4 Data Clerk (Community Interviewer) Positions Available – Kisumu County



Job Title: Data Clerk (Community Interviewer) – Kisumu County


Are you passionate about contributing to groundbreaking research in healthcare? Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), in collaboration with partners, is conducting vital research in Malaria, HIV, TB, and other diseases. We are seeking four Data Clerks (Community Interviewers) to join our HIV-Research Division for an exciting study evaluating the Samba II HIV-1 Semi-Q whole blood Test. As a Data Clerk, you will play a crucial role in recruitment, consent, data collection, and analysis. This is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference in public health while gaining valuable experience in research.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Recruitment of Study Participants: Engage with community members to recruit eligible study participants.
  2. Consent Process: Obtain informed consent from study participants before conducting any procedures.
  3. Conduct Testing: Perform finger prick procedures and testing using rapid test devices accurately.
  4. Data Management: Complete study forms, logbooks, diaries, and computer data entry with precision.
  5. Data Organization and Analysis: Organize collected data and perform simple analysis as required.
  6. Communication: Effectively communicate field matters to the supervisor and attend study meetings to report progress.
  7. Ad Hoc Duties: Assist in any other duties assigned or delegated by the study management.

Person Specifications:

  • Education: KCSE mean grade D+ and above or equivalent from a recognized institution.
  • Certification: Certificate in HIV Testing Services (HTS) required.
  • Residency: Must be a resident of Kisumu County.
  • Language Skills: Fluent in both written and oral English & Swahili languages.
  • Technical Skills: Proficiency in computer applications is essential.

Key Skills and Competencies:

  • Planning and Organization: Ability to plan and organize tasks effectively.
  • Communication: Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Capable of building rapport and working well within a team.
  • Team Player: Collaborative mindset to contribute effectively in a team environment.

Terms of Employment:

This is a five-month fixed-term contract with a probation period for the first three months. Salary is as per the stated scale and applicable scheme of service.

How to Apply:

  • Ensure you meet all selection criteria detailed in the minimum requirements.
  • Submit a current Curriculum Vitae with telephone number and email address.
  • Include three letters of reference with contact telephone numbers.
  • Provide copies of academic and professional certificates.

For more details and to apply, visit the KEMRI website: KEMRI Career Page

For Hand Delivery

All the applications to be addressed to:

Deputy Director,
P. O. Box 1578-40100

on or before 8 th April, 2024 latest 5.00 p.m.

Application Deadline:

April 8th, 2024, by 5:00 p.m.

KEMRI is an Equal Opportunity Employer:

We encourage women and differently-abled individuals to apply. KEMRI does not charge a fee at any stage of its selection process, including application, interview, meeting, and offer letter processing. If asked for a fee, report such requests immediately to the relevant authority.




Expert Tips To Be A Successful Applicant for Data Clerk (Community Interviewer) Position:

  1. Understand the Role: Familiarize yourself with the responsibilities to tailor your application accordingly.
  2. Highlight Relevant Experience: Showcase any experience in data management, community engagement, or healthcare.
  3. Demonstrate Communication Skills: Clearly articulate your communication abilities in your application.
  4. Showcase Teamwork: Provide examples of your collaborative skills and how you thrive in a team setting.
  5. Attention to Detail: Emphasize your attention to detail, crucial for accurate data collection.
  6. Technical Proficiency: Highlight your proficiency in computer applications and any relevant software.
  7. Express Interest in Public Health: Demonstrate your passion for contributing to public health initiatives.
  8. Provide Strong References: Ensure your references can speak to your capabilities and work ethic.
  9. Customize Your Application: Tailor your CV and cover letter to reflect why you’re the ideal candidate for this specific role.
  10. Follow Application Instructions: Adhere to the application guidelines provided to make a positive impression.


[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[City, State, Zip Code]

[Your Email Address]

[Your Phone Number]


[Recipient’s Name]

Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)

Centre for Global Health Research

P. O. Box 1578-40100

Kisumu, Kenya

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the Data Clerk (Community Interviewer) position at Kenya Medical Research Institute, as advertised. With a strong background in data management and a passion for contributing to public health initiatives, I am excited about the opportunity to join your team and make a meaningful impact.

During my previous role as a [mention previous relevant role], I gained valuable experience in data collection, analysis, and reporting. I am proficient in conducting interviews, entering data accurately, and ensuring data integrity. My attention to detail and commitment to quality align well with the responsibilities outlined in the job description.

I am particularly drawn to this position at KEMRI because of the organization’s reputation for conducting groundbreaking research in healthcare. I am eager to contribute to the study evaluating the Samba II HIV-1 Semi-Q whole blood Test and support the HIV-Research Division’s efforts in improving public health outcomes.

