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Closing Date: April 2, 2024
Reference Number: PWC240305-6
Intake Year: 2024
Contract Type: Permanent
Location – Country: Kenya
Location – Office: Nairobi

Overview: At PwC, we believe in evolving with the world and leveraging your skills in new and unexpected ways. Our strategy, The New Equation, focuses on bringing together diverse talents powered by technology to address the evolving challenges of our clients. With our multidisciplinary model, we aim to build trust and deliver sustainable outcomes by combining deep expertise across various capabilities.

We are currently seeking fresh university graduates to join our Assurance line of service. Opportunities are available in the following Business Units: Private (Audit), Risk Assurance Services, and Government & Public Sector.


  • Must be a Kenyan citizen.
  • Should have achieved a B+ and above in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or its equivalent.
  • Graduated in 2023 or expected to graduate in 2024, with studies to be completed by August 2024.
  • Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of upper second-class honors or its equivalent.

Degree Qualification:

Assurance Private (Audit):

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field with a minimum of upper second-class honors or its equivalent.

Assurance – Risk Assurance Services (RAS):

  • RAS IT Risk Assurance: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Data Analytics, Data Science with a minimum of upper second-class honors or its equivalent.
  • RAS Internal Audit: Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Accounting, Statistics, Economics, or Finance related with a minimum of upper second-class honors or its equivalent.

Assurance – Actuarial Services:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science with a minimum of upper second-class honors or its equivalent.

Assurance – Government and Public Sector:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field with a minimum of upper second-class honors or its equivalent.

Apply online at

Closing Date: April 2, 2024
For inquiries, please contact

About PwC:

In Africa, PwC is the largest provider of professional services, with over 450 partners and over 10,000 people in 32 countries. We offer seamless Tax, Assurance, and Advisory solutions to our clients, wherever they do business on the continent.




Expert Tips To Be A Successful Applicant for Assurance Graduate Associate:

  1. Tailor your resume to highlight relevant skills and experiences in assurance and related fields.
  2. Showcase your academic achievements and any relevant internships or extracurricular activities.
  3. Research PwC’s values and culture to demonstrate your alignment with the organization.
  4. Practice for the interview by preparing responses to common questions and scenarios in the assurance field.
  5. Highlight your ability to work in teams and communicate effectively with stakeholders.
  6. Emphasize your analytical and problem-solving skills, which are essential for success in the assurance role.
  7. Be proactive in seeking feedback and opportunities for growth and development.
  8. Demonstrate your understanding of the industry and current trends in assurance and related services.
  9. Showcase your attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality work.
  10. Show enthusiasm and passion for the role and the opportunity to contribute to PwC’s success.


[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, State, Zip Code]
[Your Email Address]
[Your Phone Number]

[Hiring Manager’s Name]
PwC Kenya
[Nairobi, Kenya]

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

I am writing to express my interest in the Assurance Graduate Associate position at PwC, as advertised. With a Bachelor’s degree in [relevant field] and a passion for delivering exceptional client service, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to your team’s success.

During my studies, I gained valuable experience in [relevant skills or experiences], which I believe make me a strong candidate for this role. I am particularly drawn to PwC’s commitment to [mention any specific values or initiatives], and I am eager to bring my skills and enthusiasm to your organization.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how my skills and experiences align with the needs of your organization.

[Your Name]

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: What qualifications are required for the Assurance Graduate Associate position?
    • A: The position requires a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of upper second-class honors or its equivalent.
  2. Q: Is prior experience in assurance necessary?
    • A: While prior experience is preferred, we welcome applications from candidates with a strong academic background and a passion for the field.
  3. Q: What is the closing date for applications?
    • A: The closing date is April 2, 2024.
  4. Q: Can I apply if I am still completing my studies?
    • A: Yes, as long as you are expected to complete your studies by August 2024.
  5. Q: How do I apply for the position?
  6. Q: Are there opportunities for career growth and advancement at PwC?
    • A: Yes, we offer opportunities for growth and development within our organization.
  7. Q: What is the interview process like for the Assurance Graduate Associate position?
    • A: The interview process may include multiple rounds of interviews, including behavioral and technical assessments.
  8. Q: What sets PwC apart as an employer?
    • A: PwC offers a supportive and collaborative work environment, opportunities for professional development, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  9. Q: Can I contact someone for support or assistance with my application?
  10. Q: What are the key responsibilities of an Assurance Graduate Associate?
    • A: Key responsibilities include [mention key responsibilities such as conducting audits, analyzing financial statements, etc.].

Possible Assurance Graduate Associate Interview Questions With Answers:

  1. Q: Can you tell us about your academic background and relevant experiences?
    • A: During my studies, I focused on [mention relevant coursework or projects], which provided me with a strong foundation in [relevant skills or knowledge areas].
  2. Q: How do you prioritize tasks and manage your time effectively?
    • A: I use [mention any time management techniques or tools], prioritize tasks based on deadlines and importance, and regularly review my progress to ensure I stay on track.
  3. Q: How do you handle challenging situations or conflicts in a team setting?
    • A: I approach conflicts with a solution-oriented mindset, actively listen to others’ perspectives, and work collaboratively to find mutually beneficial solutions.
  4. Q: Can you give an example of a time when you had to analyze complex data or information?
    • A: In a previous internship, I was tasked with [mention specific project or task], which involved analyzing [describe the data or information], identifying patterns, and drawing actionable insights.
  5. Q: How do you stay updated on industry trends and developments in the assurance field?
    • A: I regularly read industry publications, attend webinars and conferences, and participate in professional development opportunities to stay informed about the latest trends and best practices.
  6. Q: What motivates you to pursue a career in assurance?
    • A: I am motivated by the opportunity to [mention any specific aspects of the assurance role such as problem-solving, client interaction, etc.], and the chance to make a meaningful impact through my work.
  7. Q: How do you ensure accuracy and attention to detail in your work?
    • A: I have developed a meticulous approach to [mention specific tasks or processes], double-check my work for accuracy, and seek feedback from colleagues when necessary.
  8. Q: Can you describe a time when you had to adapt to a new environment or unexpected challenge?
    • A: During a group project in university, we encountered [describe the challenge], and I had to quickly adapt by [mention specific actions you took], ultimately leading to a successful outcome.
  9. Q: How do you approach building rapport and establishing trust with clients or team members?
    • A: I believe in building genuine relationships based on open communication, mutual respect, and reliability, which lays the foundation for trust and collaboration.
  10. Q: Why do you want to work for PwC, and what makes you a good fit for our organization?
    • A: I am drawn to PwC’s reputation for excellence, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and opportunities for professional growth and development. I believe my [mention relevant skills or experiences] make me a strong fit for your organization.

We wish you the best in your application process! PwC is committed to attracting and retaining the best talent from all backgrounds in our continued effort to become a better development partner. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not charge any application/recruitment fees, whether refundable or not.


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