Full List of 6,271 Candidates Shortlisted By The Nairobi City County Government [WE HAVE INCLUDED POSSIBLE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS]

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Nairobi City County Government

Full List of 6,271 Candidates Shortlisted By The Nairobi City County Government [WE HAVE INCLUDED POSSIBLE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS]

The Nairobi City County Government has recently shortlisted over 6,200 candidates for various positions advertised in August and July 2023. The upcoming interviews are scheduled from the end of November 2023 to the end of January 2024.

1. County Constables

    • Number of Shortlisted: 2,074
    • Positions Advertised: 1,000
    • Advert Date: 18th July, 2023
    • Interview Date: 18th December, 2023
    • Venue: City Stadium
  • Expected Basic Salary: KES 14,610-16,250 p.m


    • Enforcement of county by-laws
  • Guarding county installations and properties
  • Performing other assigned duties

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2. Support Staff I

    • Number of Shortlisted: 1,686
    • Positions Advertised: 1,000
    • Advert Date: 5th September, 2023
    • Interview Date: 19th December, 2023
    • Venue: City Stadium
    • Basic Salary: KES 15,900-17,420 p.m

Job Description:

    • Drain clearing and litter bin emptying
    • Street and open spaces sweeping
    • Solid waste removal and disposal
    • Tree planting and beautification
    • Any other duties assigned

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3. Health Sector

    • Number of Shortlisted: 2,511
    • Positions Advertised: 1,051
    • Advert Date: 9th August, 2023
    • Interview Dates: 27th Nov 2023 – 24th Jan 2024
    • Venue: City Stadium


  • Registered Nurse, Clinical Officer, Health Records Officer, Medical Officer, Laboratory Technologist, and more.

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Important Information:

    • Interview Venue: City Stadium, Jogoo Road
    • Date: 19-12-2023
    • Time: 6:00 AM
  • Note: All candidates must reside within Nairobi City County. Beware of fraudsters soliciting money.

Summary for Support Staff I Job Group ‘C’

    • Number of Shortlisted: 1,686
    • Positions Advertised: 1,000
    • Advert Date: 5th September, 2023
    • Interview Date: 19th December, 2023
    • Venue: City Stadium
  • Expected Basic Salary: KES 15,900-17,420 p.m


    • Salary Range: KES (15,900-17,420)
  • House Allowance: KES 3,750
  • Commuter Allowance: KES 3,000

Job Description and Details

Discussing Possible Interview Questions and Answers

1. County Constables

Question 1: Can you share your understanding of the primary responsibilities of a County Constable?

Answer 1: Certainly. A County Constable plays a crucial role in enforcing county by-laws, ensuring public order, and safeguarding county installations. My responsibilities would involve patrolling assigned areas, addressing violations, and promoting community safety.

Question 2:How do you handle challenging situations, particularly when facing resistance while enforcing by-laws?

Answer 2: In challenging situations, communication is key. I would approach individuals with respect, clearly explain the by-law, and encourage compliance. If faced with resistance, I would prioritize de-escalation techniques, seeking assistance when necessary, to ensure a peaceful resolution.

Question 3:Give an example of a time when you successfully enforced a by-law, ensuring fairness and community understanding.

Answer 3: During my previous role as [mention previous role], I encountered a situation where a community event violated noise level by-laws. I engaged with event organizers, explained the concern, and collaborated on a compromise that respected both the event’s spirit and community tranquility.

Question 4:How do you stay updated on changes to county by-laws and ensure accurate enforcement?

Answer 4: I am committed to ongoing learning and regularly review any updates or amendments to county by-laws. Attending training sessions, participating in briefings, and being an active member of relevant professional associations are ways I ensure up-to-date knowledge.

Question 5:What measures would you take to build positive relationships with the community you serve?

Answer 5: Building trust is essential. I would initiate community outreach programs, attend public meetings, and establish open lines of communication. By being visible, approachable, and addressing community concerns, I believe in fostering a positive relationship.

Question 6:How do you handle situations where discretion is required, especially when dealing with minor by-law infractions?