Moreover, my residency in Kisumu County and fluency in both English and Swahili languages make me well-suited for engaging with community members effectively. I am also proficient in computer applications, which will enable me to fulfill the technical requirements of the role efficiently.

I am excited about the opportunity to bring my skills and enthusiasm to the Data Clerk position at KEMRI. I am confident that my background and capabilities make me a strong candidate for this role. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of contributing to your team and making a difference in public health.


[Your Name]

Possible Data Clerk (Community Interviewer) Interview Questions With Answers:

Possible Data Clerk (Community Interviewer) Interview Questions With Answers:

  1. Q: How do you ensure accuracy in data entry? A: I ensure accuracy in data entry by meticulously cross-checking information, utilizing software tools for validation, and adhering to established data entry protocols. Additionally, I double-check all entries to minimize errors and maintain data integrity.
  2. Q: Can you describe your experience with community engagement? A: Certainly. In my previous role, I actively engaged with community members through various outreach programs and initiatives. I understand the importance of building rapport and trust within the community to facilitate effective data collection. I believe my experience in community engagement will be valuable in this role.
  3. Q: How do you handle challenging situations while interacting with study participants? A: When faced with challenging situations, I prioritize empathy and active listening. I strive to understand the concerns of study participants and address them with sensitivity and professionalism. Additionally, I rely on effective communication skills to de-escalate tensions and find mutually beneficial solutions.
  4. Q: Can you discuss a time when you had to work collaboratively in a team setting? A: Certainly. In my previous role, I was part of a multidisciplinary team tasked with conducting a community health assessment. I collaborated closely with team members, including healthcare professionals and community leaders, to coordinate data collection efforts and analyze findings. Through effective teamwork, we successfully completed the project and achieved our objectives.
  5. Q: How do you prioritize tasks when faced with multiple deadlines? A: Prioritizing tasks is crucial in a fast-paced environment. I typically start by assessing the urgency and importance of each task. I then allocate time and resources accordingly, focusing on completing high-priority tasks first while ensuring deadlines are met. I am also proactive in communicating any potential challenges or delays to relevant stakeholders.
  6. Q: What steps do you take to maintain confidentiality and privacy in data handling? A: Maintaining confidentiality and privacy is paramount in data handling. I strictly adhere to established protocols and regulations to safeguard sensitive information. This includes securing physical documents, using encrypted communication channels, and limiting access to authorized personnel only. Additionally, I undergo regular training to stay updated on best practices in data security.
  7. Q: How do you adapt to changes in project requirements or protocols? A: Adaptability is essential in research projects, where requirements and protocols may evolve over time. I remain flexible and open-minded, embracing change as an opportunity for growth. I actively seek clarification from supervisors or team members when encountering changes and adjust my approach accordingly. By staying proactive and responsive, I ensure smooth transitions and successful project outcomes.
  8. Q: Can you provide an example of a time when you had to resolve a discrepancy in data collection? A: Certainly. In a previous project, I encountered a discrepancy in data collection due to a miscommunication between field staff and study participants. To resolve the issue, I conducted a thorough review of the data and engaged in constructive dialogue with the involved parties. Through effective communication and problem-solving, we identified the root cause of the discrepancy and implemented corrective measures to ensure data accuracy moving forward.
  9. Q: How do you stay organized when managing multiple tasks simultaneously? A: Staying organized is key to managing multiple tasks effectively. I utilize tools such as task lists, calendars, and project management software to prioritize and track my assignments. I break down complex tasks into smaller, manageable steps and set realistic deadlines to ensure timely completion. Additionally, I regularly review my progress and adjust my priorities as needed to stay on track.
  10. Q: What motivates you to work in public health research? A: I am motivated by the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on community health outcomes through research. Public health research allows me to contribute to the greater good by addressing pressing health challenges and improving access to healthcare services. I am passionate about using data-driven approaches to inform evidence-based interventions and drive positive change in underserved communities.

Best wishes on your application! Remember, KEMRI is committed to attracting and retaining the best employees from all backgrounds in our pursuit of becoming a better development partner.

Salary Range Estimate: The salary for this position ranges between 30,000 – 40,000 Kenyan Shillings per month, depending on experience and qualifications.

We appreciate your interest in joining our team and contributing to our research endeavors. If you meet the requirements outlined above and are ready to make a difference in public health, we encourage you to apply. Visit the KEMRI website for more information and to submit your application before the deadline.


To apply for this job please visit www.kemri.go.ke.

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