ARYA VEDIC ACADEMY: Join Our Team as a Part-time German Teacher with 3 Years of Experience

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ARYA VEDIC ACADEMY: Join Our Team as a Part-time German Teacher with 3 Years of Experience

Are you a passionate and experienced German teacher looking to make a positive impact on students’ language learning journeys? ARYA VEDIC ACADEMY is looking for dedicated individuals to join our team. We value diversity and equal opportunities for all applicants. Explore this exciting opportunity to share your expertise with enthusiastic learners.

Job Title: Part-time German Teacher

Location: Nairobi

Position Type: Part-time

Experience Level: 3 years

Job Level: Teaching


At ARYA VEDIC ACADEMY, we are committed to fostering a dynamic and inclusive learning environment. Our team of educators is passionate about nurturing the next generation of global citizens. We are looking for a talented German teacher to enhance our language department and contribute to our mission of providing quality education.

Job Description

As a Part-time German Teacher, you will have the exciting opportunity to:

1. Teach German: Deliver engaging and informative German language lessons to students.

2. IGCSE Year 10 & 12: Use your expertise to guide students through IGCSE Year 10 and 12 curricula.

3. Inspire Learning: Create a motivating and supportive learning atmosphere.

4. Share Culture: Offer insights into German culture and history to provide a comprehensive language learning experience.


To succeed in this role, you should have:

1. Experience: A minimum of 3 years of experience in teaching German.

2. IGCSE Proficiency: Familiarity with the IGCSE Year 10 and 12 curricula.

3. Passion: A genuine passion for teaching and inspiring students.

4. Communication Skills: Strong communication skills and the ability to make language learning engaging.

5. Flexibility: A flexible approach to teaching and a commitment to students’ success.

6. Qualifications: Appropriate qualifications in language teaching.

How to Apply

If you’re ready to embark on this exciting journey with us, please submit your CV to For inquiries, call 0113 736 924. We look forward to hearing from you!

Expert Tips To Be a Successful Applicant

  1. Tailor Your Resume: Customize your resume to highlight your German teaching experience and IGCSE expertise.
  2. Demonstrate Passion: In your cover letter, convey your enthusiasm for teaching and the positive impact you can make on students.
  3. Highlight Cultural Knowledge: Emphasize your knowledge of German culture and its relevance to language learning.
  4. Show Flexibility: Discuss your adaptability as a teacher and your commitment to student success.
  5. Prepare for an Interview: Be ready to discuss your teaching methods, classroom management, and communication skills.
  6. Professional References: Include references from previous teaching positions to showcase your qualifications.
  7. Interactive Teaching Approach: Describe how you create an interactive and engaging learning environment.
  8. Continuous Learning: Highlight any additional courses or certifications related to language teaching.
  9. Adaptability: Discuss your ability to adapt to various learning styles and student needs.
  10. Long-term Vision: Share your long-term goals as a language teacher and how you can contribute to ARYA VEDIC ACADEMY’s mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the application deadline? A1. The application deadline is [Insert Application Deadline].

Q2. Is this a full-time or part-time position? A2. This position is part-time.

Q3. Do I need a teaching certificate to apply? A3. While a teaching certificate is an advantage, relevant teaching experience is the primary requirement.

Q4. Can I apply if I have less than 3 years of experience? A4. We require a minimum of 3 years of teaching experience for this position.

Q5. Are there opportunities for professional development? A5. Yes, we offer opportunities for professional growth and development.

Q6. What is the expected start date for the position? A6. The expected start date is [Insert Start Date].

Q7. Do I need to be fluent in German to apply? A7. Proficiency in the German language is required for this role.

Q8. Can I apply if I am not a native German speaker? A8. Yes, non-native German speakers with strong proficiency are encouraged to apply.

Q9. Are there benefits included with this position? A9. Please refer to the job posting for information on benefits and conditions.

Q10. How can I contact the HR department for inquiries? A10. You can reach out to the HR department by emailing or calling 0113 736 924.

Join ARYA VEDIC ACADEMY and be a part of our dedicated team of educators, where your passion for teaching and language expertise can shine. Apply today and take the first step toward an exciting career in education.

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