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FSD Africa Investments

Head, Investments at FSD Africa Investments

About FSD Africa Investments (FSDAi)

FSD Africa Investments (FSDAi), funded by UK AID through the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), collaborates with FSD Africa to make finance work for Africa’s sustainable future. Operating across 30 countries, these organizations aim to strengthen Africa’s financial systems. FSDAi, a private company limited by shares, focuses on investments in novel financial instruments, facilities, and intermediaries, contributing to green economic growth.

Learn more about FSDAi on our website: FSDAi

Reports Directly To: Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

Reports Indirectly To: N/A

Direct Reports: Investment Associates, Investment Analyst

Indirect Reports: N/A

Overall Job Purpose

As the Head of Investments, you will collaborate with the CIO to implement FSDAi’s investment strategy, particularly focusing on new and alternative solutions for financing SMEs. This involves leading the implementation of a facility investing in alternative asset allocators, establishing new asset classes. Your role includes developing FSDAi’s approach to mobilize innovative finance, creating new asset classes for startups and enterprises addressing climate adaptation, resilience, nature finance, carbon markets, and SDGs, including Gender Lens Investing (GLI) outcomes.

You will lead opportunity identification, deal-sourcing, due diligence, structuring, negotiating deals, and post-investment monitoring. As the head of alternative financing strategy, collaboration with FSD Africa teams, external stakeholders, and thought leadership in this domain is essential. Reporting to the CIO, you will perform governance roles, serving on investee boards and oversight committees, providing strategic and technical inputs.

Key Responsibilities and Role Requirements

1. Market Intelligence and Expertise:

  • Knowledgeable Networks:
    • In-depth understanding of the investment environment, particularly in climate finance, early-stage venture, debt, and equity finance.
    • Awareness of business opportunities contributing to depth and breadth within the climate finance asset class.
    • Prior experience with blended finance solutions, specifically in African venture, equity, and debt solutions.

2. Investment Expertise:

  • Strategic Portfolio Development:
    • Strategically build a portfolio promoting sustainable development in new asset classes related to climate finance.
    • Support CIO in defining strategy, scope, and criteria for investments to mobilize capital for early-stage finance through alternative vehicles.
    • Lead stakeholder engagement to co-create innovative financing vehicles addressing Africa’s finance gaps.

3. Performance Management:

  • Investee Oversight:
    • Provide technical and performance oversight of investees, contributing to the execution of the investment’s theory of change.
    • Represent FSD Africa investments on governance structures, offering strategic direction and value addition to investments.

4. Process Management:

  • Ownership of Investment Process:
    • Own and manage the investment process with professionalism and a collaborative spirit.
    • Demonstrate high intelligence, maturity, and articulate communication throughout the investment process.

5. Stakeholder Management:

  • Relationship Building:
    • Manage relationships with partners to build the portfolio in the specified area.
    • Engage with FSDAi’s funders, ensuring effective collaboration and communication.

6. Team Participation:

  • Collaborative Leadership:
    • Exhibit drive and leadership with strong team participation across FSD Africa.

Person Specifications

Qualifications and Education

  • Master’s degree from a recognized university or demonstrated experience in venture, debt, and equity finance.
  • Specific investment experience with creativity in investing in new asset classes.
  • Demonstrated leadership and stakeholder engagement in early-stage finance in Africa.
  • Exceptional communication and stakeholder engagement skills.

Experience, Knowledge, and Skills

    • Understanding of African Private Investment Market:
    • Knowledge of fund-of-fund investment models and alternative investment structures.
    • Early-stage investment experience, including venture-stage investing.
    • Multi-country track record across Sub-Saharan Africa.
    • Ability to think creatively, identifying opportunities in financial markets.
    • Experience in managing risk and ensuring investment returns.
    • Proficiency in French and/or local African languages an advantage.
    • Responsive and agile in addressing changing market circumstances.

FSD Africa Competencies

Essential Foundations

  • Commitment & Alignment – Level 5: Leading Expert:
    • Demonstrates commitment to serving partners and aligns with the values and vision of FSD Africa.
  • Change & Challenge – Level 5: Leading Expert:
    • Strong sense of ownership, driving change, and leading development.

Achievement Competencies

  • Situational Awareness & Thinking – Level 5: Leading Expert:
    • Thinks clearly and intentionally, analysing information objectively, understanding issues, solving problems, and making decisions.
  • Drive for Results – Level 5: Leading Expert:
    • Keenly motivated to achieve goals and act with accountability to deliver quality results.

People Competencies

  • Relationships & Collaboration – Level 5: Leading Expert:
    • Discerns and appreciates the values, viewpoints, or abilities of others, effectively reconciles different interests, and displays emotional intelligence.
  • Communication & Influencing – Level 5: Leading Expert:
    • Deliberately adjusts behaviour to accommodate others, communicates clearly, confidently, and appropriately to influence others.

