Welcome to KEDA (Kenya) Ceramics Co., Ltd, the leading Ceramic Tile Manufacturing Company in Kenya, located along Namanga Road, 6 km to Kajiado town. We are currently in search of a highly competent and qualified Health and Safety Supervisor to join our dynamic team. This pivotal role requires a professional with at least 4 years of experience in safety management, particularly in a manufacturing/production environment.

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities:

a) Workplace Safety Monitoring and Training: Regularly monitor workplace safety and conduct comprehensive safety training sessions.

b) Emergency Preparedness: Ensure preparedness for emergencies, including fire and hazard situations. Maintain and regularly check the condition of safety and fire equipment.

c) Fire Prevention and Drills: Organize and conduct fire drills and simulations. Regularly check and ensure the functionality of fire prevention/protection systems.

d) Safety Procedures Adherence: Implement and enforce workplace safety procedures, regulations, and guidelines. Take appropriate disciplinary action against violators.

e) Incident Investigation: Assist in the investigation of incidents and injuries. Follow up on compensation with relevant authorities (Dosh and insurance companies).

f) Policy Creation and Implementation: Develop and implement health and safety policies in accordance with the latest legislation. Provide advice to management on environmental, health, and safety issues.

Education and Other Qualifications:

a) Degree in Environmental Science or Relevant Field b) 4+ Years of Experience in Safety Management c) Relevant Certification in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) d) Experience in Manufacturing/Production Companies Preferred

Key Competencies and Skills:

a) Fluency in English: Proficient in both written and spoken English with strong communication and interpersonal skills. b) Analytical and Computer Skills: Proficient in computer skills with good analytical skills. c) Decision-Making: Strong decision-making skills. d) Integrity and Professionalism: High level of integrity and professionalism. e) Self-Motivated: Able to work with minimal supervision and flexible work schedule (Monday to Saturdays).

How to Apply

If you possess the required background and competencies, please apply via email to by sending your resume, cover letter, and stating your current and expected salary. The application deadline is January 12, 2024, with the subject line “HEALTH AND SAFETY SUPERVISOR.” Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Expert Tips To Be A Successful Applicant for Health and Safety Supervisor:

  1. Demonstrate Specific Experience: Highlight your experience in safety management, especially in a manufacturing or production setting. Provide examples of successful safety initiatives you’ve led.
  2. Emphasize Certification: Clearly showcase your certification in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and any additional relevant certifications.
  3. Communication Skills: Emphasize your fluency in English and strong communication skills, as effective communication is crucial in a safety supervisory role.
  4. Analytical Skills: Discuss your proficiency in analytical skills, showcasing how you analyze safety data to identify trends and implement improvements.
  5. Decision-Making Abilities: Provide examples of situations where your decision-making skills were pivotal in ensuring workplace safety.
  6. Integrity and Professionalism: Highlight instances where you demonstrated a high level of integrity and professionalism in your previous roles.
  7. Flexibility and Adaptability: Showcase your ability to work with minimal supervision and your flexibility in adhering to a varied work schedule.
  8. Emergency Response Experience: If applicable, detail your experience in managing and responding to emergency situations, particularly fire and hazard emergencies.
  9. Teamwork: Illustrate instances where you collaborated with colleagues to enhance workplace safety and shared responsibilities in safety training.
  10. Policy Development: Discuss any experience in creating and implementing health and safety policies, aligning them with relevant legislation.


Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my strong interest in the Health and Safety Supervisor position at KEDA (Kenya) Ceramics Co., Ltd, as advertised. With a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and over 5 years of experience in safety management, including roles in manufacturing, I am confident in my ability to contribute significantly to your team.

In my previous role at XYZ Manufacturing, I successfully implemented a comprehensive safety training program, resulting in a 20% reduction in workplace incidents. My commitment to ensuring emergency preparedness was evident in leading a team through a successful fire drill, demonstrating my hands-on approach to safety.

My certifications in Occupational Safety and Health, coupled with my analytical skills, have allowed me to identify potential risks and implement preventive measures effectively. I am adept at developing and implementing health and safety policies in line with the latest legislation, as evidenced by my work at ABC Industries.

I am excited about the opportunity to bring my expertise to KEDA (Kenya) Ceramics Co., Ltd, and I am confident in my ability to contribute to the continued success of your safety initiatives. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of discussing how my skills align with your needs.


[Your Name]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Health and Safety Supervisor Position:

1. Q: What is the primary focus of the Health and Safety Supervisor role at KEDA (Kenya) Ceramics Co., Ltd?

A: The primary focus is on monitoring workplace safety, conducting regular safety training, and ensuring emergency preparedness, with a specific emphasis on fire and hazard emergencies.

2. Q: How often are fire drills and simulations conducted, and what is the supervisor’s role in organizing them?

A: Fire drills and simulations are conducted regularly, and the supervisor plays a key role in organizing and leading these exercises to ensure the preparedness of the team.

