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MoKo Home + Living

Finance Intern Opportunity at MoKo Home + Living

Date Posted: November 6, 2023

Who We Are

Welcome to MoKo Home + Living, where we’re on a mission to bring modern furniture designs and world-class customer service to every Kenyan family. Dreaming of a welcoming place to sleep, relax, and host guests? We believe it shouldn’t be a luxury. Join us in shaping quality, affordable living for all. With over 250,000 homes touched, global investments, and 350+ dedicated employees, we’re not just a start-up; we’re a growth-stage company.

The Role in Brief

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Supplier Payment Posting: Assist in the accurate and timely posting of supplier payments.
  2. Customer Receipts Posting: Aid in the precise posting of customer receipts.
  3. Credit Application and Customer Account Reconciliation: Assist in credit application processes and reconcile customer accounts.
  4. Daily Bank Reconciliation: Play a crucial role in the daily reconciliation of our bank transactions.
  5. Petty Cash Posting and Reconciliation: Support in posting and reconciling petty cash entries.
  6. Refund Processing: Assist in the seamless processing of refunds.
  7. Statutory Filing: Support in ensuring compliance through accurate statutory filings.
  8. Finance Cloud Filing System: Manage the finance cloud filing system efficiently.
  9. Preparation of Bank Reconciliation Templates: Collaborate in preparing templates for monthly reviews.
  10. Cash Management Functions: Contribute to cash flow forecasting, daily cash report preparation, and managing borrowings and repayments.

General Competency Expectations

  1. Effective Time Management: Plan your time to work efficiently and productively with minimal supervision.
  2. Collaborative Spirit: Collaborate effectively with colleagues, earning positive feedback.
  3. Ownership Mentality: Demonstrate 100% ownership of your work by taking initiative to solve problems.
  4. Continuous Learning: Show willingness to grow and learn, receiving feedback with a positive mindset.
  5. Analytical Thinking: Demonstrate strong analytical thinking in your written work and decision-making.

Job Summary

  • Role: Finance Intern
  • Team: The Finance Operations Sub-Department
  • Level: Entry Level (Non-Supervisory)
  • Location: Nairobi, Kenya

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  1. Show Initiative
    • Provide examples of how you’ve taken initiative in your previous roles.
  2. Attention to Detail
    • Highlight instances where your attention to detail made a significant impact.
  3. Communication Skills
    • Showcase effective communication examples, emphasizing collaboration.
  4. Adaptability
    • Illustrate situations where you adapted to challenges and changes positively.
  5. Problem-Solving Skills
    • Share experiences demonstrating your problem-solving prowess.
  6. Continuous Learning
    • Discuss your commitment to continuous learning and growth.
  7. Team Collaboration
    • Provide examples of successful teamwork and collaboration.
  8. Analytical Thinking
    • Detail instances where your analytical thinking influenced decisions.
  9. Time Management
    • Share experiences showcasing your effective time management skills.
  10. Ownership Mentality
  • Demonstrate how you’ve taken ownership of tasks and projects.


  1. Is this a paid internship?
    • Yes, our internships come with competitive compensation.
  2. What is the duration of the internship?
    • The internship duration is [specified period].
  3. Are international applicants considered?
    • Yes, we welcome applications from candidates globally.
  4. How can I follow up on my application?
    • You will receive an email confirmation upon successful submission. Further updates will be communicated through the provided contact information.
  5. Can I apply for multiple positions?
    • Yes, feel free to apply for positions aligned with your skills and interests.
  6. Is relocation assistance provided?
    • Relocation assistance is not provided for this role.
  7. What is the interview process like?
    • The interview process typically involves [details of the interview process].
  8. Are there opportunities for career advancement?
    • We prioritize internal growth and offer opportunities for career advancement.
  9. What does the application review timeline look like?
    • The application review process usually takes [specified timeframe].
  10. Can I reapply if my application is unsuccessful?
  • Yes, we encourage candidates to reapply for future opportunities.


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