Finance Officer Position at Ciheb-Kenya: Empowering Healthcare

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Finance Officer Position at Ciheb-Kenya: Empowering Healthcare

Location: Nairobi |

Job Level: Mid-Level |



Join Ciheb-Kenya as a Finance Officer, contributing to impactful health programs. Be a vital part of budget implementation, financial planning, and reporting for sustainable healthcare initiatives.


Collaborate with the Ministry of Health and County Health Management Teams, strengthening healthcare systems in Kenya. Ciheb-Kenya pioneers comprehensive HIV prevention, care, and treatment programs with funding from PEPFAR.

Job Summary:

The Finance Officer role involves day-to-day financial operations, budgeting, and allocation. Work closely with the Senior Finance Officer and programs team, contributing to the success of healthcare initiatives.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Budget Development and Monitoring:

  • Craft activity budgets for planned initiatives.
  • Monitor expenditure against set budgets.

Financial Transactions and Reporting:

  • Record all financial transactions accurately.
  • Prepare various financial reports and reconcile bank statements.

Payment and Procurement:

  • Ensure timely payments, adhering to CIHEB-Kenya policies.
  • Support procurement activities for the project.

Record Keeping and Compliance:

  • Maintain accurate financial records.
  • Ensure compliance with VAT payments and CIHEB-Kenya policies.

Payroll and Internal Controls:

  • Manage payroll, statutory returns, and deductions.
  • Implement effective internal controls and bank policies.

Auditing and Asset Management:

  • Prepare audit schedules and support the audit process.
  • Maintain and update the assets register.

Required Qualifications:

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance/Accounting/Business Administration.
  • CPA K certification.
  • 5+ years of relevant professional experience.
  • Project accounting and auditing experience in donor-funded projects.

Skills and Competencies:

  • Proficient in QuickBooks, Microsoft Navision ERP, and MS Office.
  • Familiarity with USG rules and regulations.
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills.
  • Efficient in multitasking under pressure.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication in English and Kiswahili.

How to Apply:

Submit your application with a cover letter and updated CV, including three professional referees, to by November 20, 2023. Include “FINANCE OFFICER” in the subject line.

Ciheb-Kenya is an equal opportunity employer. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Expert Tips To Be A Successful Finance Officer Applicant

1. Showcase Your Financial Planning Skills:

Highlight experiences where you successfully contributed to budget development and effective financial planning.

2. Emphasize Compliance and Regulatory Understanding:

Illustrate instances where you ensured compliance with financial regulations and policies, emphasizing your CPA K certification.

3. Demonstrate Project Accounting Expertise:

Share examples of your involvement in project accounting, especially in donor-funded development projects.

4. Proficiency in Financial Software:

Discuss your proficiency in financial software like QuickBooks and Microsoft Navision ERP, showcasing your technological skills.

5. Multitasking and Time Management:

Provide examples of efficiently managing multiple tasks under tight deadlines, emphasizing your organizational prowess.

6. Communication Skills:

Emphasize your excellent written and verbal communication skills in both English and Kiswahili.

7. Independence and Reliability:

Illustrate instances where you demonstrated self-motivation and reliability, showcasing your ability to work with minimal supervision.

8. Prioritize Auditing Experience:

Highlight your experience in preparing audit schedules and supporting the audit process, showcasing your attention to detail.

9. Asset Management:

Discuss your role in maintaining and updating an assets register, emphasizing your commitment to meticulous record-keeping.

10. Team Collaboration:

Share instances where you effectively collaborated with cross-functional teams, emphasizing your interpersonal skills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Finance Officer Role

1. What Qualifications Are Required for the Finance Officer Role?

To be eligible, you need a Bachelor’s degree in Finance/Accounting/Business Administration, CPA K certification, and at least 5 years of relevant professional experience.

2. Can I Apply Without Donor-Funded Project Experience?

While it’s preferred, your application will still be considered if you possess other relevant financial experience.

3. Is Fluency in English a Requirement?

Yes, fluency in both English and Kiswahili is essential for effective communication within the organization.

4. How Important Is Knowledge of QuickBooks and Microsoft Navision ERP?

Proficiency in these financial software applications is crucial, as they are integral to our financial management processes.

5. Are International Applicants Considered?

Yes, we welcome applications from both local and international candidates.

6. How Can I Showcase Multitasking Skills in My Application?

Provide specific examples of situations where you efficiently managed multiple tasks under tight deadlines, demonstrating your ability to multitask.

7. What Is the Application Deadline?

The deadline for submitting your application is November 20, 2023.

8. How Many Referees Should I Include in My Application?

Please include names of three professional referees in your application.

9. What Does “CPA K” Certification Mean?

“CPA K” refers to the Certified Public Accountant certification specific to Kenya, indicating a high level of accounting expertise.

10. Is There an Equal Opportunity Policy?

Yes, Ciheb-Kenya is an equal opportunity employer, promoting diversity and inclusion.

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