3. Q: What certifications are preferred for applicants, and how does having a certification in OSH contribute to the role?

A: Preferred certifications include a degree in Environmental Science and relevant certification in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). OSH certification demonstrates expertise in safety management, a crucial aspect of the role.

4. Q: Can you provide examples of instances where workplace safety procedures were enforced, and disciplinary action was taken against violators?

A: The supervisor is responsible for implementing and enforcing safety procedures, and examples of disciplinary actions taken against violators should be highlighted during the interview process.

5. Q: How does the Health and Safety Supervisor collaborate with management to address environmental, health, and safety issues?

A: The supervisor advises management on environmental, health, and safety issues and actively contributes to the creation and implementation of policies aligned with the latest legislation.

6. Q: Is flexibility in work schedule required for the Health and Safety Supervisor role?

A: Yes, flexibility is required, and the supervisor should be available to work from Monday to Saturday to ensure comprehensive coverage of safety responsibilities.

7. Q: What are the key attributes that make an applicant stand out in the selection process?

A: Key attributes include fluency in English, strong communication and interpersonal skills, analytical abilities, integrity, professionalism, self-motivation, and relevant experience in safety management.

8. Q: How does the Health and Safety Supervisor contribute to incident investigation, and what follow-up actions are expected?

A: The supervisor assists in investigating incidents and injuries, following up on compensation with authorities such as Dosh and insurance companies to ensure resolution.

9. Q: Can you elaborate on the role’s involvement in creating and implementing health and safety policies?

A: The supervisor actively contributes to the creation and implementation of health and safety policies, ensuring alignment with the latest legislation and advising management accordingly.

10. Q: What is the application deadline, and how should applicants submit their applications?

A: The application deadline is January 12, 2024, and applicants should submit their resumes, cover letters, and salary expectations via email to with the subject line “HEALTH AND SAFETY SUPERVISOR.”

Possible Health and Safety Supervisor Interview Questions With Answers:

1. Q: How do you ensure workplace safety, and what measures would you implement to monitor it effectively?

A: I ensure workplace safety through regular safety audits, employee training, and fostering a culture of safety. Implementing safety checklists and conducting surprise inspections are key measures to monitor safety effectively.

2. Q: Can you share an example of a successful emergency response you led, particularly in a fire or hazard situation?

A: In my previous role, I successfully led a team through a simulated fire drill, demonstrating our preparedness and coordination. This experience highlighted the importance of effective emergency response planning.

3. Q: How do you handle situations where employees violate safety procedures, and what disciplinary actions would you take?

A: Addressing violations involves a combination of corrective action, retraining, and, when necessary, disciplinary measures. For example, in a previous role, I implemented a progressive disciplinary system that proved effective in promoting adherence to safety protocols.

4. Q: How do you stay updated on the latest environmental, health, and safety regulations, and how do you ensure compliance within the organization?

A: I stay updated through continuous education, attending relevant workshops, and being part of professional networks. Implementing regular training sessions and conducting internal audits help ensure ongoing compliance within the organization.

5. Q: How do you approach incident investigation, and how do you follow up with authorities for compensation in case of injuries?

A: I approach incident investigation systematically, gathering all relevant information. I maintain open communication with authorities, such as Dosh and insurance companies, to ensure a swift and fair resolution for injured parties.

6. Q: Can you provide an example of a situation where you had to make a critical decision to ensure workplace safety?

A: In a previous role, I made a critical decision to halt production temporarily due to identified safety concerns. This decision ensured immediate corrective action and prevented potential hazards, prioritizing employee well-being.

7. Q: How do you foster a culture of safety within a team, and what strategies have you employed to encourage employee involvement in safety initiatives?

A: I foster a culture of safety by promoting open communication, recognizing and rewarding safe behaviors, and involving employees in safety committees. In one instance, I initiated a safety suggestion program that significantly increased employee engagement in safety initiatives.

8. Q: What role does flexibility play in the Health and Safety Supervisor position, and how do you manage a flexible work schedule?

A: Flexibility is crucial as safety concerns may arise at any time. I manage a flexible work schedule by ensuring proper delegation, effective communication, and utilizing technology for remote monitoring when necessary.

9. Q: How do you ensure the confidentiality of incident investigations, especially when dealing with sensitive information?

A: Confidentiality is maintained by strictly adhering to company policies and legal requirements. During investigations, only relevant parties are informed, and information is shared on a need-to-know basis.

10. Q: What strategies would you employ to continually improve health and safety policies within the organization?

A: Continuous improvement involves feedback mechanisms, regular reviews, and staying abreast of industry best practices. I encourage employee involvement in suggesting improvements, ensuring policies evolve to meet evolving safety standards.

Best wishes on your application! KEDA (Kenya) Ceramics Co., Ltd is committed to attracting and retaining the best employees from all races and backgrounds in our continued effort to become a better development partner.

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