Answer 6: In situations requiring discretion, I prioritize a fair and balanced approach. I assess each case individually, considering circumstances and potential impacts. Communication plays a vital role, and I would use my judgment to decide on appropriate responses that align with the spirit of the law.

Question 7:How do you maintain composure and professionalism in high-pressure situations?

Answer 7: Maintaining composure is crucial for effective enforcement. Through prior experience and training, I have developed the ability to stay calm under pressure. I focus on the task at hand, follow established protocols, and seek assistance when needed to handle high-pressure situations professionally.

Question 8:Can you provide an example of a time when you collaborated with other law enforcement agencies or community organizations to address a broader issue?

Answer 8: During [mention specific incident], I collaborated with [mention agency/organization] to address a community-wide issue. By pooling resources and expertise, we successfully tackled the challenge, demonstrating my commitment to collaboration for the greater good.

Question 9:How do you prioritize competing demands and assignments to ensure effective time management?

Answer 9: Prioritization is key to my time management strategy. I categorize tasks based on urgency and importance, ensuring that critical assignments are addressed promptly. Regular evaluations and adjustments to my schedule help me adapt to changing circumstances while meeting deadlines.

Question 10:What motivated you to pursue a career as a County Constable, and how does this align with your long-term goals?

Answer 10: I have always been drawn to roles that contribute to community well-being. Becoming a County Constable aligns with my commitment to public service and ensuring the safety of our community. I see this role as a stepping stone in my long-term goal of making a positive impact on law enforcement practices.

2. Support Staff I

Question 1:What motivated you to apply for the Support Staff I position, and how do your skills align with the responsibilities outlined in the job description?

Answer 1: I am motivated by the opportunity to contribute to the efficient functioning of the Nairobi City County Government. My skills in [mention relevant skills] align perfectly with the duties of Support Staff I, such as drain clearing, waste removal, and landscaping, as stated in the job description.

Question 2:Describe a situation where you had to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. How did you prioritize and ensure the completion of each task?

Answer 2: In my previous role at [mention previous workplace], I often dealt with various responsibilities concurrently. To manage this, I created a priority list, focusing on tasks with imminent deadlines while maintaining quality in each aspect. This allowed me to successfully handle multiple responsibilities.

Question 3:How do you ensure the proper disposal of waste and adherence to environmental regulations in your daily duties?

Answer 3: Adhering to environmental regulations is a priority. I strictly follow established waste disposal procedures, ensuring compliance with environmental guidelines. Regular training and staying informed about updated regulations are essential components of my commitment to responsible waste management.

Question 4:Can you provide an example of a situation where your attention to detail made a significant difference in your work?

Answer 4: During a landscaping project at [mention specific project], attention to detail was crucial. My meticulous approach ensured precise tree planting, contributing to the project’s overall success and receiving positive feedback for the aesthetic improvements made.

Question 5:How do you handle situations where unforeseen challenges arise, impacting your daily tasks?

Answer 5: Flexibility is key in handling unforeseen challenges. I assess the situation, adjust my plans accordingly, and communicate with relevant stakeholders to ensure a coordinated response. My ability to adapt to unexpected circumstances has proven valuable in maintaining productivity.

Question 6:Describe your approach to working collaboratively with team members to achieve common goals.

Answer 6: Collaboration is essential for success. I actively engage with team members, encourage open communication, and respect diverse perspectives. By fostering a positive team environment, I believe we can leverage individual strengths to achieve collective objectives efficiently.

Question 7:In what ways do you stay updated on best practices related to your role as Support Staff I?

Answer 7: Staying informed is crucial. I regularly participate in workshops, attend training sessions, and subscribe to industry publications to stay updated on the latest best practices. Continuous learning ensures that I bring current and effective methods to my role.

Question 8:How do you prioritize safety in your daily tasks, especially when engaged in physically demanding activities?

Answer 8: Safety is non-negotiable. I adhere to safety protocols, use appropriate personal protective equipment, and prioritize a cautious approach in all tasks. Regular safety training and awareness contribute to maintaining a secure working environment.

