: Discuss your understanding of risk management and how it has been applied effectively in your previous roles.
  10. Demonstrate Adaptability: Given the role’s international nature and the requirement for travel, illustrate your adaptability to changing environments and the ability to remain focused on overall delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the key responsibility of the Senior Internal Auditor – International at Christian Aid?

  • The primary responsibility is to conduct internal audits within the International programs, covering both whole-country programs and individual donor grants, and support the broader corporate internal audit program.

2. What qualifications are necessary for this role?

  • Essential qualifications include being a qualified accountant with CIMA, ACCA, or ACA.

3. How important is autonomy in this role?

  • Autonomy is crucial, as the role often requires working independently and delivering results.

4. Is knowledge of French a mandatory requirement?

  • While not mandatory, working knowledge of French is desirable and can be an asset in this role.

5. Does the role involve extensive travel?

  • Yes, extensive travel may be required at short notice to various locations within the International program.

6. How can I apply for this position?

  • To apply, please click on “APPLY BELOW” in the job description.

7. Can I apply in a language other than English?

  • To facilitate the application process, we require applications to be submitted in English.

8. What is the role’s level?

  • The Senior Internal Auditor – International role is classified at the Senior level.

9. Is humanitarian knowledge essential for this position?

  • While not essential, knowledge of humanitarian issues and standards can be beneficial in this role.

10. What is the core mission of Christian Aid?

  • Christian Aid’s core mission is to eradicate poverty and promote justice across the globe through various programs and initiatives.

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