Key Relationships

Internal Relationships

  • Management team, Development Impact team, other Pillars, staff

External Relationships

  • Investees and potential investees
  • FCDO financial sector team and BII investment teams
  • Consultants and advisors
  • Local capital providers in Africa
  • Venture capital ecosystem players in Africa
  • Other development finance agencies
  • Private and financial sector stakeholders

Financial Responsibilities

Direct Control

  • Monitoring of approved investments to investee companies and portfolio disbursements with CIO approval.

Indirect Influence

  • FSDAi investment capital and operational spend

Commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity:

FSD Africa is committed to building a diverse organization and a climate of equity and inclusivity. We strongly encourage applications from candidates who can contribute to this goal.

Equal Opportunity Employer:

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, colour, national origin, sex, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status.

Application Details:

To apply for the role, submit your resume and cover letter by 5.00 pm East Africa Time (EAT) on Friday, 17th November 2023.

Expert Tips To Be A Successful Applicant

1. Tailor Your Application

Craft your resume and cover letter to align with the specific qualifications and requirements outlined in the job description. Highlight relevant experiences and achievements.

2. Showcase Your Market Knowledge

Demonstrate a deep understanding of the African private investment market, climate finance, and early-stage finance. Use specific examples from your past experiences to showcase your expertise.

3. Emphasize Your Leadership Skills

Highlight instances where you’ve demonstrated leadership in managing teams and driving strategic initiatives. Showcase your ability to lead stakeholder engagements and build relationships.

4. Provide Evidence of Creativity

Share examples of how you’ve demonstrated creativity in investing in new asset classes. Illustrate your ability to think outside the box in identifying opportunities in financial markets.

5. Clearly Articulate Your Achievements

When presenting your achievements, use clear and concise language. Clearly articulate the impact of your contributions, whether in portfolio management, stakeholder engagement, or strategy development.

6. Showcase Multi-Country Experience

If applicable, emphasize your track record of working across multiple countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Highlight experiences that demonstrate your ability to navigate and succeed in diverse cultural environments.

7. Demonstrate Risk Management Skills

Discuss instances where you’ve effectively managed risks in investment processes. Showcase your ability to ensure investment returns while balancing economic and social development objectives.

8. Communicate in French or Local African Languages

If proficient, mention your proficiency in French or local African languages as an advantage. This can enhance your suitability for engaging with diverse stakeholders in different regions.

9. Exhibit Responsiveness and Agility

Provide examples of how you’ve demonstrated responsiveness and agility in addressing changing market circumstances. Showcase your ability to adapt and thrive in dynamic environments.

10. Showcase Commitment to Equity and Diversity

Demonstrate your commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusivity in your professional experiences. Highlight instances where you’ve contributed to creating an inclusive organizational climate.

By following these expert tips, you’ll enhance your application and stand out as a compelling candidate for the Head of Investments position at FSD Africa Investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the mission of FSD Africa Investments?

  • FSD Africa Investments aims to make finance work for Africa’s sustainable future by strengthening financial systems and promoting innovative finance solutions.

2. How can I apply for the Head of Investments role?

  • To apply, submit your resume and cover letter by 5.00 pm East Africa Time (EAT) on Friday, 17th November 2023.

3. What competencies are essential for success at FSDAi?

  • Essential competencies include commitment and alignment, change and challenge, situational awareness and thinking, drive for results, relationships and collaboration, and communication and influencing.

4. What financial responsibilities does the role entail?

  • The Head of Investments is responsible for the monitoring of approved investments, portfolio disbursements, and indirect influence over FSDAi’s investment capital and operational spend.

5. Is proficiency in French or local African languages an advantage?

  • Yes, proficiency in French and/or local African languages is considered an advantage, enhancing effective communication with diverse stakeholders.

6. What is FSDAi’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity?

  • FSDAi is committed to building a diverse organization and a climate of equity and inclusivity, encouraging applications from candidates contributing to this goal.

7. Are there opportunities for career growth within FSD Africa Investments?

  • Career growth opportunities exist, and your commitment, drive, and achievements can contribute to your advancement within the organization.

8. How can I demonstrate creativity in my application?

  • Showcase instances where you’ve demonstrated creativity in investing in new asset classes or addressing challenges in financial markets.

9. Can I apply if I do not have experience in every competency listed?

  • While experience in every competency is desirable, a strong application may still be considered if you can demonstrate your potential and commitment to growth.

10. What qualities make an applicant successful at FSD Africa Investments?

  • Successful applicants exhibit leadership, market knowledge, creativity, effective communication, responsiveness, and a commitment to the organization’s values.

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