Biology/Chemistry Teacher – Board of Management (BOM)

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Starehe Girls' Centre

Biology/Chemistry Teacher – Board of Management (BOM)


Welcome to Starehe Girls’ Centre, a distinguished institution known for its commitment to providing exceptional education and skills training to young girls. As a beacon of excellence, we are dedicated to nurturing talent and empowering our students to achieve their full academic potential. Join us in our mission to shape the future leaders of tomorrow.

Job Overview:

As a Biology/Chemistry Teacher under the Board of Management (BOM), you will play a pivotal role in enabling student success by integrating the curriculum and Starehe Girls’ Centre teaching methodology into practice. Your passion for education and expertise in Biology and Chemistry will contribute significantly to our students’ academic journey.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Design and deliver engaging lessons that align with the curriculum and foster student comprehension and retention.
  • Employ innovative teaching strategies to cater to diverse learning styles and abilities within the classroom.
  • Provide individualized support and guidance to students to enhance their understanding of Biology and Chemistry concepts.
  • Create a conducive learning environment that encourages active participation, critical thinking, and collaboration among students.
  • Utilize technology and other instructional resources effectively to enrich the learning experience and facilitate student engagement.
  • Assess student progress through regular evaluations, assignments, and examinations, providing constructive feedback to promote continuous improvement.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders to enhance interdisciplinary learning opportunities and contribute to the overall development of the school community.
  • Participate in professional development activities to stay abreast of best practices in teaching pedagogy and subject matter expertise.

Ideal Candidate Profile:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in Education from a recognized institution.
  • Registered by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).
  • Previous experience teaching Biology and Chemistry, preferably in a candidate class, will be advantageous.
  • Proficient in computer literacy with the ability to integrate technology into teaching and learning processes effectively.
  • Demonstrated passion for education, excellent communication skills, and the ability to inspire and motivate students.

Application Process:

To apply for the position, please submit the following documents via email to or by mail to the address provided below:

  • Application Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Copy of Degree or Diploma
  • Transcripts

Addressed To:

The Principal

Starehe Girls’ Centre

P.O. Box 6847-00200


Application Deadline: The closing date for applications is 17th May 2024, at 12:00 Noon. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further assessment.







[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[City, State, Zip Code]

[Your Email Address]

[Your Phone Number] [Date]


Starehe Girls’ Centre

P.O. Box 6847-00200


Dear [Recipient Name],

I am writing to express my interest in the Biology/Chemistry Teacher position at Starehe Girls’ Centre, as advertised. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a passion for fostering student success, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the academic excellence and holistic development of your students.

Throughout my teaching career, I have demonstrated a commitment to creating dynamic learning environments that inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and collaboration. My experience in teaching Biology and Chemistry, coupled with my proficiency in leveraging technology for enhanced learning outcomes, positions me as a valuable asset to your institution.

I am particularly drawn to Starehe Girls’ Centre’s reputation for providing quality education and empowering young girls to excel academically and beyond. I am eager to bring my expertise and enthusiasm for education to support your mission of nurturing future leaders and change-makers.

Enclosed is my resume, which provides further details about my qualifications and experiences. I am enthusiastic about the possibility of contributing to the vibrant academic community at Starehe Girls’ Centre and would welcome the opportunity to discuss how my skills align with the needs of your institution.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of contributing to the continued success of Starehe Girls’ Centre.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]


  1. Tailor Your Application: Customize your cover letter and resume to highlight relevant skills and experiences that align with the job requirements.
  2. Showcase Your Passion: Demonstrate your enthusiasm for education and your commitment to fostering student success through impactful teaching practices.
  3. Highlight Your Expertise: Emphasize your proficiency in Biology and Chemistry, as well as your ability to integrate technology to enhance the learning experience.
  4. Provide Evidence of Impact: Share examples of how your teaching methods have positively influenced student learning outcomes and engagement.
  5. Stay Updated: Stay informed about current trends and best practices in education by participating in professional development activities and networking opportunities.
  6. Prepare for Interviews: Research Starehe Girls’ Centre and be prepared to discuss how your skills and experiences align with the institution’s values and mission.
  7. Showcase Your Personality: Highlight your interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues and stakeholders.
  8. Be Professional: Ensure that your application materials are well-presented, error-free, and demonstrate attention to detail.
  9. Follow Instructions: Adhere to the application process outlined in the job description, including submission deadlines and required documents.
  10. Follow Up: After submitting your application, follow up with a thank-you email or phone call to express your continued interest in the position and inquire about the next steps in the hiring process.

Possible Biology/Chemistry Teacher Interview Questions With Answers:

  1. Can you describe your approach to lesson planning and curriculum development in Biology and Chemistry? Answer: I believe in creating engaging and interactive lesson plans that cater to diverse learning styles and abilities. I integrate real-world examples and hands-on activities to make complex concepts more accessible to students.
  2. How do you assess student progress and provide feedback to promote continuous improvement?Answer: I use a variety of assessment methods, including formative assessments, quizzes, and projects, to gauge student understanding. I provide constructive feedback tailored to each student’s needs to support their academic growth.
  3. How do you incorporate technology into your teaching practices? Answer: I leverage educational software, multimedia resources, and interactive tools to enhance the learning experience. Technology allows me to create dynamic and interactive lessons that captivate student interest and facilitate deeper learning.
  4. Can you share an example of a challenging classroom situation you encountered and how you handled it? Answer: In a previous role, I encountered a situation where students were struggling to grasp a complex concept. I adapted my teaching approach, provided additional resources, and offered one-on-one support to help students overcome their difficulties and succeed.
  5. How do you promote a positive and inclusive learning environment in your classroom? Answer: I foster a culture of respect, empathy, and collaboration where every student feels valued and supported. I celebrate diversity and encourage open dialogue to create a safe and welcoming space for all students.

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