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BolEnCour Africa Group (BAG)

Software Development Internship Opportunity

Join the Innovative World of Software Development with BolEnCour Africa Group (BAG)

BolEnCour Africa Group (BAG), an avant-garde technology company nestled in the heart of Kikuyu, Kiambu County, Kenya, is on a mission to revolutionize the digital landscape by providing ingenious solutions to contemporary business challenges. We’re excited to extend an invitation to two dynamic individuals to join our team as Software Development Interns.

Job Category: Internship – Software Development


  • Recent graduate or currently in the 4th or 3rd year of study in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field.
  • General understanding of Software Development Practices and Principles.
  • Knowledge of at least one programming language such as Python, PHP, or JavaScript.
  • Familiarity and experience with front-end frameworks like React, Angular, Vue, or Next.js.
  • Proficient understanding and experience with the use of code versioning tools, such as Git and Bitbucket.
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Good communication and collaboration skills.
  • Enthusiasm and passion for your tasks and environment.
  • A passion for software development with a desire to learn and grow in the field.


  • Experience with building responsive application interfaces.
  • Experience in working with backend containerized microservices (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes, etc.).


  • Assist in the development and maintenance of software solutions.
  • Participate in code reviews and maintain code quality standards.
  • Build reusable code and libraries for future use.
  • Troubleshoot and debug software issues.
  • Stay up to date with emerging trends and technologies in software development.

Submission Guidelines: Previous practical work examples/portfolios can be submitted for consideration. To apply, kindly send your CV and a compelling cover letter to with the subject line “BAG: Software Development Intern” by the end of the day, Friday, 5th January 2024. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted within a week after the deadline. We look forward to hearing from you!

Job Level: Internship

Industry: Information Technology & Services
Employment Type: Internship


Explore a dynamic Software Development Internship opportunity with BolEnCour Africa Group (BAG) in Kenya. Apply now for a chance to contribute to cutting-edge solutions and grow your career in the ever-evolving field of software development.

Expert Tips To Be A Successful Applicant

  1. Showcase Your Academic Achievements: Highlight your academic prowess, emphasizing relevant coursework and projects. For instance, discuss how a challenging project in your coursework demonstrated your problem-solving abilities.
  2. Demonstrate Your Coding Skills: Provide a detailed portfolio showcasing projects that exemplify your coding proficiency. Discuss the impact of your work, demonstrating a deep understanding of software development principles.
  3. Emphasize Collaboration Skills: Share instances where you successfully collaborated on projects, underscoring the importance of teamwork. This could be a group project or a collaborative effort with peers.
  4. Express Passion for UI/UX: Discuss your passion for creating beautiful and user-friendly interfaces. Provide examples where your attention to usability and elegance contributed to a positive user experience.
  5. Highlight Problem-Solving Abilities: Narrate a challenging problem you encountered and solved during a project or internship. This demonstrates your ability to troubleshoot and debug software issues, a crucial skill for this role.
  6. Stay Updated with Trends: Showcase your awareness of emerging trends and technologies in software development. Mention any workshops, courses, or self-learning initiatives that have kept you abreast of the industry.
  7. Link to GitHub/Bitbucket Repositories: Include links to your GitHub or Bitbucket repositories to allow recruiters to delve into your code. This adds a practical dimension to your application and showcases your coding skills.
  8. Illustrate Responsiveness in Interfaces: If you have experience building responsive application interfaces, provide concrete examples. Discuss challenges faced and solutions implemented to demonstrate your competence in this area.
  9. Discuss Microservices Experience: If applicable, elaborate on your experience with backend containerized microservices. Share details of projects involving Docker, Kubernetes, or similar technologies.
  10. Express Enthusiasm for Continuous Learning: Convey your eagerness to learn and grow in the software development field. Mention specific areas you are keen on exploring, demonstrating a commitment to ongoing professional development.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: What sets BAG apart as a technology company? A: BAG distinguishes itself through a commitment to innovation, fostering a dynamic environment where employees can contribute to cutting-edge solutions.
  2. Q: How can I stand out in the application process? A: Showcase a combination of academic achievements, practical coding skills, and a passion for staying updated with industry trends in your application.
  3. Q: Is there flexibility for remote work in this internship? A: The internship is primarily on-site, but we assess individual cases for remote work based on specific circumstances.
  4. Q: What kind of projects can interns expect to work on? A: Interns will be involved in developing and maintaining software solutions, participating in code reviews, and staying updated with emerging trends in software development.
  5. Q: How does BAG support professional development? A: BAG encourages continuous learning through mentorship programs, training sessions, and opportunities to explore new technologies.
  6. Q: Can I submit a group project as a practical work example? A: Yes, group projects are welcome. Clearly outline your individual contributions and the overall impact of the project.
  7. Q: Is there a structured mentorship program for interns? A: Yes, BAG provides a structured mentorship program, connecting interns with experienced software developers for guidance and support.
  8. Q: How important is familiarity with code versioning tools? A: Proficiency with code versioning tools, such as Git and Bitbucket, is crucial for maintaining code quality standards and collaborative development.
  9. Q: Are there opportunities for career growth after the internship? A: Successful interns may have opportunities for full-time positions based on their performance and alignment with company goals.
  10. Q: How does BAG foster a culture of collaboration? A: BAG emphasizes teamwork and open communication, creating a collaborative culture where employees can thrive and contribute to shared success.

Cover Letter Sample: Software Development Intern

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my enthusiastic interest in the Software Development Intern position at BolEnCour Africa Group (BAG), as advertised. With a recent graduation in Computer Science and a strong foundation in programming languages such as Python and JavaScript, I am eager to contribute to BAG’s innovative solutions.

During my academic journey, I excelled in projects that required a deep understanding of software development principles, showcasing my analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. My proficiency in front-end frameworks like React aligns seamlessly with the requirements of the role.

One notable project involved developing a responsive application interface, emphasizing my commitment to user experience and interface elegance. This experience, coupled with my collaborative nature, makes me an ideal candidate for the dynamic environment at BAG.

I am particularly drawn to BAG’s commitment to staying updated with emerging trends and technologies. My continuous learning initiatives, including workshops and self-driven exploration, reflect my dedication to professional growth.

Enclosed is my CV, and I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how my skills and passion for software development align with BAG’s vision. Thank you for considering my application.


[Your Full Name]

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