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African Institute for Health and Development (AIHD)

Events Planner

Job Type: Contract

Qualification: Degree

Experience: 1 year

Location: Nairobi

Position: Event Planner


The African Institute for Health and Development (AIHD) is a distinguished non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in June 2004 in Nairobi, Kenya. Comprising a cadre of accomplished African researchers and academicians, the Institute focuses on executing evidence-based programs, conducting research, training, and advocating on health and development issues pertinent to Kenya and the African continent. Partnering with National and County Governments in Kenya, along with local, national, regional, and international collaborators, AIHD is instrumental in policy formulation across various developmental domains such as poverty alleviation, gender mainstreaming, health promotion, Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), and social protection. With a rich tapestry of experience, AIHD endeavors to enhance the well-being of individuals, communities, and the broader region.

Job Summary:

The AIHD, commemorating 20 years of impactful operation in June 2024, seeks to engage an Events Planner to orchestrate its milestone celebration and launch of its Strategic Plan. This pivotal event is scheduled for the 20th of June 2024. The ideal candidate will possess seasoned experience in event planning, showcasing a penchant for creating memorable experiences. They should be impassioned, creative, detail-oriented, and committed to delivering exceptional client service at every juncture. This role necessitates proficiency across all facets of event management, encompassing cost containment, venue selection, logistical coordination, and adherence to best practices. Strong leadership acumen and adeptness in delegating tasks to ensure quality outcomes are essential qualities. The successful candidate will exhibit visionary thinking to craft truly distinctive experiences.

Objectives of this Role:

  • Manage all facets of event planning, adhering to strict deadlines and budget constraints.
  • Collaborate with vendors, media outlets, venues, and industry stakeholders to execute both the creative and logistical aspects of the event.
  • Incorporate contemporary trends in event planning, design, and production while proactively addressing operational hurdles.
  • Ensure unwavering compliance with legal, insurance, health, and safety regulations.


  1. Coordinate with internal stakeholders and external service providers to delineate event requirements.
  2. Liaise with the Communications officer for seamless event coordination.
  3. Conduct site visits and preside over pre-event meetings to inform event design decisions.
  4. Strategize and execute logistical elements including contract negotiations, guest management, venue setup, and marketing collateral.
  5. Conceptualize and theme the event to align with AIHD’s objectives and expectations.
  6. Collaborate with the Communications officer to devise and implement a robust marketing strategy to maximize event engagement.
  7. Facilitate speaker procurement and ensure event adherence to schedule.
  8. Oversee setup and presentation aesthetics according to the designated theme.
  9. Manage media mobilization and oversee pre-event social media campaigns.
  10. Conduct pre and post-event evaluations, providing comprehensive reports on outcomes.

Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Degree in Events Planning and Management, Marketing, Communication and Public Relations, or related field from an accredited institution.
  • Previous experience in Public Relations or Marketing.
  • Meticulous attention to detail and exemplary organizational skills.
  • Proficiency in multitasking within stringent timelines.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to foster effective interpersonal relationships and collaborate closely with the communication officer.
  • Experience in vendor and supplier liaison is advantageous.
  • Approachable demeanor with sound ethical judgment.
  • Proficiency in quick decision-making and negotiation.

How to Apply:

Interested and qualified candidates are invited to submit their application letter and detailed C.V. with addresses of three referees via email to and a copy to not later than 15th April 2024 by 1700hrs. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

AIHD is committed to providing equal employment opportunities, fostering an environment free from discrimination and harassment based on gender, ethnic group, marital status, disability status, political ideology, or religion.




Expert Tips To Be A Successful Applicant for Events Planner Role:

  1. Tailor Your Application: Customize your resume and cover letter to align with the specific requirements and objectives outlined in the job description.
  2. Highlight Relevant Experience: Emphasize any previous event planning experience, showcasing your ability to manage logistics, negotiate contracts, and execute successful events.
  3. Demonstrate Creativity: Showcase your creativity by proposing unique event concepts or detailing innovative approaches you’ve implemented in past roles.
  4. Communicate Effectively: Ensure your application materials demonstrate strong written and verbal communication skills, essential for liaising with stakeholders and crafting compelling event narratives.
  5. Showcase Leadership Abilities: Provide examples of your leadership skills, including instances where you’ve successfully delegated tasks, resolved conflicts, or motivated teams to achieve shared goals.
  6. Detail-Oriented Approach: Highlight your meticulous attention to detail, essential for overseeing all aspects of event planning and execution to ensure flawless outcomes.
  7. Stay Updated on Industry Trends: Demonstrate your knowledge of current event planning trends and technologies, showcasing your commitment to staying ahead in the field.
  8. Network Effectively: Leverage your professional network to gain insights into the organization and establish connections that may enhance your application.
  9. Prepare for Interviews: Anticipate common interview questions related to event planning, and practice articulating your experiences, skills, and qualifications effectively.
  10. Show Enthusiasm: Convey genuine enthusiasm for the role and the opportunity to contribute to the milestone celebration of AIHD’s 20 years of impactful operation.


[Your Name]

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[Your Email Address]

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[Hiring Manager’s Name]

African Institute for Health and Development (AIHD)

[Nairobi Address]

Nairobi, Kenya

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

I am writing to express my interest in the Events Planner position at the African Institute for Health and Development (AIHD), as advertised. With a strong background in events planning and management, coupled with a passion for creating memorable experiences, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to AIHD’s milestone celebration and launch of its Strategic Plan.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated proficiency in coordinating all aspects of event planning, from conceptualization to execution. My experience includes negotiating contracts, liaising with vendors, managing logistical arrangements, and ensuring seamless event operations. I am adept at crafting compelling event narratives that align with organizational objectives, and I thrive in fast-paced environments where attention to detail is paramount.

I am particularly drawn to AIHD’s mission and the opportunity to play a pivotal role in commemorating its 20 years of impactful operation. I am impressed by AIHD’s commitment to improving the well-being of individuals, communities, and the broader region, and I am eager to contribute my skills and expertise to this endeavor.

I am confident that my background, skills, and enthusiasm make me a strong fit for the Events Planner role at AIHD. I am excited about the possibility of joining your team and contributing to the success of this milestone event. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how my qualifications align with AIHD’s needs further.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

Best wishes in your application process. Remember, AIHD is committed to attracting and retaining the best employees from all backgrounds. We do not charge any application or recruitment fee, reflecting our commitment to fairness and equal opportunity.


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