Customer Service & Order Processing Officer

Full Time
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  • Nairobi

Order Processing Officer

Period: 19 Jul to 04 Aug, 2023
Deadline: 04 Aug, 2023
Location: Nairobi
Level: Expert-level Professional
No. Required: 1 candidate

Job Description

Our Client, a well-established group in agricultural services in the region, is seeking to hire a Customer Service & Order Processing Officer. The role involves overseeing the customer service division and managing a team of Customer Service Representatives and Clerks. The goal is to lead and motivate the team to take ownership of customer requirements and issues, resolve problems, and enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. The Officer will also be responsible for liaising with Warehouse Officers to manage stock inventory, sourcing and placing orders with local suppliers.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Manage Workflow: Organize and prioritize the workflow within the customer service division.
  2. Quotation Handling: Ensure correct interpretation and prompt issuing of quotations to customers.
  3. Order Processing: Oversee the conversion of LPO’s into Sales Orders, Delivery Notes, and Invoices.
  4. Communication: Liaise with stores and EPICOR to identify, verify, and make items available.
  5. Customer Support: Address customer inquiries, complaints, and problems in a timely manner.
  6. Order Progress Tracking: Monitor and update customers on the progress of their orders.
  7. Record Keeping: Maintain accurate records of customer interactions and actions taken.
  8. Enhance Customer Experience: Work towards improving customer service and engagement.
  9. Standard Operating Procedures: Develop, maintain, update, and enforce SOP’s.
  10. Staff Management: Handle discipline, leave, and overtime of staff as per company policy.
  11. Performance Evaluation: Provide constructive assistance and timely performance evaluations to staff.
  12. Staff Training: Train and develop staff based on company and personal development needs.
  13. Export Documentation: Process export documentation of Greenhouse and Irrigation items to neighboring countries.
  14. Purchase Management: Purchase goods such as irrigation materials and greenhouses and ensure timely delivery.
  15. Supplier Management: Generate local purchase orders and manage any discrepancies that arise.
  16. Contract Negotiation: Negotiate the best pricing and terms for supply contracts.
  17. Relief Responsibilities: Act as a reliever for Quoting and Invoicing staff when required.

Key Performance Areas

  1. Ensure timely issuance of quotes, sales orders, delivery notes, invoices, and related documentation.
  2. Maintain up-to-date work-related sheets: Open Quotes, Open LPO’s, and Open Orders/Deliveries/Shipments.
  3. Provide timely feedback to customers on quotation expectations and order delivery.
  4. Facilitate effective and efficient communication between colleagues, management, and different departments.
  5. Strive to exceed customer expectations and ensure high customer satisfaction.

Other Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or related field.
  2. Proven working experience as an Order Processing/Customer Service Manager or Retail Manager.
  3. Minimum of 5 years’ experience in providing customer service support/order processing services and managing a similar team.
  4. Completed customer service training courses will be an advantage.
  5. Proficiency in English.
  6. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  7. Strong interpersonal, customer service, and people skills.
  8. Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
  9. Strong time management skills with the ability to meet deadlines.
  10. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  11. Ability to prioritize tasks and delegate when appropriate.
  12. Strategic thinking and strong leadership skills.
  13. Effective client-facing and communication abilities.
  14. Customer service orientation and multitasking skills.
  15. Proficient knowledge of management methods and techniques.
  16. Empathetic leadership and positive attitude towards serving customers.
  17. Working knowledge of customer service software, databases, and tools.
  18. Awareness of the latest technology trends and applications in the industry.
  19. Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite or related software.
  20. Ability to work on a computer for prolonged periods and attend to customer requests.
  21. Ability to handle difficult and demanding customers.
  22. Capability to work well in a high-paced and sometimes stressful environment.
  23. Willingness to take on extra workload and act as a reliever when required.

EXPERT Tips To Be A Successful Applicant

To excel in this role, consider the following tips:

  1. Highlight Relevant Experience: Emphasize your previous experience in customer service management and order processing roles.
  2. Demonstrate Leadership Skills: Showcase your ability to lead and motivate teams effectively.
  3. Showcase Customer-Oriented Attitude: Illustrate your commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences.
  4. Provide Examples of Problem-Solving: Offer instances where you successfully resolved customer issues.
  5. Familiarize with Industry Trends: Stay updated with the latest agricultural and customer service trends.
  6. Display Organizational Skills: Highlight your attention to detail and time management abilities.
  7. Emphasize Communication Proficiency: Clearly communicate your strong verbal and written communication skills.
  8. Exhibit Tech Savviness: Demonstrate your proficiency in using customer service software and technology.
  9. Express Adaptability: Showcase your ability to thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.
  10. Include Customer Service Training: If applicable, mention any relevant customer service training you have completed.

By following these tips and aligning your qualifications with the job requirements, you’ll increase your chances of standing out as an ideal candidate for the Customer Service & Order Processing Officer position.

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