Consultancy to Scale up Large Scale Food Fortification Programming in ESARO Countries

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Consultancy to Scale up Large Scale Food Fortification Programming in ESARO Countries

Job Overview

UNICEF is seeking a qualified and experienced consultant to provide technical support in scaling up large scale food fortification (LSFF) programs in Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office (ESARO) countries. The consultant will play a crucial role in developing LSFF strategies, legislation formulation, capacity building on monitoring and enforcement, and establishing a regional food fortification coordination forum. This 12-month consultancy will focus on nine countries, including Comoros, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, and Zimbabwe.

Background and Justification This section provides context on the nutrition challenges in the region and the importance of large scale food fortification in addressing micronutrient deficiencies. It highlights the current status of food fortification in the countries and the need for optimized programs.

Scope of Work This section outlines the goals and objectives of the consultancy, detailing the specific activities and tasks the consultant will undertake. It covers areas such as LSFF feasibility assessment, strategy development, capacity building workshops, and coordination forum establishment.

Output 1: Effective Large Scale Food Fortification Programs Designed This subsection focuses on the activities related to LSFF program design and strategy development for Comoros and Rwanda, including the coordination forum setup.

Output #2: Improved Monitoring and Enforcement Systems for LSFF Program This subsection outlines the tasks aimed at strengthening monitoring and enforcement systems for LSFF programs in Namibia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

Desired Competencies, Technical Background, and Experience This section lists the qualifications and skills required for the consultant, emphasizing expertise in large scale food fortification programming, legislation, and capacity building. Fluency in English is a must.

Administrative Issues This subsection covers administrative details, including the consultant’s remote work arrangement, potential travel, and payment terms. It highlights the requirement for fully vaccinated status against Covid-19.

Risks This section discusses potential risks and how they will be mitigated to ensure the smooth progress of the consultancy.

How to Apply Interested candidates must submit a cover letter, CV or P11 form, and technical proposals through the online recruitment portal or email provided. The application should include the candidate’s ability, availability, and rate (in US$ or KES) for the consultancy.

EXPERT Tips To Be A Successful Applicant:

  1. Highlight Relevant Experience: Emphasize your expertise in large scale food fortification programming, strategy development, and capacity building. Showcase any previous work in the nutrition sector.
  2. Demonstrate Strong Communication Skills: Communication is vital in this role. Prove your ability to convey complex information effectively, both in written and verbal form.
  3. Familiarize Yourself with UNICEF Values: UNICEF values are essential for successful collaboration. Make sure to align your approach with the organization’s core values.
  4. Address Risk Mitigation: In your application, explain how you would tackle potential risks and challenges during the consultancy to ensure project success.
  5. Provide a Comprehensive Proposal: Craft a detailed technical proposal that outlines your plan of action and timelines for each deliverable.
  6. Be Clear and Transparent About Rates: Clearly state your fees and expenses, ensuring they cover all necessary costs for the consultancy.
  7. Demonstrate Adaptability and Flexibility: This role may involve travel and remote work. Show your willingness to adapt to various working conditions and schedules.
  8. Submit a Strong Cover Letter: Your cover letter should summarize your qualifications and express your enthusiasm for contributing to UNICEF’s mission.
  9. Review Regional Context: Familiarize yourself with the nutrition challenges and fortification status in the Eastern and Southern Africa region to tailor your application accordingly.
  10. Meet Application Deadline: Submit your application before the specified deadline to be considered for the position. Late submissions may not be accepted.

Remember, a well-prepared and tailored application will significantly increase your chances of being selected for this vital consultancy opportunity with UNICEF. Good luck!

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