Question 9:Can you share an experience where you contributed to a process improvement or efficiency enhancement in your previous role?

Answer 9: In my previous role at [mention workplace], I introduced a streamlined waste disposal process that reduced overall disposal time by 20%. This initiative not only enhanced efficiency but also positively impacted the environmental sustainability of our operations.

Question 10:What do you find most fulfilling about the prospect of working as Support Staff I for Nairobi City County Government?

Answer 10: I find fulfillment in the opportunity to directly contribute to the well-being of the community through my role as Support Staff I. The prospect of maintaining the city’s cleanliness, beautification, and overall functionality resonates with my dedication to civic responsibility.

3. Health Sector (Various Positions)

Question 1:As a Registered Nurse, how do you ensure patient-centered care, and what strategies do you employ to maintain effective communication with patients and their families?

Answer 1: Patient-centered care is a priority. I establish open communication, actively listen to patient concerns, and involve them in decision-making. Regular check-ins and providing clear information create a supportive environment for patients and their families.

Question 2:In the role of a Medical Officer, how do you handle the challenges of balancing patient care with administrative responsibilities? Provide an example from your previous experience.

Answer 2: Balancing patient care and administrative tasks requires effective time management. In my previous role at [mention workplace], I implemented a scheduling system that optimized time, allowing me to dedicate ample attention to patient care while efficiently managing administrative duties.

Question 3:Can you share an experience where your collaboration with a multidisciplinary healthcare team positively impacted patient outcomes?

Answer 3: Collaboration is integral. During a complex case at [mention workplace], interdisciplinary teamwork facilitated comprehensive patient care. Regular team meetings, information sharing, and coordinated efforts contributed to a successful patient outcome.

Question 4:As a Dental Officer, how do you approach patient education regarding oral health, and what preventive measures do you emphasize?

Answer 4: Patient education is crucial. I employ visual aids, explain procedures in accessible language, and emphasize preventive measures such as regular dental check-ups and proper oral hygiene practices. Empowering patients with knowledge contributes to their overall oral health.

Question 5:In the role of a Laboratory Technologist, how do you ensure accuracy and precision in test results, and how do you handle situations where unexpected discrepancies arise?

Answer 5: Precision is paramount. I adhere to rigorous testing protocols, perform regular instrument calibrations, and conduct thorough quality checks. In cases of unexpected discrepancies, I follow established protocols for result verification, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Question 6:As an Assistant Medical Social Worker, describe your approach to providing emotional support to patients and their families during challenging times.

Answer 6: Empathy is central to emotional support. I actively listen to patients and their families, validate their emotions, and offer resources for additional support. Connecting them with relevant community services fosters a supportive network during challenging periods.

Question 7:In the position of a Nutrition and Dietetics Technologist, how do you tailor dietary plans to meet the specific health needs of individual patients?

Answer 7: Personalization is key. I conduct comprehensive assessments of patients’ health, consider medical conditions and dietary preferences, and collaborate with healthcare teams to develop customized dietary plans. Continuous monitoring ensures adjustments for optimal health outcomes.

Question 8:Describe your experience in handling medical emergencies and your role in ensuring a prompt and effective response.

Answer 8: In emergencies, swift and coordinated actions are essential. I have undergone specialized training in emergency response, and my experience at [mention workplace] involved leading emergency drills, ensuring staff readiness, and actively participating in real-time emergency situations to guarantee effective responses.

Question 9:As a Radiographer, how do you prioritize patient safety while obtaining high-quality diagnostic images?

Answer 9: Patient safety is paramount. I strictly adhere to safety protocols, educate patients on necessary precautions, and use cutting-edge equipment. Regular equipment maintenance and staying informed about advancements contribute to ensuring both safety and diagnostic quality.

Question 10:In the role of a Dental Technologist, how do you stay updated on evolving dental technologies, and how do you integrate these advancements into your daily practice?

Answer 10: Staying current is essential. I actively engage in continuous education programs, attend dental technology conferences, and collaborate with industry professionals. Implementing new technologies involves thorough training, ensuring seamless integration into daily practic

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